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When you’re looking for an outdoor / exterior self levelling compound that is good for existing sand / cement or concrete base look no further than here with: Tilemaster External Leveller. This self levelling floor leveller can be used in areas such as patios, swimming pools, garage floors, outdoor areas, driveways, concrete areas, play areas, barn floors, summer houses, balconies, walkways and many more outdoor applications.

Developed primarily for exterior outdoor use it is also a fast-setting self-levelling floor compound and can be applied from 2mm – 50mm in one application, by trowel or pump. The surface can be walked on and tiled after 3 hours, and is also suitable for use as a finished wearing surface and for swimming pools.

This outdoor level is a fibre-reinforced compound suitable for use over a range of external substrates, including concrete, sand/cement screeds and power floated concrete. Once mixed with water, it remains workable for 20-30 minutes. The flow and adhesion properties make it suitable for a wide range of commercial and domestic uses, if you are unsure call us and we’ll do our best to help.

This exterior /outdoor floor leveller is suitable for use over a range of substrates including concrete, sand/cement screeds, power floated concrete, ceramic, porcelain, natural stone and terrazzo tiles and epoxy damp proof membranes.

This product can receive floor coverings such as ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles after 3 hours.

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