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Kerakoll Fugabella Color Grout – Bulk Buy


Kerakoll Fugabella Color Grout is

Decorative Resina‑cemento® (resin‑cement) for grouting of ceramic and porcelain tiles, mosaic and natural stone in a 50‑colour design range. Green product for bio‑building.

The groundbreaking hybrid grout Fugabella® Color is ideal when decorating any surface in porcelain, ceramic tiles, mosaic and natural stone.

Kerakoll Fugabella® Color achieves performance characteristics such as water-repellence, very low water absorption, high surface hardness, high resistance to the most common acidic substances and total colour uniformity.

  • Suitable for porcelain tiles, ceramics, low thickness slabs and natural stone
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • High colour uniformity
  • Full and smooth joint
  • Eliminates the risk of salt and lime efflorescence formation
  • Suitable for underfloor heating systems

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Kerakoll Fugabella Color Grout extended information

  1. Fine-grain finish
  2. Superior flexibility
  3. Water-repellent compound with water-drop effect
  4. High CATAS-tested chromatic uniformity
  5. 50-colour collection, color designer Piero Lissoni
  6. Easy to clean and maintain
  7. Suitable for underfloor heating systems
  8. Can be recycled as mineral inert material, avoiding waste disposal costs and environmental impact
  9. Naturally antibacterial


Rating 4*

x Regional Mineral ≥ 60%

✔ Recycled Mineral ≥ 30%

✔ CO2 ≤ 250 g/kg

✔ VOC Very Low Emission

✔ Recyclable


Areas of Application

High-performance grouting of joints from 0 to 20 mm, with smooth finish, high degree of hardness, water-repellence with water-drop effect.

Materials to be grouted:

– porcelain tiles, low thickness slabs, ceramic tiles, klinker, cotto, glass and ceramic mosaic, of all types and formats

– natural stone, recomposed materials, marble.

Intended use:

– internal and external flooring and walls, in domestic, commercial and industrial applications and street furniture, in environments subject to heavy traffic, also in areas subject to thermal shock and freezing – swimming pools, tanks and fountains

– underfloor heating systems.

Do not use on joints more than 20 mm in width, on floors and walls where specific chemical resistances or absolutely no water absorption are required; to grout elastic expansion or fractionising joints; on substrates which are highly deformable, not perfectly dry or subject to moisture rising.

Instructions for use:

Preparation of substrates
Before grouting joints, check that tiles have been laid correctly and are anchored perfectly to the substrate. Substrates must be perfectly dry. Grout joints in accordance with BS 5385, parts 1-5 and the recommended waiting time indicated on the relative data sheet for the adhesive used. For mortar substrates, wait at least 7 – 14 days depending on screed thickness, ambient weather conditions and on the level of absorption of the covering and the substrate. Any water or moisture rising can cause salt to build up on the surface of the grout or cause shade variations on account of the uneven evaporation of remaining water through the grout.
Joints must be free from any excess adhesive, even if already hardened, and must be of an even depth of at least 2/3 of the overall thickness of the tile covering, to avoid any variations in colour.
In the case of highly absorbent tiles or high temperatures, the surface of the tilework should be dampened prior to grouting the joints, in order to prevent any water stagnation.
Before grouting with contrasting colours to the tiles, make sure they can be cleaned. It is advisable to perform a preliminary test on tiles not to be laid.

Prepare Fugabella® Color in a clean container, first of all pouring in a quantity of water equal to approximately 3⁄4 of the amount required. Gradually add Fugabella® Color to the container, mixing the paste from the bottom upwards
with a low-rev (≈ 400/min) helicoidal agitator. Add more water until the desired consistency is obtained. The mixture must be of smooth consistency and without any lumps. For best results, and to mix larger quantities of the grout, a stirring device with vertical blades and slow rotation is recommended. Specific polymers with high-dispersion properties ensure that Fugabella® Color is immediately ready for use. Mix a quantity to be used within 60 min. at +23 °C 50% R.H. The amount of water to be added, indicated on the packaging, is an approximate guide and will vary depending on the different colours. It is possible to obtain mixtures with consistency of variable thixotropy according to the application to be made. Adding extra water does not improve the workability and the cleanability of the grout, and may cause shrinkage in the plastic phase of drying and result in less effective final performance. Prepare all mixtures required to complete the process using the same amount of water, in order to avoid any variations in grout shade.

Fugabella® Color must be applied evenly on the tile covering with a spreader or hard rubber float. Grout material has to be completely filled between entire joint areas, the application has to be done diagonally with respect to the joints. Remove most of the excess grout immediately, leaving only a thin film on the tile.

Begin cleaning the tilework when the grout is touch dry into the joint. On completion, clean up the surface using a thick, large-sized sponge damped in clean water to avoid removing grout from the joints. Make sure clean water is used at all times, using appropriate trays with grills and cleaning rollers for the sponge.
Use circular movements to soften the film of hardened grout on the tiles. Finish cleaning up by dragging the sponge diagonally across the tiles while applying water evenly over the tiles, in order to prevent any shade variations. Residual traces of grout can be removed from tools with water before the product has hardened.

Kerakoll Fugabella Color Grout technical data

Appearancecoloured pre-mixed
Apparent volumetric mass≈ 1.22 kg/dm3UEAtc/CSTB 2435
Average granulometric composition≈ 70 μm
Mixing water:
- 3 kg bag≈ 0.7 l / 1 bag 3 kg
- 20 kg bag≈ 4.5 l / 1 bag 20 kg
Shelf life:
- 3 kg bag≈ 24 months in the original packaging in dry environment
- 20 kg bag≈ 12 months in th
Packbags 20 kg – 3 kgISO 11600
Specific weight of the mixture≈ 1.86 kg/dm3UNI 7121
Pot life≥ 50 min.
Temperature range for applicationfrom +5 °C to +35 °C
Width of jointsfrom 0 to 20 mm
Grouting after laying:
- with adhesivesee characteristics of adhesive
- mortar≈ 7 – 14 days
Foot traffic≈ 3 hrs
Foot traffic at +5 °C≈ 10 hrs
Foot traffic at +35 °C≈ 2 hrs
Interval before normal use≈ 24 hrs
Ready for use at +5 °C≈ 3 days
Ready for use at +35 °C≈ 8 hrs
Ready for use in swimming pools≈ 3 days
Coveragesee approximate coverage table

Kerakoll Fugabella Colour Grout performance

VOC Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) - Volatile organic compound emissions
ConformityEC 1 GEV-EmicodeGEV certified 9522/11.01.02
Flexural strength after 28 days≥ 2.5 N/mm2EN 12808-3
Compressive strength after 24 hrs≥ 15 N/mm2ISO 13007-4.1.4
Compressive strength after 28 days≥ 15 N/mm2ISO 13007-4.1.4
Resistance to frost-thaw cycles:
- flexural≥ 2.5 N/mm2EN 12808-3
- compressive≥ 15 N/mm2EN 12808-3
Resistance to abrasion after 28 days<= 1000 mm3EN 12808-2
Water absorption after 30 min<= 2 gEN 12808-5
Water absorption after 240 min.<= 5 gEN 12808-5
Colour Fastnesssee colour chartUNI EN ISO 105-A06
Resistance to fungal contaminationclass F+CSTB SB-2018-144
Resistance to bacterial contaminationclass B+CSTB SB-2018-142
Working temperaturefrom -40oC to +90oC
ConformityCG2 WAISO 13007-3

Kerakoll Fugabella Colour Grout coverage table

Kerakoll Fugabella Coverage Chart

Kerakoll Fugabella technical video

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Kerakoll Fugabella Color

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