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ProJoint MAX 15Kg Pallet Deals and Bulk Buy – High Strength Epoxy Paving Grout Suitable For Vehicle Areas Up To 3.5 Tonnes

Nexus Paving Systems ProJoint

ProJoint Max is

A high strength epoxy paving grout – suitable for vehicular areas up to 3.5 tonnes

Similar to ProJoint™ Fusion™, ProJoint™ MAX™ offers a quick and easy solution to filling joints between paving slabs and setts but in areas of vehicular access.

Suitable for natural stone and concrete paving, ProJoint™ MAX™ is a high strength two-part epoxy paving grout and is very simple to use. Resin and sand are supplied ready-mixed within the tub, and only requires the addition of the enclosed hardener to activate the chemical cure.  Once cured, ProJoint™ MAX™ delivers a weed-free, frost resistant joint which resists pressure washing.

ProJoint™ MAX™ is available in three colours: neutral (buff), mid grey and black.

  • Permeable bedding mix not required
  • Part mixed components for fast application, all supplied within the mixing tub
  • Professional strength, self-compacting and suitable for joint widths of 5mm upwards
  • Weed, pressure washer and frost resistant
  • Ideal for paths and patios as well as driveways or other vehicular areas (up to 3.5 tonnes)
  • Suitable for natural stone and concrete paving, setts and slabs
  • Colours available: Neutral(buff) / Mid-Grey / Black
  • Pack size: 15Kg

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£920.60£1,741.00 +VAT

£920.60 +VAT
£920.60 +VAT
£920.60 +VAT
£1,741.00 +VAT
£1,741.00 +VAT
£1,741.00 +VAT

ProJoint MAX extended information:


Joint Size600x600mm slabsFour size Indian
(600mm series)
100x100mm setts
5 x 25mm22.5m219.5m24m2
10 x 25mm11.25m29.75m22m2
15 x 25mm7.5m26.5m21.34m2

Due to the high epoxy resin content ProJoint MAX will highlight and enhance the natural surface colours and textures of the paving – this sheen can be especially noticeable on grey paving, including granite, so a test area is advised before use.  It is important to spread the mix across the total paving area to ensure the potential effect is uniform.  Please note that this is a temporary effect; weathering and foot traffic will accelerate its disappearance.  For extra porous paving, or to minimise any effect use ProJoint Fusion or ProJoint V35-UV.

ProJoint MAX is not designed for use with porcelain paving – please see ProJoint Porcelain Primer and Grout products for details.

Please note: when using wet cast concrete paving with tapered edges we recommend the following procedure to minimise the risk of any type of jointing compound/cement ‘lifting’ during or after curing due to the base of the joint being narrower than the top.

To ensure the ProJointTM jointing compounds can lock’ under the paving and achieve the best possible joint and reduce the possibility of the compound ‘lifting’ during or after curing:

  • Ensure the base of each paving slab is a minimum distance of 3mm from other slabs and create a small space under the joint area of each slab.
  • Ensure the jointing compound fills the joint to just below the upper surface of the paving slabs. (Pointing/striking with a trowelliron will help adhesion to the sides of the paving further.


Ensure the surface of the paving is clean prior to application** and the joints are cleaned out to a minimum depth of 25mm for 3.5t traffic loading, and a minimum joint width of 5mm.

  1. Paving should be firmly bedded and stable prior to filling joints and laid on bedding material suitable for the intended traffic loading (up to 3.5 tonnes). **Care should be taken to ensure no soil or dirt is left or walked onto the surface of the paving during the application process as 2 this may get trapped in the resin once cured.
  2. Liberally wet the paving prior to mixing the product, allowing the water to soak into the surface. ProJoint MAX is designed to be mixed in its tub using a plasterers’ whisk.
  3. When wearing appropriate PPE, remove the bottle of hardener (contained within a sealed bag) from the tub.
  4. Open carefully and empty the hardener into the resin/sand mix.
  5. Using a plasterers’ whisk, mix for 3 minutes until the mix becomes a free flowing slurry.
  6. Ensure that the paving is still wet (if not, spray again) and the surface temperature is between 3°C and 25°C. Do not allow the paving to dry out during application and care should be taken when using the product on dark paving in direct sunlight due to high surface temperatures.
  7. Empty the mix directly onto the paving.
  8. Move the mix using a squeegee over the total area, allowing the empty joints to fill completely.
  9. Leave for 10 to 15 minutes.
  10. Use a wet medium soft brush at 45o to joints and sweep off the excess sand leaving the paving clean.
  11. It is particularly important to sweep the paving clean before the product cures, to ensure any remaining residue does not set on the 9 paving surface. Do not add additional water to the surface at this time.

The fluid nature of the mortar means that no further compaction of the joint is required. To achieve a traditional finish a trowel or iron can be used, if necessary, once the mortar has begun to cure.

Increased water tolerance means that the product can be used in light rain but freshly jointed paving does need protecting from prolonged and heavy rain as this will delay the curing process and increase the risk of fluid damage. We therefore recommend that the jointed area is covered if there is a chance of rain. Please make sure that any protective cover does not come into contact with the fresh joints; air circulation over the joints is required during curing time.

Cure times are dependent on temperature and humidity, but as a guide can accept foot traffic after 12 hours and light vehicle traffic after 24 hours at 20oC. Please note that cold temperatures can delay the curing time.


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