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Sikafloor 122 Level Multi-Purpose Self Levelling Compound – Pallet Deals and Bulk Buy

Sika Pallet Deals and Bulk Buy

Sikafloor 122 Level Multi-Purpose Self Levelling Compound

Sikafloor 122 Level Self Levelling Compound is a 1-part, ready to use, protein free, cement based, self leveller for floor smoothing and levelling uneven rigid internal floors prior to applying final wearing coverings such as carpets, sheet vinyl, lino, tiles, laminates and timber.

Sikafloor 122 Level is a floor levelling compound to level or smooth screeds and concrete floors at a thickness between 6mm to featheredge. Suitable for foot traffic only.

  • Self smoothing and highly fluid.
  • Easy to place by pump or manual application.
  • Ready for use.
  • Low shrinkage.
  • Maintains good workability and joint healing throughout its pot life.
  • Fast setting and drying.
  • 2-4 hours walk on time (+20°C).
  • Good surface appearance and hardness.
  • Excellent freeze-thaw salt resistance.
  • Protein and formaldehyde free.
  • Underfloor heating applications beneath heating cables/pipes or on top of heated screeds
  • Colour: Grey

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£305.00 +VAT
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£554.90 +VAT

Sikafloor 122 Level Multi-Purpose Self Levelling Compound extended information

Consumption: 25kg will cover approx. 5m2 @ 3mm thickness. This figure is theoretical and does not include for any additional material required due to surface porosity, surface profile, variations in level or wastage etc.

Sikafloor 122 Level is a floor levelling compound to level or smooth screeds and concrete floors at a thickness between 6mm to featheredge. Suitable for foot traffic only.

Sikafloor 122 Level Multi-Purpose Self Levelling Compound product information

Packaging25kg Bag
Appearance / ColourGrey Powder
Shelf Life9 months from date of manufacture if stored correctly.
Storage ConditionsStore properly in original, unopened and undamaged sealed packaging in dry conditions at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C.
Density2.09 kg/l ± 0.03 (fresh mortar)

Sikafloor 122 Level Multi-Purpose Self Levelling Compound technical information

Compressive Strength> 15 N/mm2 (after 24 hours / +20°C) (EN 13892-2)

> 30 N/mm2 (after 28 days / +20°C) (EN 13892-2)
Thermal ResistanceSuitable for use with underfloor heating systems (not for embedment).

Application information

Consumption25kg will cover approx. 5m2 @ 3mm thickness. This figure is theoretical and does not include for any additional material required due to surface porosity, surface profile, variations in level or wastage etc.
Layer ThicknessFeatheredge to 6mm.
Ambient Air Temperature+8°C min. / +35°C max.
Relative Air Humidity< 75% max.
Substrate Temperature+8°C min. / +35°C max.
Pot Life20 minutes in conditions of +23°C / 50% r.h
The temperature will affect the pot life. Application at temperatures above +23°C will reduce the pot life and the working time. Temperatures below +23°C will increase the pot life and extend the working time.
Waiting Time / OvercoatingSuitable for overcoating with impermeable or moisture-sensitive coatings after :
Product layer thickness up to 10mm ~ 24h waiting time.
Times are approximate and at +23°C and 50% r.h. and thus will be affected by changing substrate and ambient conditions, particularly the temperat- ure and relative humidity. When overcoating Sikafloor®-122 Level always ensure the moisture content has achieved the required value for the coat- ing product, as the waiting time will vary with the application thickness and ambient humidity (refer to the top coat product data sheet).
Applied Product Ready for UseAt +20°C and 50% relative humidity: Foot traffic ~ 3 hours.
Cover ~8 hours.
Lightly serviceable ~ 24 hours.
Fully serviceable ~ 7 days.
Note: Times are approximate and will be affected by changing substrate and ambient conditions, particularly the temperature and relative humidity.




The one-part acrylic primer Sika -Level-01 Primer is recommended for a pore-free surface with very good surface adhesion. Please refer to the relevant PDS for the recommended application details etc. SikaBond PVA (1 part PVA to 4 parts clean water) may also be used.


Apply to the required thickness up to 6mm.

