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BAL Level Out (External) 25Kg – Pallet Deals – Fast Setting External Levelling Compound


BAL Level Out (External) is

A fast-setting external levelling compound for concrete bases

BAL Level Out is a high performance, fast-setting levelling compound for smoothing rough or impact damaged external concrete bases prior to tiling. It can be used from 2mm to 20mm thickness in a single application and is suitable for tiling after 3 hours, walkable after 2 hours at 20C. Water content can be reduced if gradient levelling has to be carried out.

BAL Level Out provides smooth and easy levelling of external areas. Pumpable, it requires 5.25ltrs of water per 25kg. A pot life of 30 minutes provides plenty of time to pour and spread per mix. Self-smoothing with great flow, it is water and frost resistant for long-life installations.

  • Smoothing rough or impact damaged concrete
  • Laying onto concrete substrates that are uneven
  • Bed depth from 2mm up to 20mm thickness
  • Dry/wet external environments including total immersion in pools
  • Domestic or commercial use
  • Colour: Grey
  • Unit size: 25Kg

^ Can receive ceramic or natural stone tiles after 3 hours at 20°C. A longer drying period will be required at thicker depths and/or lower site temperatures.

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BAL Level Out External further information:

Coverage: (per 25Kg pack) thickness = 5mm coverage is 3m2

Note: Ensure direct to earth subfloors incorporate an effective damp proof membrane.

Restrictions: NOT suitable for

  • Use as a wearing screed
  • For levelling sloped backgrounds where falls have been intentionally designed to divert water to a primary drainage point. Any substrate that has been laid to falls should always maintain a safe slope for maximum effective drainage.

Bal Level Out Usage & Service Conditions

Swimming Pools[1]Yes

[1] Pool tank must be watertight.


AreaRecommended Application Tool
Small /medium to large size floorsSteel trowel
Very large areas ( Pumpable)Long hand blade


Composition: Highly polymer modified cement
Colour: Grey
Type/Classification: Exceeds BS EN 13813 CT – C30 – F7 – Cementitious screed, Compressive Strength is >30N/mm2 and Flexural Strength is >7N/mm2 after 28 days

Pack size: 25kg

BAL Level Out Key features:

  • Smoothing rough or impact damaged concrete
  • Suitable for external applications
  • Fast setting – walkable after 2-3 hours
  • Apply from 2mm to 20mm thick in a single application

Note: the thickness of combined layers should not exceed 20mm.

Lay tiles/pavers after: 3 hours (at 20°C)

USAGE: Bed Thickness / Time

Bed ThicknessPot LifeSetting Time (at 20°C)
2mm – 20mm>30 mins3 hours

^ Tiles/Pavers can be laid after 3 hours at 20°C.
A longer drying period will be required at thicker depths and/or lower site temperatures.


Recommended Application ToolTypical Coverage ^^ at 2 mm bed-thickness
Steel trowel Long hand blade0.8 kg/ m2

^^ May vary dependent on nature and flatness of surface, and thickness of application.


-30oC to 100oC

** Cured leveller.



Ensure concrete surfaces are dry, sound, and free from grease, dust and any other contamination/barriers to adhesion.

Ensure direct-to-earth sub-floors incorporate an effective damp proof membrane.


Must be fully cured and free from efflorescence, laitance, dirt, polished concrete and other loose materials. Remove using suitable mechanical methods. Some exposed aggregate should be visible in the surface but not loose.

Allow the following minimum drying times:

– Concrete: 6 weeks

Thoroughly dampen the substrate with water, taking care not to leave any pools of water, before applying the product to the dampened substrate.

Note: Any structural movement or live joints in the substrate must be carried through the BAL LEVEL OUT to the surface≥


This 25kg bag requires approx. 5.25 litres of water. Mix thoroughly until a lump-free mortar is obtained.

If gradient levelling had to be carried out, the water content must be reduced. To pump the mortar, use continuous pumps with a capacity of 20-40 litres of mortar per minute.

Do not use excess water as this will reduce the strength of the set and hardened mortar.

The use of a mixing paddle with a 10m chuck slow speed (600-1000 rpm) electric drill makes light work of mixing.

BAL LEVEL OUT should be applied within 30 minutes at 20°C. This time is extended at lower and reduced at higher temperatures.

NOTE: Working time/setting time will vary slightly with temperature: higher temperatures = shorter; lower temperatures = longer

Product SizeUsageApprox. clean cold water
25KgFloors5.25 litres


Pour the mixed BAL LEVEL OUT onto the prepared substrate. The mixed mortar will flow out and self-smooth during the first 10 minutes of its 30 minute working time. Spread the mortar using a steel trowel or float.

For large areas, it’s recommended to use a gauging tool with thickness height adjustment to spread the mortar. A long handled smoothing trowel can be used to simplify the finishing operation.

The applied BAL LEVEL OUT surface can be left with a trowelled finish.

Once set, the freshly applied BAL LEVEL OUT should be protected from adverse climatic conditions, e.g. rapid drying air flow, direct strong sunlight, rain, frost etc., until hardened. Apply at temperatures above 5°C.

If a second layer of BAL LEVEL OUT is required, this should be applied after the first layer has fully hardened. The first layer should be machine sanded (paper 16 to 36), cleaned and dampened down.

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