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ATLAS SMS 30 (3-30mm) Rapid-Set Self-Levelling Compound 25Kg – Pallet Deals and Bulk Buy



Rapid-Set Self-Levelling Compound (3-30mm)

  • foot traffic just after 4 hours
  • tiling just after 18 hours
  • underneath tiles, panels, carpet, parquet
  • low linear contraction
  • unit size: 25Kg

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£662.00 +VAT

£662.00 +VAT

ATLAS SMS 30 Rapid-Set Self-Levelling Compound (3-30mm) extended information

Consumption: Average consumption is 16,5 kg of mortar for 1 m2/10 mm layer thickness.


Levels surfaces within 3 – 30 mm thickness range – levels local irregularities and sloped floors.

Elevates floor level throughout the room – allows to equalize the level of two adjacent rooms.

For dry rooms – living room, hall, office, corridor, waiting room, etc.

For rooms with increased humidity, e.g. bathroom.

Underneath carpet flooring in office, kindergarten, school, apartment, etc. – very smooth surface and fine aggregate.

Types of finishing coats – tiles, PVC, carpet, panels, parquet.
Possible arrangements:
– bonded – thickness 3-30 mm – high quality concrete, cement or anhydrite screed (with or without floor heating), terrazzo.


Perfect spreading – ensures perfectly smooth and levelled surfaces even in large rooms, no battens nor screeding level needed.
Rapid-set – rapid strength build-up enables foot traffic just after 4 hours after application.
Compressive strength: ≥ 30.0 N/mm2.
Flexural strength: ≥ 7.0 N/mm2.
Suitable for manual and mechanical application – easy and quick application manually and mechanically. High application efficiency is reached with helical pump units.
Very low linear contraction – minimum change in linear dimensions during screed drying (≤ 0.6 mm/rm) limits the risk of cracking and loosening of we- akened substrates

ATLAS SMS 30 technical data

Bulk density (of dry mix)approx. 1.2 kg/dm3
Mixing ratio (water/dry mix)0.2 – 0.22 l / 1 kg
5.0 – 5.5 l / 25 kg
Min./max. screed thickness3 mm / 30 mm
Maximum aggregate size0.5 mm
Linear changes≤ 0.06%
Mortar preparation temperature, substrate and ambient temperature during workfrom +5°C to +25°C
Pot life (between mass mixing until work end)approx. 40 minutes*
Foot trafficafter min. 4 hours*
Full setting and drying28 days*
Installation of tilesafter 18 h
Installation of ceramic tilesafter 18 h for layer up to 5 mm
after 48 h for layer up to 10 mm
after 72 h for layer up to 20 mm
Installation of parquet and PCVafter 24 h for layer up to 5 mm
after 4 days for layer up to 10 mm
after 5 days for layer up to 20 mm
Start of heatingafter approx. 7 days

*The time shown in the table is recommended for the application in the temperature 20°C and humidity 55-60% (approx.).

Screed installation

Substrate preparation

The substrate should be stable, sound and air dry, due to the risk of mass outflow, should keep bath-like shape. General requirements for substrates:

• cement screeds – min. 28 days old, • concrete – min. 3 months old.

Substrate irregularities (cracks and gaps) should be primed with ATLAS UNI- GRUNT emulsion or ATLAS GRUNTO-PLAST mass and levelled with ATLAS ZW 330 or ATLAS TEN-10 mortars. Dry, repaired substrate should be dedusted and thoroughly primed with ATLAS UNI-GRUNT or ATLAS UNI-GRUNT ULTRA emul- sion and left to dry.

Terrazzo or similar substrates should be degreased and all coats of paste or im- pregnating sealers should be removed. Terrazzo should be primed with ATLAS ULTRAGRUNT 4 hours before application of ATLAS SMS 30.
Expansion joints

Separate screed and walls with ATLAS EXPANSION JOINT PROFILES. Expansion joints should also be applied at room thresholds and around load-bearing posts. The existing structural expansion joints should be transferred onto the screed layer.

Mass preparation

Machine application – use mixing-and-pumping units with continuous flow of water. It is advisable to use pumps of efficiency 60 l/min. Pour the dry mix to the basket and set water level providing appropriate mass consistency. Proper consistency can be verified with 0.5 l or 1 l container. The prepared mix, poured from a 0.5 l container onto even, non-absorptive substrate (e.g. foil) should form approx. 35 ÷ 40 cm diameter patch (for 10 l container – 50 ÷ 55 cm).

Manual application – pour the mortar into a container with water (see Tech- nical Data for ratio) and mix with low-speed mixer with a drill for mortars, until homogenous. Remix after 5 minutes. The mass retains its properties for about 40 minutes. Proper consistency should be verified by pouring the mass from 1 l container onto an even, non-absorptive substrate (e.g. foil). It should form a “patch” of approx. 50 ÷ 55 cm diameter.

Screed application

Before application, the intended screed thickness should be marked (on walls and in the application area), which can be done with a spirit level and portable height benchmarks. Pour the prepared mass evenly and continuously up to the desired height, avoid gaps. The application area should be arranged in the way allowing for mass application and de-aeration within approx. 40 minutes. In case of manual application the excessive mass should be raked up towards oneself with a long metal float. Directly after each application area filling, the mass must be de-aerated with a spike roller. For screeds of thickness above 20 mm it is advisable to use a dappling bar. It is recommended to perform de-aeration in two perpendicular directions just after the mass application.


Fresh screed should be protected against excessive drying, direct sunlight, low air humidity or draughts. In order to ensure favourable conditions for screed setting sprinkle surface with water or cover it with foil. Proper maintenance leads to increase of strength of product but also extends the time of drying. Time of drying depends on layer thickness and ambient thermal and humidity conditions. Foot traffic is possible after approx. 4 hours and full load after approx. 7 days.

Finishing works

Time of finishing works depends on the setting conditions, humidity, type and permeability of the top finish materials – details given in TECHNICAL DATA section. Minimum screed thickness beneath parquet – 3 mm. Prime the surface with ATLAS UNI-GRUNT or ATLAS UNI-GRUNT ULTRA before application of the cladding.

ATLAS SMS 30 on timber, OSB floors

Substrate must be cleaned, dry, clean, free from substances which may impair bonding (e.g. dirt, oil, grease, wax and other insulation layers), non-scratched, resistant to compression and expansion, stable, slightly coarse. Any dislocation or deformation of boards or its edges is unacceptable. Boards should be addi- tionally stabilized with screws or wall plugs if needed. Old timber lacquered or painted floor should be tarnished. In case of substrate tarnishing, it needs thoroughly grinding, dedusting, remove dust with a wet cloth. Such prepared surface should be covered with primer ATLAS ULTRAGRUNT with a brush. After primer drying (in 20°C it is approx. 24 hours), pour SMS 30 in one technological cycle on thickness 5-30 mm.
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