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Mapei Mapegum WPS Flexible Tanking Membrane – Bulk Buy


Mapei Mapegum WPS Flexible Tanking Membrane

Quick drying flexible liquid membrane for waterproofing internal surfaces

A fast drying flexible liquid tanking membrane for the interior waterproofing of bathroom and shower walls and floors before installing ceramic tiles and natural stone.

Also suitable for kitchen floors, walls and counter tops before installing ceramic tiles.

Where to use:

Waterproofing indoor floor and wall surfaces that are not subject to rising damp nor in permanent water immersion.

Flexible, anti-fracture membrane. Apply before the installation of ceramic tiles or stone material

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Mapei Mapegum WPS Flexible Tanking Membrane extended information

Consumption: The consumption of Mapegum WPS is approximately 1.2 kg/m2 in two coats, equal to 0.8 mm wet thickness (equivalent to 0.5 mm dry thickness).

Where To Use

Waterproofing indoor floor and wall surfaces that are not subject to rising damp nor in permanent water immersion.

Flexible, anti-fracture membrane. Apply before the installation of ceramic tiles or stone material.

Mapei Mapegum WPS may be used on the following:

  • plasterboard, gypsum or cementitious render.
  • suitable tilebacker board.
  • cementitious, anhydrite substrates and existing ceramic and natural stone.


  • Product certified EC1 Plus by the GEV Institute (Gemeinschaft Emissions-kontrollierte Verlegewerkstoffee.V) as a product with very low emission of volatile organic compounds
  • Ready to use.
  • Rapid application.
  • Floor coverings may be installed after 12 hours.
  • Excellent elongation properties.
  • No reinforcement required.

Some application examples

  • Waterproofing walls and floors in bathrooms and shower cubicles before laying ceramic tiles, natural stone and mosaic.
  • Waterproofing kitchen walls and floors, and work tops before laying ceramic tiles and natural stone.

Technical Characteristics

Mapei Mapegum WPS is a ready-to-use, solvent-free, one-component, grey-coloured paste with a base of synthetic resins in water dispersion.

Mapegum WPS has a thixotropic consistency which makes it easy to apply on horizontal, sloping and vertical surfaces.

After rapid evaporation of the water content, Mapei Mapegum WPS forms a flexible membrane which is not sticky and which is strong enough to withstand light pedestrian traffic. It also forms an excellent surface which bonds perfectly to adhesives used for laying ceramics and natural stone.

The flexibility of Mapegum WPS enables it to withstand normal expansion and contraction movements of the substrate due to temperature variations and vibrations.

Mapegum WPS is resistant to water, limewater (pH > 12), water which contains chlorides and normal household detergents and cleaning products. Systems based on the use of Mapegum WPS flexible membrane, on which various types of tiles have been laid using MAPEI cementitious-based adhesives (such as Granirapid, Mapei Keraflex and Adesilex P9) and water dispersion adhesives (MapeGrip D2), have been certified for use in damp environments by the following institutes:

  • Säurefliesner (German);
  • Sp Swedish National Testing & Research Institute (Sweden);
  • Norwegian Research and Building Institute (Norway)


  • Do not apply Mapei Mapegum WPS if the temperature is lower than +5°C.
  • Create sloping surfaces where necessary to avoid the formation of puddles of water.
  • Do not apply Mapegum WPS on damp cementitious substrates or on substrates which are subject to rising damp.
  • Do not use Mapei Mapegum WPS on surfaces continuously immersed in liquid such as swimming pools, fountains, storage tanks, etc. Use Mapelastic or Mapelastic Smart for these types of application.
  • Do not use Mapegum WPS to cover cracks.
  • Mapegum WPS must be protected from abrasion caused by pedestrian traffic by installing ceramic tiles or stone material.

Application Procedure

Preparation of the substrate

Substrates must be solid, clean, dry and free of oil, grease, old paintwork or any other material which could affect the bond. When it is applied on existing ceramic coatings, check if the substrate is sound, clean of mould and any loose material etc.

