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Mapei Moon White Grout Ultracolor Plus – BULK BUY


Mapei Moon White Grout – Ultracolor Plus

High-performance, anti-efflorescence, quick-setting and drying polymer-modified mortar with water-repellent DropEffect® and mould-resistant BioBlock® technology for grouting joints up to 20 mm wide.

  • Mould-resistant (BioBlock® Technology)
  • Grouted areas are quickly ready for use
  • Water-repellent and easy to clean (DropEffect® technology)
  • Anti-efflorescence for uniform colour
  • Wide range of colours

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£13.29 +VAT

£13.29 +VAT

Mapei Moon White Grout – Ultracolor Plus extended information


Internal and external grouting of floors and walls to all types of ceramic (double-fired, single-fired, klinker, porcelain, etc.), terracotta, stone material (natural stone, marble, granite, agglomerates, etc.), and glass and marble mosaic.

Some application examples

  • Grouting floors and walls in areas subject to intense traffic (airports, shopping centres, restaurants, bars, etc.).
  • Grouting floors and walls in residential areas (hotels, private houses, etc.).
  • Grouting floors and walls on façades, balconies, terraces and in swimming pools.


Mapei Ultracolor Plus is a mortar made up of a blend of special hydraulic binders, graded aggregates, special polymers, water repellent admixtures, organic molecules and pigments. The formulation of Ultracolor Plus contains no Portland cement, making it more user friendly.
Ultracolor Plus, technology is based on a special, self-hydrating hydraulic binder which guarantees colour uniformity. Ultracolor Plus contains two innovative technologies MAPEI research: BioBlock® and DropEffect®.

The BioBlock® technology consists of special organic molecules which, by distributing themselves evenly in the micro-structure of the joints, block the formation of micro-organisms that cause mould damage.

The DropEffect® technology, with a synergic effect, reduces the absorption of surface water.
When it is mixed with water in the proportions recommended and correctly applied, Mapei Ultracolor Plus forms a grouting mortar with the following characteristics:

  • water-repellent droplet-effect;
  • uniform colour and free of staining since Ultracolor Plus does not produce efflorescence. From analysis carried out using an electronic microscope (SEM), it was noted that, compared with a Portland cement- based binder in a normal cementitious grouting mortar, the special cements in Ultracolor Plus do not generate the calcium hydroxide (hydrolysis lime) crystals during the hydration process, which cause efflorescence;
  • colours resistant to ultra-violet rays and atmospheric agents making it suitable for external applications.
  • short waiting time before cleaning and easy finishing;
  • ready for light foot traffic and for use after a short period of time, 3 hours.
  • smooth, compact finished surface, with low water absorbency for easy cleaning;
  • shrinkage compensated, therefore free from cracks;
  • optimum resistance to abrasion, compression and flexural strength, even after freeze/thaw cycles, and therefore optimum durability;
  • good resistance to acids with pH > 3


  • Mapei Ultracolor Plus does not contain Portland cement and must not be mixed with gypsum or other hydraulic binders; never add water to the mix once it has started to set.
  • Never mix Ultracolor Plus with salty or dirty water.
  • Apply the product at temperatures between +5°C and +35°C.
  • Carry out grouting only on substrates which are sufficiently dry or have been waterproofed, to avoid a whitish film forming on the surface.
  • In order to avoid an uneven colour finish, we do not recommend sprinkling Ultracolor Plus powder onto the filled grout joints.
  • When resistance to acids or, where extreme cleanliness or sterile conditions are required, use a suitable acid-resistant Mapei epoxy resin based grout such as Kerapoxy
  • Expansion and movement joints on walls and floors must never be filled with Ultracolor Plus. Use a suitable flexible sealant from the MAPEI range.
  • The surface of certain tiles or stone material may have micro-porosity or a rough surface. We recommend carrying out a preliminary test to check how easy it is to clean the surface and where necessary to apply a protective treatment to the surface, to ensure the grout does not penetrate into the surface of the tiles.
  • Certain types of tiles including natural stone with softer surfaces, soft glazed ceramics, glass tiles or those with metal décor or high gloss finish may become scratched or dulled when using Ultracolor Plus Grout. It is recommended that a trial area be carried out if there is any doubt.
  • If an acid-based cleaner is used to clean the joint, we recommend testing the product befoehand to check the resistance of the colour. Always make sure that the joints are thoroughly rinsed down to avoid leaving traces of acid in the joints.


