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Palace Tiler’s Primer


Palace Tilers Primer is:

A Multipurpose Surface Preparation: Bonding / Primer / Sealer

A waterproof primer; sealer and bonding agent to improve, adhesion strength and long-term durability of the joint between the adhesive and any surface substrate. It can be applied to gypsum plaster, old / worn concrete; sand cement screeds and render to reduce porosity, surface dusting and moisture absorption whilst improving initial tack and enabling adhesives to achieve a secure and lasting key.
Conforms to :

  • Stabilises porous surfaces
  • Improves bond to timber/vinyl surfaces
  • Reduces surface suction
  • Improves open time of adhesive
  • Used as a screed enhancing admixture
  • Unit size: 5 litres

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Palace Tilers Prime further information:

Admixture5 to 15 liters per 50Kg of OPC
Bonding Slurry3 - 5 square metres per litre
Primer / SealerUp to 20 square metres per litre

Palace Tilers Primer is the ideal solution for use on porous surfaces, gypsum plaster and old worn concrete. It can also be utilised as a bonding agent and surface barrier sealer. Impermeable surfaces can also be treated when Tilers Primer is mixed as a slurry coat with neat cement.

Palace Tilers Primer video:


Is a styrene butadiene co-polymer emulsion for use as a primer; bonding agent and sealer formulated to improve, adhesion strength and long-term durability of the bond between the adhesive and any surface substrate. It is a safe to use and can be applied to a wide range of building materials including applications where contact with water is likely. PALACE TILERS PRIMER can be used as a water-proof bonding agent when mixed as a slurry with neat cement and can readily be incorporated into mixes of sand cement screeds, plasters and renders, giving a water reducing and plasticising effect, as well as improving wet-tack and adhesion of the render to the existing base masonry. PALACE TILERS PRIMER is an excellent primer for porous surfaces such as gypsum plaster, old / worn concrete; sand cement screeds and render by reducing porosity, surface dusting and improving initial tack so that subsequently applied adhesives, renders or screeds can achieve a secure and lasting key with the base substrate.


Once porous, worn or dusty concrete floors have been thoroughly cleaned of all dust, oil & loose surface matter, PALACE TILERS PRIMER diluted as 1 part to 3 parts with water and brushed on as a generous single coat, can seal the surface, reduce suction and inhibit further dusting. One coat is normally sufficient for priming surfaces ready to receive an application of PALACE SELF-LEVELLING COMPOUND or any PALACE TILE ADHESIVE, however very porous surfaces may require two coats or use a 1:1 dilution to effectively reduce porosity and bind the surface. Cracked or friable surfaces should be repaired before laying any top coatings. PALACE TILERS PRIMER is effective on gypsum plaster, porous cement render walls, worn concrete, cement sand floor screeds, cement panelboards and timbers such as chipboards and worn plywood. Plaster walls which have been over- finished to a polished appearance should be slightly roughened with a stiff brush and wiped clear of loose fines before priming.


Timber and composite panels should be clean and free from dust and loose flaking material before being sealed on all exposed faces and edges with neat PALACE TILERS PRIMER, then the 1 to 3 parts water dilution brushed across the surface to be tiled. Adhesive may be applied to the primed surface whilst it is still slightly tacky to touch. Gypsum based materials likely to be tiled over with a cement-based adhesive, such as Anhydrite floor screeds or Gypsum finishing plasters must be effectively sealed with 2 coats of neat PALACE TILERS PRIMER the first as a 1 to 1 part water dilution and the second applied neat with each being allowed to dry before proceeding with the next application.


Can be used as a bonding agent when over- laying existing masonry with a fresh coat of render, plaster, concrete or screed, or when applying cement-based tile adhesives to difficult, non- porous surfaces such as existing vinyl floor tiles and steel decking. Wet down the exposed surface so that it is damp but not holding standing water. PALACE TILERS PRIMER can be mixed to a brushable slurry consistency using a mechanical agitator by adding approximately 1-part PRIMER to 1 part neat cement (or 1 part cement based adhesive) to be spread out using a stiff brush, evenly and consistently over the surface. Application of the topping screed or adhesive should proceed before the bonding slurry has completely dried out as surface tackiness will improve the adhesive key. PALACE TILERS PRIMER bonding slurry can also be used as a waterproof tanking slurry when applied as a three-coat treatment to prepared masonry.


When repairing concrete floors, steps or applying vertical renders, PALACE TILERS PRIMER should be mixed at the minimum rate of 5 litres per 50 kg of Ordinary Portland Cement, or adding up to 15 litres where heavy traffic or loads are expected. Mix designs for repair mortars are ideally 1 part OPC to 3 parts zone 3 washed dried sand. When laying thick-section screeds (25 to 50mm) replace 1 part sand with 1 part 6mm dried coarse aggregate and always add just sufficient water to give the mix the required consistency for ease of application. PALACE TILERS PRIMER imparts a strong water-reducing and plasticising effect in concrete and mortar, thus giving improved strength, shrink resistance, long term durability, abrasion resistance and reduced water permeability.


It has a storage life of not less than 12 months if stored in dry, un- opened conditions.

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