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Kerakoll Primer A Eco is

A certified, eco‑friendly, water‑based primer for dry, absorbent mineral/cement/gypsum or anhydrite‑based substrates, ideal for use in GreenBuilding. Single-component, solvent-free and with very low volatile organic compound emissions. Safeguards the health of both operators and the environment.

  • For internal use
  • Solvent-free
  • Efficient dust-proof action
  • Extends the workability of mineral adhesives and levelling products
  • Suitable for underfloor heating systems

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£16.50 +VAT

£16.50 +VAT

Kerakoll Primer A Eco extended information

Primer A Eco develops an isolating, cohesive film which neutralizes the expansive chemical reaction of gypsum- or anhydrite-based substrates in contact with mineral mortars and adhesives. Reduces and regulates the absorption of highly porous substrates.

Coverage: isolation product for gypsum and anhydrite≈ 10 m2
regulate absorbency and dust consolidation ≈ 25 m2

Kerakoll Primer A Eco green building rating

Kerakoll Primer A Eco Areas of Use

Creation of a suitable barrier to neutralize the expansive chemical reaction of gypsum and anhydrite-based substrates before laying ceramic tiles with mineral or cement-based adhesives and/or correction of absorption of highly porous substrates.

  • gel adhesives, mineral adhesives, dispersed organic mineral adhesives
  • cement-based and dispersed adhesives
  • mineral finishing, levelling and self-levelling products
  • cement or gypsum-based finishing and levelling products and plasters


  • gypsum and cement-based plasters
  • mineral screeds
  • anhydrite and cement-based screeds
  • gypsum, brick and plasterboard panels
  • cellular concrete
  • prefabricated concrete and fresh concrete castings

On internal floors and walls, even in areas which are damp, on external walls.

Do not use

On external flooring as waterproofing product for metallic, unstable wood and wet substrates or those subject to moisture rising.

Instruction For Use

Preparation of substrates

Substrates must comply with BS 5385, parts 1-5, be compact, smooth, absorbent, free from substances that reduce adhesion such as dust, oil, grease and with no loose material. Varnishes and paints must be removed completely. The substrate must be stable, non- deformable and with no cracks. Plasters with a gypsum base must present a residual humidity ≤ 1 % CM and screeds with an anhydrite base ≤ 0.5 % CM, both of which should be measured with a carbide hygrometer.

Preparation and application

Shake the can well before opening in order to redisperse the liquid evenly. Prepare in a bucket the quantity of water required for dilution, then add Primer A Eco according to the indicated ratio (see technical data chart). Mix briefly before use.

Dust suppression and moisture regulation

To reduce and regulate the absorption of water or suppress dust in highly porous substrates. To improve the penetration of the priming coat, dilute Kerakoll Primer A Eco with clean water up to a 1 : 3 ratio (1 part primer to 3 parts water).
Apply a fine, uniform film, preferably using a short bristle, synthetic fibre roller or brush, criss-crossing the direction to ensure maximum coverage. The distinct green colouring of Primer A Eco allows the user to check whether the application is complete and uniform.

Isolation of gypsum substrates

Apply two coats to create a barrier, first coat diluted 1:2 (1 part primer to 2 parts water) second coat diluted 1:1 (1 part primer to 1 part water). Apply several coats to more porous substrates, waiting until the previous coat has dried completely before proceeding with the next.


Do not pour the product straight onto the floor; do not allow the stagnant Primer A Eco build a surface film on the floor.


Primer A Eco can be removed from tools and other surfaces by washing them with water before the product hardens.

Special Notes

After applying Kerakoll Primer A Eco and before laying the surface covering, check if the moisture content of the substrate is suitable for the type of covering selected. Applying Primer A Eco to absorbent substrates improves the workability of finishing and levelling products and is a necessity when applying self-levelling products, especially when these are of reduced thickness.

Kerakoll Primer A Eco Technical Data

Appearancegreen liquid
Specific weight≈ 0.99 kg/dm3
Shelf life≈ 12 months in the original packaging
Warningprotect from frost, avoid direct exposure to sunlight and sources of heat
Pack25 / 5 kg cans – 1 kg bottles
Dilution ratios:
a) - isolation product for gypsum and anhydrite
b) - regulation of absorption

a) two coats, first coat diluted 1 : 2 second coat diluted 1 : 1
b) 1 part Primer A Eco : 2 – 3 parts water
Viscosity≈ 17.9 mPa · s, rotor 1 RPM 100 (Brookfield method)
pH≈ 7.5
Temperature range for applicationfrom +5 °C to +35 °C
Minimum waiting time before laying:
a) - isolation product for gypsum and anhydrite
b) - regulation of substrate absorption

a) ≥ 4 hrs
b) ≥ 1 hr
Maximum waiting time before laying≤ 24 hrs
a) - isolation product for gypsum and anhydrite
b) - regulate absorbency and dust consolidation

a) ≈ 10 m2*
b) ≈ 25 m2*
* Values taken at +23 °C, 50% R.H. and no ventilation. Data may vary depending on specific conditions at the building site: temperature, ventilation and absorbency level of the
* * Approximate coverage depending on the absorbency of substrate. Based on coverage per 1 litre *


Product for professional use

  • abide by any standards and national regulations
  • make sure the substrate is perfectly clean, dry and compact
  • if the product has been washed away or removed mechanically, it will have to be replaced by a further application
  • do not use as a waterproofing product
  • use a calcium carbide hygrometer to measure and ensure that the humidity of the gypsum is ≤ 1% and of the anhydrite ≤ 0.5% at the moment of laying. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions
  • if necessary, ask for the safety data sheet
  • for any other issues, contact the Kerakoll Worldwide Global Service

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