Preparing the joints

Grouting may take place when the adhesive is completely set. Make sure that the waiting times indicated in the technical data sheets of the selected tile adhesive are followed prior to grouting.
The joints must be clean, free of dust and empty down to at least 2/3 of the thickness of the tiles. Any adhesive or mortar which has seeped into the joints while laying the tiles must be removed while still fresh. With very absorbent tiles, high temperatures or windy conditions, dampen the joints with clean water prior to grouting.

Preparing the mix

While stirring, pour Ultracolor Plus into a clean, rust-free container containing 21-23% by weight of clean water.
Mix the grout with a low-speed mixer to avoid air entrainment, until a smooth paste is obtained.
Let the mix stand for 2-3 minutes, and stir again briefly before use.
Use the mix within 20-30 minutes of its preparation.

Applying the grout

Fill the joints with the Ultracolor Plus
mix using a suitable grout float or rubber squeegee, without leaving any gaps or ridges. Remove any excess of Ultracolor Plus from the surface, by moving the float or the rubber squeegee diagonally to the joints while the mix is still fresh.


When the mix loses its plasticity and becomes opaque, which usually takes place after 15-30 minutes, clean off the excess Ultracolor Plus with a hard cellulose, damp sponge (e.g. a MAPEI sponge), working in a diagonal direction to the joints. Rinse the sponge frequently, using two different containers of water: one to remove the excess mix from the sponge, and the other, containing clean water, to rinse the sponge. This operation may also be carried out with a machine with a sponge belt.
It is possible to finish the surface also when the mix is partially set, after 50-60 minutes, with a damp Scotch-Brite® sponge: pass it over the joints to even out the surface.
This operation may be also carried out with a single disk rotary machine with special Scotch-Brite® type felt disk.
If the cleaning operation is carried out too soon (the mix is still too plastic), some of the mix may be removed from the joints, which may change their colour.
If grouting is carried out in extremely hot, dry or windy weather, we recommend that the joints filled with Mapei Ultracolor Plus are dampened after a few hours.
Damp curing of Ultracolor Plus improves its final characteristics in all cases.
Final cleaning of the powdery film of Ultracolor Plus from the surface may be carried out with a clean, dry cloth.
After the final cleaning operation, if the surface still has traces of cementitious residues, it may be cleaned down with an acidic cleaner (e.g. UltraCare Keranet), after the grout has completely cured.
To aid the cleaning off process after application UltraCare Keranet Easy spray, can be used. For the correct use of UltraCare products range please refer to the relevant Technical Data Sheets.

Mapei Moon White Grout – Ultracolor Plus – technical data

Consistency:fine powder
Colour:40 colours from the MAPEI range
Bulk density (kg/m3):100
EMICODE:EC1 Plus - very low emission

Mapei Moon Grout White – Ultracolor Plus final performances

Flexural strength after 28 days (N/mm2) (EN 12808-3):9
Compressive strength after 28 days (N/mm2) (EN 12808-3):35
Flexural strength after freeze/thaw cycles (N/mm2) (EN 12808-3):9
Compressive strength after freeze/thaw cycles (N/mm2) (EN 12808-3):35
Abrasion resistance (EN 12808-2):700 (loss in mm3)
Shrinkage (mm/m) (EN 12808-4):1.5
Water absorption (g) (EN 12808-5) after 30 minutes:0.1
Water absorption (g) (EN 12808-5) after 4 hours:0.2
Resistance to solvents and oil:excellent
Resistance to alkalis:excellent
Resistance to acids:good resistance to acids with pH > 3

Mapei Ultracolor technical video


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