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Mapei Mapeheat Cable – Underfloor Heating Cables – Bulk Buy

Mapei Mapeheat Cable

MAPEI’s radiant-heating cable puts heat where you want it

The radiant floor-heating Mapei Mapeheat Cable is thin and easy to install within Mapeheat Membrane’s patented rounded-square reliefs without compromising any of the membrane’s waterproofing capabilities, which is good when installing the membrane in steam showers and wet rooms. The cable is available in 33 lengths to accommodate areas both large and small.

Mapeheat Cable is a free-form, twincoil, floor-heating cable for use in any residential or commercial interior room where the comfort of radiant floor heating is desired. The cable can be spaced on site to provide 150, 125, 95 W/m2 based on the desired wattage output requirements of the installation. Mapeheat Cable is available in 8 sizes from 14.5m-98m covering spaces from as small as 1.1 m2 and up to 12.4 m2. The Mapeheat Cable is well suited for use in combination with MAPEl Mapeheat Membrane.

  • Heats many types of flooring, such as tile, stone, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and engineered wood.
  • Suitable for wet environments, such as showers and steam rooms.
  • Ultra thin cold-lead splice fits easily into Mapeheat Membrane.
  • Zero EMF (electromagnetic field) cable design.
  • Available in 230 V.
  • Industry-leading customer service with a 12-year limited warranty.

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Mapei Mapeheat Cable further information

Where to use

  • Any interior, residential area.
  • Approved for use with the following finished flooring: Ceramic tile, porcelain tile, granite, marble, natural stone and luxury vinyl tile (LVT).

Mapeheat Cable Recommendations

  • Never cut, shorten or modify the heating cable in any way; it will change the electrical characteristics of the cables and possibly cause overheating and a fire.
  • Never allow the cable to overlap or cross over itself.
  • Do not use in exterior applications.
  • Do not use with solid, hardwood flooring.
  • If LVT is being installed, ensure that the manufacturer’s instructions allow for use with radiant heating systems and that the LVT is acclimated at least 24 hours before installation.
  • Do not place objects directly on top of the floor that could impede/trap heat emanating from the floor heating system including but not limited to flush-to-floor furniture, rubber or memory-foam mats, and mattresses. These objects could cause unsafe temperatures to be reached underneath these objects that may damage the object and/or the flooring material.
  • Do not install Mapeheat Cable in direct contact with any combustible surfaces, or install it in/on/under walls or in closets.
  • Do not lay heating cable under cabinets, fixtures or appliances.
  • Do not extend Mapeheat Cable beyond the room or area in which it originates.
  • Do not use over cracks or control joints subject to out-of-plane movement, or where in-plane movement exists greater than 3 mm.
  • Do not use over Woodplank flooring, metal, fibreglass, laminate or any other dimensionally unstable substrate.
  • Do not use in areas at will be constantly submerged or subject to standing water.
  • Do not use on bituminous substrates.
  • Do not use on highly flammable material.
  • The total R-value of layers on top of heating products should not exceed R value of 0,15m2K/W.
  • Floor temperature is limited by the thermostat to + 40°C. The typical operating temperature range of Mapeheat systems is +27°C to +35°C.

Suitable Substrates

When used over sand/cement screed, the screed must be suitable to support tile installation traffic without leaving indentation as determined by the project design professional, construction manager or general contractor.

  • Cement mortar beds and levelling coats.
  • Tile backer boards.
  • Exterior grade plywood refer to BS 5385 part 3.
  • Existing, well-bonded ceramic tile and dimensionally stable natural stone.
  • Existing, cement terrazzo floors.

Consult MAPEl’s Technical Services Department for installation recommendations regarding substrates and conditions not listed.

