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SikaBond SBR+ Bulk Buy and Pallet Deals – Waterproof general purpose bonding agent and mortar admixture

Sika Pallet Deals and Bulk Buy

SikaBond SBR+

Waterproof general purpose bonding agent and mortar admixture

SikaBond SBR+ is a one component, water-based, general purpose styrene butadiene rubber emulsion bonding agent and mortar admixture for improving adhesion, workability and waterproofing of mortars.

  • Greatly improved adhesion to a wide range of substrates including dense concrete, steel, tiles etc.
  • Excellent resistance to water and water vapour
  • A high level of resistance to salt permeation
  • Reduced water-cement ratio for equivalent workability
  • Much improved toughness and flexibility
  • Reduced surface dusting of concrete
  • Greatly improved resistance to many chemicals – ideal for use in dairy parlours etc.
  • Improved frost resistance
  • 5L and 25L jerry cans available

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£54.90 +VAT

£54.90 +VAT

SikaBond SBR+ extended information

SikaBond SBR+ is a white liquid, which has numerous uses as an admixture, primer, bonding agent and sealer. Polymer emulsions of this type have been used extensively over the last 20 years by the building industry as an admixture for cement and concrete applications, including repair and renovation, surfacing of floors and bonding generally. It contains anti-foam to control the density of cementitious mixes.


  • As an admixture for mortar/screeds renders.
  • As a bonding agent for screeds/renders.
  • As a primer/sealer in tiling applications.
  • As a flexibliser for cementicious based tile adhesive when tiling on wooden/asphalt floors.
  • In addition, SikaBond SBR+ has the advantage over PVA bonding aids in that it is not adversely affected in wet conditions and is therefore recommended for exterior use.


  • Greatly improved adhesion to a wide range of substrates including dense concrete, steel, tiles etc.
  • Mixes may be applied in much thinner sections.
  • Excellent resistance to water and water vapour
  • A high level of resistance to salt permeation
  • Much improved toughness and flexibility
  • Reduced surface dusting of concrete
  • Greatly improved resistance to many chemicals – ideal for use in dairy parlours etc.
  • Reduced water: cement ratio for equivalent workability
  • Improved frost resistance
  • SikaBond SBR+ is also freeze thaw stable.

SikaBond SBR+ characteristics and advantages

Total solidsca. 40%
Viscosityless than 100 cPs
Freeze/thawpasses 5 cycles at -15°C to
Calcium IonsCompatible
Aluminium III ionsCompatible

SikaBond SBR+ product information

Packaging5L & 25L jerry cans
Shelf Life12 months in original unopened containers.
Storage ConditionsSikaBond SBR+ is best stored at moderate (5 - 30°C) temperatures to avoid the possibility of permanent damage occurring due to prolonged heat or excessive cold. However if frozen, the latex should be thawed slowly. SikaBond® BR+ should preferably be stirred before use.
SikaBond SBR+ contains sufficient bactericide to preserve the latex under normal storage conditions.
Densityca. 1.02 kg/Itr
pH-Valueca. 9



All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from dust, grease and other contaminents.


Mixing procedures for topping and screeds containing

Sikabond SBR+ are similar to those used to conventional compositions, with gauging water partly replaced by Sikabond SBR+. However, mixing time should be minimised to limit air entrainment. Mixing should be carried out in a forced action mixer. The usual procedure is to pre-mix sand and cement in the mixer, pour in the Sikabond SBR+, mix for 1 – 3 mins, then slowly add water to the required consistency.

NB. Over addition of water causes rapid thinning of latex modified mortars owing to the plasticising effect of the latex. The mix design depends upon thickness and intended use. However, typically mixes for a 12mm topping or screed are as follows:

HAZARD INFORMATION:Consult Safety Datasheet before use
CLEANING:Clean tools, equipment etc. using warm water.
Mechanical means are necessary when the product has set.
PACKAGING:20kg multiwall, sealed paper sacks
STORAGE CONDITIONS:Store in sealed containers in dry conditions, protected from extremes of temperature
SHELF LIFE:6 months in unopened manufacturer's packaging

All parts are by volume of uncompacted material.



Application of a primer coat is necessary to obtain maximum adhesion of the topping or screed.


This concerns the use of SikaBond SBR+ in screeds and toppings over background concrete. Adding SikaBond SBR+ to a floor screed or topping gives the following advantages:

  • A low water:cement ratio allows a minimum of delay when overcoating is required.
  • Reduced permeability to liquids.
  • Improved chemical, abrasion and impact resistance.
  • Resistance to dusting.
  • Thinner screeds, achieving reduction in weight and savings in materials.
  • Excellent slip resistance.
  • SikaBond SBR+ has a long and successful track record of use in the construction industry.


To obtain maximum performance from mixes modified with SikaBond SBR+ it is important that attention is paid to the quality of the other materials used. Sand should be well washed and sharp. The grade of sand will depend upon the mix design.

Cement Portland, High Alumina and sulphate resisting cements are compatible with SBR Bond. Portland cement should be fresh but cool. Cement containing air set lumps should not be used. Coarse aggregate e.g.

Granite chippings. These should be dust free. Air entraining agents should not be used.


The mix has a pot life of approximately 30 minutes and batch size should be calculated accordingly.


  1. Apply topping or screed onto wet or tacky primer.
  2. Compact and level with screed bar. Finish with steel float. It is essential that the topping or screed is finished as the work proceeds.
  3. The topping or screed would be cured for 1 – 2 days using conventional techniques. Curing should be started quickly after application.


All tools should be cleaned immediately after use with water because hardened SikaBond SBR+ modified toppings and screeds have excellent adhesion and are therefore difficult to remove. Once dried use solvents such as white spirit with a coarse wire brush.


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