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Mapei Kerabond T Ceramic Tile Adhesive – Pallet Deals and Bulk Buy


Mapei Kerabond T Ceramic Tile Adhesive

Kerabond T is a cementitious (C), unmodified (1), reduced slip (T) adhesive.

Cement based adhesive for fixing all types of ceramic tiles and mosaics to internal and external walls and floors.

Mix with ISOLASTIC for improved performance and increased flexibility.

  • For internal and external use fixing of ceramic tiles and mosaics
  • For walls and floors
  • No vertical slip
  • Spot bonding of insulating materials such as expanded polystyrene, expanded polyurethane, rock and glass wool, Heraclit® wood-cement and sound-deadening panels, etc
  • COVERAGE: approx. 2-5 kg/m2.

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£649.00 +VAT
£689.00 +VAT

Mapei Kerabond T Ceramic Tile Adhesive extended information


Ceramic tiling
Mosaics and small size tiles (trowel No. 4/5): 2-3 kg/m2
Medium size tiles (trowel No. 5/6): 4-5 kg/m2
Large sizes, floors, exteriors (trowel No. 6/10): > 6 kg/m2 and over
Spot-bonding insulating materials
Foam materials, etc.: approx. 0.5-0.8 kg/m2
Gypsum wallboard, foamed concrete: approx. 1.5 kg/m2

Some example applications

Paper-faced or mesh-backed mosaics and all types of ceramic tiles (quarry tiles, single fired and klinker tiles, etc.), on:

  • conventional renders or cement mortar walls;
  • ordinary concrete slabs or reinforced floating slabs, provided they are sufficiently well aged and dry;
  • gypsum plaster and anhydrite screeds as long as they are first treated with a suitable primer.

Mapei Kerabond T Technical Characteristics

Mapei Kerabond T is a grey or white powder composed of cement, fine-grade, synthetic resins and special admixtures formulated in the MAPEl Research and Development Laboratories.
Mixed with water, Mapei Kerabond T becomes an easily trowellable mortar with good bonding strength, low slump and high grab so that it can be applied on wall substrates, without slippage even with larger format tiles. It is possible to install from the top towards the bottom without using spacer pegs. Kerabond T hardens without noticeable shrinkage, allowing proper adhesion to all solid conventional materials used in construction.

N.B.: Mixing Kerabond T with Isolastic in place of water improves the characteristics to meet the requirements of class CES2 (cementitious (C) improved (2) extended open time (E) highly deformable (S2) according to EN 12004


Use Kerabond T mixed with Isolastic in the following cases:

  • on insulated concrete walls:
  • on pre-cast or cast-concrete structures;
  •  over underfloor heating installations;
  • with large format tiles:
  • for the installation of glass mosaics;
  • for the installation of stone materials provided that they are not sensitive to moisture.

Do not use Mapei Kerabond T in the following cases:

  • on wooden substrates:
  • on gypsum board walls:
  • on metal, rubber, PVC and linoleum surfaces;
  • for laying tiles which require a layer of adhesive more than 5 mm thick;
  • where the surface must be set to light foot traffic rapidly;
  • for the installation of non-absorbent tiles (quarry tiles, single-fired tiles, klinker tiles, etc.) on other non-absorbent wall and floor substrates.

Application Procedure

Preparing the substrate

The substrates must be cured, mechanically strong, free from loose particles, grease, oils, paint, wax and sufficiently dry.
Cement substrates must not be subject to shrinkage after the installation of the tiles. During spring and summer, renders must be cured for at least one week for every centimetre of thickness and cement screeds must be cured for at least 28 days, unless they have been made with MAPEl special binders for screeds such as Mapei Mapecem, Mapecem Pronto, Mapei Topcem or with Topcem Pronto. Concrete bases must be cured for a minimum of 6 weeks.
Dampen with water to cool surfaces which have been heated by exposure to sunlight.
Gypsum substrates and anhydrite screeds must be perfectly dry, sufficiently hard and free from dust. It is absolutely essential that the surface is abraded and then treated with Mapei Primer G or Eco Prim T Plus.
In general, refer to the relative MAPEl technical documentation regarding substrate preparation before repairing cracks in substrates, consolidating rapid-drying screeds and levelling off installation surfaces

Preparing the mix

To a clean bucket add 4.8-5.2 liters of clean water and slowly pour in 20kg of Kerabond T. Mix with a slow speed mixer until a lump free paste is obtained. Allow the mix to sit for 5-10 minutes before remixing prior to applying. Always refer to the quantity of mixing water prescribed on the packaging. The mix, produced in this way, is workable for at least 8 hours.