Surface Preparation

  • All substrates should be dry, flat, structurally sound and free from loose materials, grease, oil, and any contaminant that can reduce the aualitv of the bond.
  • Anhydrite or screeds containing calcium sulphates should be dry to 0.5%W/w when measured with a carbide hygrometer. All surface laitance should be removed and the screed should be primed with a suitable MAPEI primer.
  • To improve the upward heat transfer from the cable to the flooring surface, best practice is to insulate the concrete slab subfloor before installing Mapeheat Cable.
  • Before installing consult a qualified electrician.
  • Any modification of or tampering with Mapeheat Cable will completely void the manufacturer warranty and liability.
  • Do not connect the Mapeheat Cable while it is on the spool; this could damage the cable and cause a fire.
  • Use heating cables only for electric underfloor heating.
  • The minimum bending radius of the cold lead is 15mm and heating wire is 30 mm.
  • The installation of Mapeheat Cable must be in accordance with these instructions and in accordance with the relevant UKand or EU standards. Please see the Mapeheat Cable Installation Manual for more information.
  • The thermostat used in the floor-heating system must be compliant with the relevant UKand EU standards.
  • Only a licensed electrician should connect the system to household wiring and perform all electrical connections in accordance with the relevant British Standards.
  • Caution should be taken to guard against risk of electric shock, fire and bodily injury during the installation of this equipment.
  • Mapeheat Cable should be connected to a dedicated electrical circuit.
  • It is mandatory to use a 30mAmp Earth leakage current breaker (RCD) and a 10A (Type C) circuit breaker.
  • De-energize power circuits before installing or servicing Mapeheat Cable.
  • If tile is being installed, do not use sharp tools or power tools to clean grout lines. Cable damage identified at the grout line will void the warranty and liability.
  • Mapeheat Membrane, is the only approved accessories to secure Mapeheat Cable onto the subfloor.
  • Indicate on the electrical panel which circuit is used for the Mapeheat Cable System
  • The entire heating portion of Mapeheat Cable and mechanical joint must be secured to the floor and covered with self-levelling underlayment or tile adhesive.
  • Keep the ends of heating devices and kit components dry before and during installation.
  • To improve the upward heat transfer from the cable to the flooring surface, insulate the concrete slab subfloor before installing Mapeheat Cable.
  • The ambient/air temperature must be above 10°C when the cable system is installed.
  • Be sure to install the temperature sensing probe (included with the thermostat or sold individually) before installing final finished flooring.
  • For further details, see the Mapeheat Cable Installation Handbook available at www.mapei.co.uk or inside the Mapeheat Cable packaging.

Mapeheat Cable Packaging

Mapeheat Cable is available in lengths from 14.5 m to 98 m in complete packs including all needed accessories to install the cable and spooled on an inventive and easy to unroll spooling system.

Safety Instructions for Preparation And Application

Instructions for the safe use of our products can be found on the latest version of the Safety Data Sheet, available from our website www. mapei.co.uk.

Mapei Mapeheat Cable technical data

Length:14.5 m up to 98mm
Material:Copper with PVC outer jacket
Thickness:4mm in diameter

Mapei Mapeheat Cable product component

Product specifics:Two single-conductor, Tefzel-coated resistance wires covered by a tin-plated copper braid and then coated with a durable copolvmer (PVC) outer iacket
Heating cable:2-wire, grounded, twisted pair with PVC outer jacket
Cold lead:2-wire, plus ground braid, LSOH outer jacket; length of 2.5cm
Mechanical joint:Connecting joint between the heating cable and the cold lead

Mapei Mapeheat Cable functions

Operating voltage:230 V
Power output*:112 W/m
Minimum bending radius:30mm
Minimum cable spacing:80mm
Circuit breaker:10A (Type C)
Earth leakage current breaker (RCD:30 mA, 100ms
Maximum continuous exposure temperature:+90°C
Minimum installation temperature:+5°C

Mapei Mapeheat Cable area

Mapeheat Cable 12 WA area (m2)
Heating power (W)
Length (m)
Calculate heating cable spacing:
(mm) =x= (A/L) ×1000
(4 pillars)
(3 pillars)
(2-3-2 pillars)

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