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Larsen Brush Joint 360 – Bulk Buy


Larsen Brush Joint 360

It’s a ready to use, high quality, brush-in jointing product for all types of paving.

Its advanced, permeable formulation is suitabel fo ruse all year round. Brush-Joint360 is ideal for use with concrete, natural stone and porcelain paving.

  • Quick & Easy to Install
  • 3-20mm Joints
  • Walk on within 24hrs
  • Black, Grey & Buff

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£34.99 +VAT

£34.99 +VAT
£34.99 +VAT
£34.99 +VAT

Larsen Brush Joint 360 extended information

COVERAGE: Approx. 15 m2 per tub based on 600 x 600 mm slabs with 20 mm deep 10 mm wide joints

Larsen Brush Joint 360 product information

STANDARD COLOUR(S):Black, Grey, Buff
HAZARD INFORMATION:No Significant Hazard – consult safety datasheet before use
CLEANING:Clean tools, equipment etc. using warm water. Mechanical means are necessary when the product has set.
PACKAGING15 kg plastic tubs
STORAGE CONDITIONS:tore in sealed containers in dry conditions, protected from extremes of temperature

Part used containers – add enough water to cover the surface by about 50mm. Pour-off excess water before re-use and blend with any new product opened to avoid colour variations.
SHELF LIFE:Up to 2 years in unopened manufacturer’s packaging

Larsen Brush Joint 360 application information

JOINT DEPTH:Minimum depth of 20mm is recommended Note – deeper joints will take longer to cure
CURING TIME:24 - 48 hours (depending on site conditions)
Lower temperatures and damper conditions may lengthen curing time
COVERAGE:Approx. 15 m2 per tub based on 600 x 600 mm slabs with 20 mm deep 10 mm wide joints

Larsen Brush Joint 360 – DIRECTIONS FOR USE:


Larsen Brush-Joint 360 is suitable for use with most paving materials in foot traffic areas. All paving must be sufficiently stable and rigid so as to not move under load. Paving must be installed on a full, semi-permeable, free draining mortar bed. A typical example is a 6:1 mortar made with clean sharp sand (or pea gravel) and cement and enough water to ensure that the bedding mix just holds together in a ball when squeezed gently in a clenched (gloved) hand. When installing new paving, ensure the narrowest part of the joint is not less than 3 mm wide. Some paving materials may be prone to staining. Always test an inconspicuous area first. To avoid any potential, temporary staining thoroughly pre-soak the area before application. For further information consult our Technical Department.


Ideally installation should be carried out on mild, dry days. Cold/damp conditions will delay hardening of the product.


  1. Pre-soak the area before application. With larger areas wet the area as you go.
  2. Pour Larsen Brush-Joint 360 evenly over paving. Top Tip – To help stop staining, thoroughly soak the product in the tub before application.
  3. Using a stiff brush or squeegee, work the product in to the joints ensuring they are completely filled, and the paving is kept wet during the application.
  4. Top up any joints not completely filled.
  5. Thoroughly wash the area with clean water, ensuring all product is removed from the paving.
  6. Surface and air temperature must be above 5 ̊C to prevent water used from freezing. In hot conditions surface must be kept damp throughout application to reduce risk of staining.


  1. Clean out joints ensuring all the old jointing material and all dirt and detritus has been fully removed.
  2. Check the existing base is sufficiently permeable to allow water to freely drain to sub-base below. (This is essential.)
  3. Pre-soak the area before application. With larger areas wet the area as you go.
  4. Carry on as for new paving.


It is good practice to strike the joints with a pointing tool before the product has cured. This firms up and smooths the face of the product giving an additional resilience.
In mild, dry conditions joints should cure within 24-48 hours. In cooler and/or wetter conditions curing make take considerably longer. Important: As the product air-cures, it needs all water to have freely drained from the joints to enable it to cure and harden properly.


Do not use a power washer to clean newly jointed areas until the product has cured for at least 4 weeks. After this time the joints may be cleaned but it is recommended to only use the power washer on low pressure, at an angle of 45 degrees and using a fan spray from no closer than 150 mm. Alternatively, use a standard hose, brush and Larsen Decking & Paving Cleaner to remove any built up dirt and debris. To remove any green growth, mildew, algae etc from your paving, use Larsen Concentrated Algicide as directed.

Larsen Brush-Joint 360 – RESTRICTIONS

As Larsen Brush-Joint 360 air cures, it will only harden and cure once excess moisture has drained from jointing compound and through to the sub-base. If there is uncertainty about the permeability of the joint or the ability to achieve the minimum joint depth or width, use an alternative product. All joint widths must be a minimum of 3 mm wide and 20 mm deep. Always ensure joints are filled to the depth of the paving. Joints cannot be topped up after the product has cured. Poorly filled or bridged joints may result in product failure. Some natural stone materials are particularly prone to staining. With these materials it is worth taking extra care. To reduce the risk of staining it is important to keep the surface of the paving soaking wet during application. Like most external materials, Brush Joint 360 will experience a natural discoloration over time depending on exposure and maintenance. This product is for foot traffic only. Larsen Brush-Joint 360 is manufactured from natural materials, slight batch to batch variation in colour can therefore be expected. To minimize variation, it is recommended to use product from the same batch in adjacent areas, if this is not possible, pre-mixing batched may help to reduce variations. If in doubt, carry out a sample area first.

Larsen Brush Joint 360 application video


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