Applying the mix

Mapei Kerabond T is applied with a notched trowel onto the substrate. Choose a trowel that will give a coverage to the back of the tiles of at least 65-70% for walls. For floors, wet areas and for outdoor applications, the coverage must be 100%. To obtain good adhesion to the substrate the following system is recommended: first apply a thin coat of Mapei Kerabond T using the smooth side of the trowel and immediately after apply the desired thickness of Kerabond T using the toothed side of the trowel. In particular:

  • for mosaics up to 5×5 cm. the MAPEI No. 4 square-notched trowel is recommended;
  • for normal ceramic wall tiles. the MAPEI No. 5 V-notched trowel (consumption 2.5-3 ka/m2) is recommended;
  • for floors, very irregular surfaces and tiles with high ribs or lugs, the MAPEI No. 6 V-notched trowel (consumption approx. 5 ka/m2 is recommended;
  • in the case of outdoor ceramic floor and wall coverinas subiect to freezina, or in the case of other special uses such as swimming pools reservoirs, sizes larger than 300 x300mm. floors to be polished after installation or subject to heavv loads. Kerabond T should be applied evenlv to the back of the tile (back-buttering).

Installing the tiles

It is not necessary to wet the tiles before installation; if, however, the backs are very dusty, they should be wiped in clean water.
Apply the tiles with a firm pressure and a twisting/sliding action to ensure good contact with the adhesive. Mapei Kerabond T’s open time in normal temperature and humidity is 20-30 minutes;
unfavourable weather conditions (strong sun, drying wind, high temperature), or a highly absorbent substrate may shorten this open time, sometimes quite drastically, to just a few minutes. There must be constant checks to see whether the adhesive has formed a surface skin or is still fresh to the touch. Should a surface skin have formed, the adhesive should be retrowelled. It is not advisable to wet the adhesive when it has formed
a skin because, instead of dispersing the skin, a non-adhesive film will be formed. Adjustment of the tiles, if necessary, should be carried out within 45 minutes following installation, after which time, adjustment will become problematic.
Tiling installed with Mapei Kerabond T must not be subject to washout or rain for at least 24 hours and must be protected from freezing and direct sun for at least 5-7 days after application.

Spot bonding insulating materials

Spot bonding of sound-deadening or insulating panels should be applied using a float or trowel. The required number and thickness determined by the flatness of the surface and weight of the panels In these cases too, the open time must be observed, bearing in mind that a few spots of adhesive on heavy panels may require temporary shoring which should then only be removed after the Mapei Kerabond T has begun to set.

Grouting And Sealing

Wall joints between ceramic tiles can be grouted after 4-8 hours and floor joints can be grouted after 24 hours with the specific MAPEl cementitious or epoxy grouts, available in various colours.
Expansion joints must be sealed with the specific MAPEl sealants.

Set To Light Foot Traffic

Floors are set to light foot traffic after approximately 24 hours.

Ready For Use

Floors are ready for use after approx. 14 days.


Tools can be cleaned with plenty of water, while surfaces should be cleaned with a damp cloth; water should be used only in moderate quantities and after a few hours.

Mapei Kerabond T product identity

Mix ratio:100 parts Mapei Kerabond T with approx. 24-26 parts by weight of water
Consistency of mix:smooth paste
Density of mix (kg/m3):1450
pH of mix:13
Pot life:over 8 hours
Application temperature:from +5°C to +40°C
Open time (according to EN 1346):> 20 minutes
Adiustability time:approx. 45 minutes
Wall grouting:after 4-8 hours
Floor aroutina:after 24 hours
Set to light foot traffic:74 hours
Ready for use:14 days

Mapei Kerabond T final performances

Adhesion strength according to EN 1348 (N/mm2):
a) initial adhesion strength (after 28 days):
b) adhesion strength after heat:
c) adhesion strength after water immersion:
d) adhesion strength after freeze-thaw cycles:

a) 1.4
b) 0.8
c) 0.9
d) 1.2
Resistance to alkalis:excellent
Resistance to oils:excellent (poor for vegetable oils)
Resistance to solvents:excellent
Temperature resistance after final cure:from -30°C to +90°C


20Kg bags

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