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MUDD Thick Fixer C2F – Pourable Flexible Floor Tile Adhesive – Pallet Deals

MUDD Tile Adhesive and Floor Levellers


A Pourable Flexible Floor Tile Adhesive. Ideal For Large Format & Natural Stone Tiles

MUDD THICK FIXER is a fast-setting, pourable, thick-bed floor tile adhesive.

Mixed with clean water, it is suitable for fixing:

  • large format floor tiles
  • fully vitrified including porcelain
  • natural stone
  • terrazzo


  • Fixing at 3-25mm Thickness
  • Fast Setting
  • Water Resistant
  • Frost Resistant
  • Kitchen & Bathrooms
  • Sets in 3 hours
  • Power Showers
  • Flexible
  • Contains Porcel Bond
  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Underfloor Heating
  • Levels Uneven Floors
  • C2F
  • Natural Stone
  • Floor Use Only

Can also be used to level uneven floors: before fixing tiles a layer of adhesive can be applied up to 25mm thick. Also suitable as 3-25mm thickness makes it ideal for tiles/slabs of uneven thickness and uneven surfaces.

The adhesive is water-resistant and can be used in interior & exterior areas including showers and swimming pools. Tiles can be grouted after 3 hours.

MUDD THICK FIXER exceeds the requirements of BS EN12004 for a C2F tile adhesive.

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MUDD Thick Fixer extended information:

Coverage: Depends on the nature and flatness of the surface but on a level background the amount of adhesive required will be: at 5mm thickness approx. 8.75kg/m² , at 10mm thickness approx. 17.5kg/m² , at 25mm thickness approx 43.75kg/m².


The surface to be tiled should be clean, dry and free from all dust, grease or any loose flaking material incompatible with adhesion.

Suitable surfaces include:

Asphalt (suitable grade e.g. flooring)
Must be a suitable grade, be clean, in sound condition (without brittleness, softening. etc.) and have adequate cohesive strength, a natural float finish and laid on a firm rigid base. Ensure that surface is sufficiently regular to suit bedding depths of adhesive. Clean thoroughly to remove surface dirt using warm water and suitable detergent. Remove all detergent residues with clean water.

Concrete; cement:sand screeds
Before tiling, ensure that the substrate is flat, free from efflorescence, laitance, dirt, polished concrete and other loose materials. Remove by the use of suitable mechanical methods.
Before tiling, allow the following minimum drying times:
– Concrete: 6 weeks
– Cement:sand screed: 3 weeks
– Cement:sand rendering: 2 weeks

Existing glazed/unglazed ceramic tiles, quarry tiles, terrazzo and natural stone

Ensure existing tiles/brick are sound bonded to a stable background that is sufficient strong to support tiling. N.B. Suitable for existing glazed tiles when adhesive has been modified with MUDD THE STRENGTHENER (pre- diluted 1:1 by volume with clean cold water). If areas of tiles/bricks are loose or hollow-sounding, remove and make good using a mortar repair product.

Fibre reinforced cement boards and lightweight tile backing boards
Check suitability with board manufacturer. Ensure boards are (i) sufficiently rigid and stable to receive tiling; (ii) can carry the additional load without excessive deflection; and (iii) has adequate ventilation under the boards.

Overlaid timber floors (min. 15mm)
Ensure timber floor (i) is sufficiently rigid and stable to receive tiles; (ii) can carry the additional load without excessive deflection; and (iii) has adequate ventilation under the timber. Overlay existing timber floor with water-resistant plywood, minimum 15mm thick, screwed (not nailed) at 300mm centres.

Seal all timber surfaces on back face and edges and face to be tiled with undiluted MUDD PRIME TIME. Allow to dry.

Existing vinyl tiles
Ensure these are in good sound condition and securely bonded to their base. Remove loose or damaged tiles/areas of sheet along with any loose or soft adhesive. Remove any polishes, wax, grease etc. with a suitable proprietary cleaner. Prime with 2 coats of undiluted MUDD PRIME TIME

NOTE: Cushioned types of flooring are not suitable and must be completely removed along with adhesive residue prior to tiling.

Underfloor heating: once the screed is dry, the screed may then be gradually heated up to a maximum operating water temperature of 45°C, as recommended by the manufacturer and maintained at that level for 3 days. Then allowed to cool to room temperature. Heating to be turned off for 24 hours prior to tiling or, in cold weather, reduced to below 15°C. Once completed ensure that a minimum of 14 days have elapsed before the floor is brought back to its operating temperature at maximum rate of 5°C per day.

For further advice, contact MUDD TECHNICAL HELPLINE.

Mix in the ratio of approx. 3.5 parts powder to 1 part water by volume. Add the powder to clean water and mix thoroughly until a smooth, pourable consistency is obtained. Allow mixed adhesive to stand for 1 – 2 minutes before re-mixing for 30 seconds. Use within 30 minutes (at room temperature). Do not use below 5°C.

NOTE: If using electric drill mixer, blend at slow speed (i.e. under 300rpm).

1. Apply adhesive to floor surface, for standard size floor tiles a solid-bed trowel should be used. To ensure solid-bedding of large format tiles use a suitable large format trowel.
2. Press tiles firmly into adhesive leaving no voids beneath. Tiles should be fixed within 20 minutes of adhesive being applied, depending on the porosity of the surface and the atmospheric conditions (check the adhesive ribs periodically and skin has formed, remove the adhesive and apply a new layer). Tiles can be adjusted up to 10 minutes after initial positioning.
3. For stud-backed tiles it may be necessary to butter the backs with adhesive to ensure solid bedding.
4. Leave a minimum of 3mm joint between floor tiles.
5. Remove surplus adhesive with a damp sponge/cloth before it sets.

MUDD THICK FIXER is fully resistant to water, however, being cement-based it is not impervious to passage of water. To improve protection, use MUDD THE STRENGTHENER ADDITIVE (pre-diluted 1:1 by volume with clean cold water). When protecting water-sensitive backgrounds, apply a waterproofing membrane to the background such as MUDD DAM IT, and/or use an impervious grout to fill the joint between the tiles.

Grouting can be carried out after a minimum of 3 hours.

This product must be stored in unopened packaging, clear of the ground in cool dry conditions and protected from excessive draught. Store in dry conditions, between 5°C and 30°C. Ensure pert-used bags are resealed. If stored correctly the shelf life of this product is 12 months.


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