Substrate Quality

The concrete substrate must be sound and of sufficient compressive strength (min. 25 N/mm2) with a minimum pull off strength of 1.5 N/mm2. The surface must possess an effective dampproof membrane. The surface should be free from residual adhesives, damp- proof membranes, oil, grease, wax, loose flaky paint, dust, laitance. etc. that could reduce adhesion. Switch off underfloor heating 24 hours before, and for 24 hours after, application. Ensure floor temperature is >5°C. If in doubt apply a test area first.

Substrate Preparation

Weak concrete must be removed and surface defects such as blowholes and voids must be fully exposed. Repairs to the substrate, filling of blowholes/voids, etc must be carried out using appropriate products such as Sika Concrete Repair Mortar. Normal concrete / screed: If the substrate is strong and has a sufficiently rough texture, Sikafloor 122 Level can be applied directly onto the substrate. Avoid bubbles by dampening the substrate until a SSD condition is achieved. If the SSD option is chosen, the mechanically prepared concrete must then be thoroughly dampened during the 24 hours prior to the screed application by keeping at least 4 – 5 mm of water on the surface and letting it soak into the substrate. Remove the excess water pri- or to laying the screed. Any pores which may appear on the screed would indicate that the substrate was not sufficiently saturated.

Porous / Concrete Screed:

All dust, loose and friable material must be completely removed from all surfaces before application of the product, preferably by brush and/or vacuum. Prime as indicated above. For highly porous substrates it may be necessary to apply more than one coat of primer to prevent pinholes and cracking / debonding of Sikafloor 122 Level.

Non Porous/Dense Substrates: (quarry/ceramic tiles, terrazzo and smooth concrete etc)
Mechanically roughen surfaces by grinding or scarify- ing to provide a mechanical key – specialist advice and machinery may be required. Alternatively, apply a bonding coat of undiluted SikaBond® PVA and allow to become tacky before applying levelling compound.


Unfilled (up to 6mm thick):
Mix Sikafloor®-122 Level with clean water only. Slowly add 5 parts powder to 1 part water (25kg powder will require 5 litres / 5kg of water). Mix in a suitable clean container using a mechanical mixer with a spiral mixing paddle at slow speed until fully mixed and a smooth consistency achieved. Occasionally during hot weather the product may require remixing during the 15 – 20 minute pot life to reactivate the self-levelling characteristics. Do NOT add extra water. Discard any unused material after 20 minutes from initial mixing. Mixing Time

Mix thoroughly for a minimum of 3 minutes.

Mixing Tools

Use an electric stirrer (< 500 rpm).

Sikafloor 122 Level APPLICATION


Pour the mixed material onto the primed surface and trowel or pin screed rake to the required thickness. Roll thoroughly with a spiked roller in two directions to remove any entrapped air.


Clean all tools and application equipment with water immediately after use. Hardened / cured material can only be removed mechanically.


Very absorbent substrates must be saturated with water or primed, to prevent loss of the mixing water into the substrate which can then cause problems such as shrinkage, appearance of surface pores, or weak and dusty surfaces etc.

Do not mix with other cements / cement based screeds or anhydrite screeds.
Not suitable as an underfloor heating embedment layer.
Freshly applied Sikafloor®-122 Level must be protected from damp, condensation and water for at least 24 hours.
Do not exceed the recommended water dosage. Do not add more water when the product is starting to set.
Do not exceed the recommended thicknesses.
Not suitable for application over wood / timber or bitumen substrates.
Due to the natural variability of the raw materials of the self-levelling screeds, the finished surface may present some colour variations. To ensure optimum of colour consistency, it is essential that the floor-laying operation is as clean and protected from the environment as possible.
The surface must be sealed for a final floor finish when applied outside for best curing and aesthetic appearance.
Temperatures below +20°C will extend the drying times.
Not suitable for slopes or inclines > 0.5%.
Small superficial hairline cracking or crazing is a normal occurrence under these conditions, and do not constitute a reason for claim.
When overcoating with SikaCeram® or Sikabond® adhesives (or others), or Sikafloor® resins, additional mechanical preparation may be required to remove any cement laitance which may have formed during application due to excessive water in the mix or high ambient moisture causing bleeding.


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