Where required use appropriate means to remove all surface contamination. Cementitious substrates must be stable and dry, and not subject to rising damp.

Substrates which are highly absorbent or gypsum-based must be pre-treated with Mapei Primer G (usually diluted with water at a ratio of1: 1or 1: 2 to ensure thorough penetration). Wait several hours until the coating of Primer G is completely dry.

Anhydrite or gypsum substrates must be perfectly dry (maximum residual humidity 0.5%), sanded and treated with a coat of Primer G or Eco Prim T Plus.

Existing substrates of ceramic tiles or natural stone must be treated with a neat coat of Mapei Eco Prim T Plus primer before applying Mapegum WPS.

If a slope has to be created and the base needs to be smoothed off before spreading on Mapegum WPS, use Adesilex P4 or Mapei Planitop Fast 330.

Mapegum WPS Application of the product

In order to guarantee continuity in the waterproofing coat, we recommend placing a rubber tape such as Mapeband, Mapeband PE 120 or Mapeband Easy to form elastic joints between the wall and the floor and between contiguous walls before applying Mapegu WPS.

Mapeband, Mapeband PE 120 or Mapeband Easy must be bonded to the substrate using Mapegum WPS.

Mapegum WPS may be applied by trowel, with a roller, by brush or spray (if required, dilute with up to 5% of water).

The product must be applied evenly in thin coats. Wait until the first coat is dry before applying further coats crossways (1-2 hours according to temperature conditions).

The final thickness of Mapegum WPS must never be less than 0.8 mm (equivalent to a dry thickness of 0.5 mm), in order to form a consistent, flexible continuous coat. Make sure that there are no gaps caused by imperfections in the substrate.

After 12-24 hours from applying the final coat of Mapegum WPS (according to temperature conditions), the surface is ready for laying ceramic tiles or natural stone, etc. Use an adhesive from the MAPEl range to lay ceramic tiles and natural stone; class C2 if it is cementitious based or class D2TE if it is a water dispersion type, in accordance with standard EN 12004.

Laying the tiles

After applying Mapegum WPS wait:

  • 12-24 hours on absorbent substrates;
  • 4-5 days on substrates which are not absorbent.

Lay the tiles using an adhesive from the MAPEl range (such as Keraquick SI, Granirapid, Adesilex P9, Keraflex Maxi Sl; the width of the joints depends on the size of the tiles to be laid. Grout the tile joints using Ultracolor Plus, Keracolor FF, Fugolastic, or with Kerapoxy or Kerapoxy CQ, available in a variety of colours. Expansion joints must be sealed using the special MAPEl sealants, such as Mapesil AC or Mapesil LM.

Mapei Mapegum WPS product identity

Colour:light grey
Density (g/cm2):1.45
Dry solids content (%):73
Brookfield viscosity (mPa-s):120.000
(rotor E - 5 revs)
EMICODE:EC1 Plus - very low emission

Mapei Mapegum WPS application data

Minimum film-forming temperature:+5°C
Recommended application temperature range:from +5°C to +35°C
Waiting time between the first and second coat:approx. 60 min (touch dry)
Waiting time before laying coating material:12-24 hours
Completely dry (1 mm of thickness) at +23°C:5 hours

Mapei Mapegum WPS final performances

Initial adhesion according to EN 14891-A.6.2 (N/mm2):1.6
Adhesion after water immersion according to EN 14891-A.6.3 (N/mm2):1.2
Adhesion after heat ageing according to EN 14891-A.6.5 (N/mm2):1.6
Adhesion after freeze/thaw cycles according to EN 14891-A.6.6 (N/mm2):1.0
Adhesion after immersion in basic water (saturated solution of lime) according to
EN 14891-A.6.9 (N/mm<):
Adhesion after immersion in sodium hypochlorite solution in compliance with EN
14891-A.6.7 (N/mm<):
Impermeable to water under pressure according to EN 14891-A.7 (150 kPa) 7 days:No penetration
Permeable to water vapour according to EN ISO 12572:Sd ≥5 m (per 1mm thickness of dry film)

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