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Everbuild Aquaseal Liquid Roof Bulk Buy and Pallet Deals – Waterproofing Liquid Membrane For Flat and Pitched Roofs


Everbuild Aquaseal Liquid Roof

A fast-curing, polyurethane based waterproofing liquid membrane for flat and pitched roofs

Liquid Roof is an easy to use, all weather roofing system ideal for waterproofing any flat or pitched roofs, creating a solid waterproof membrane covering the entire surface area without any seams.

Everbuild Liquid Roof is a polyurethane based, cold applied, ready to use product ideal for use on roof areas for new projects, extensions or to refurbish an existing, leaky roof with excellent adhesion to both porous and non-porous substrates.

  • Provides cost-effective life-cycle extension of failing roofs
  • Fast-curing – rain resistant in 10 minutes
  • Ready to use
  • Can be reinforced with Sikalastix Fleece 120
  • Easily recoated, no stripping required
  • Retains flexibility even at low temperatures
  • Compatible with most common substrates
  • Water-proofing of flat and pitched roof structures.
  • Treatment of new construction and refurbishment of existing structures.
  • Ideal for use on concrete, mortar, brick, stone, fibre cement, roof tiles, metals, wood and tiles. Can also be used on roofing felt, asphalt and bituminous coat- ings however full reinforcement must be used with these surfaces as they may soften after application. Reinforce using a suitable reinforcing fleece.
  • For waterproofing underneath tiles bonded with ad- hesives on balconies and terraces.
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£199.00 +VAT

£199.00 +VAT

Everbuild Aquaseal Liquid Roof extended information

EVERBUILD Aquaseal Liquid Roof is a fast-curing, polyurethane based waterproofing liquid membrane for flat and pitched roofs. EVERBUILD Aquaseal® Liquid Roof has excellent adhesion to both porous and non-porous substrates and is suitable for use on new projects, extensions or to refurbish an existing, leaky roof. The product has a moisture activated curing system that allows the product to use atmospheric moisture to trigger the curing process, which means that no catalyst is needed and the product is fast curing. With a 2 coat application to a variety of substrates this fast curing membrane cures in a range of weather conditions (see limitations) and is completely rain resistant in just 10 minutes. EVERBUILD Aquaseal Liquid Roof will even cure if a pool of water forms on top of it!


  • Suitable for use with both new and old roofs.
  • Moisture curing technology –no catalyst required.
  • Fast curing – rain resistant after 10 minutes.
  • All weather product.
  • Ready to use – apply with brush or roller.
  • Forms a seamless membrane.
  • Can be reinforced.
  • Easily recoated, no stripping required.
  • Provides cost effective life-cycle extension of failing roofs.
  • Vapour permeable – allows substrate to breathe.
  • Elastic – retains flexibility even at low temperatures.
  • Compatible with common substrates: Cement, concrete, brick, stone, metals, wood, tiles etc.
Tensile Load370 N reinforced
Categorisation by working lifeW2
Categorisation by climatic zonesM and S
Categorisation by imposed loads (hard substrate only)P4
Categorisation by roof slopeS1 - S4
Categorisation by surface temp.Lowest: TL3. Highest: TH3.
Water vapour diffusion (Sd)3.47m
Resistance to wind loads>50 kPa

Everbuild Aquaseal Liquid Roof product information

Packaging7kg and 21kg metal tins
Shelf Life12 months from date of manufacture in unopened containers. Storage temperatures above 25°C may reduce shelf life.
Storage ConditionsStore upright in original packaging. Keep in a dry, well-ventilated area at 0°C to 25°C. Protect from sunlight and frost.
Density~ 1.42 kg / litre
Solid content by weight~ 80%
Tensile Strength~ 4.5 N/mm2 unreinforced
~8 N/mm2 reinforced
(EN ISO 527-3)
Elongation at Break~ 180% unreinforced
~ 150% unreinforced, after heat aging
~ 50% reinforced
(EN ISO 527-3)
External Fire PerformanceBroof (t1)
Reaction to FireEuroclass E

Application Information

Ambient Air Temperature:

Ambient temperature must be between +5°C and +40°C and maximum 85% relative humidity.
Beware of condensation as it may affect adhesion and appearance.

Substrate Temperature:

Substrate temperature must be between +5°C and +60°C. Moisture con- tent of substrate must be ≤4%.



Ensure substrate is in good condition e.g. cracks sealed, sound joints, tiles securely fastened etc. All timbers used in roof constructions must be suitable for exterior use. Adhere to good building practices in the selection of building materials and design of roof constructions.

Make sure any gaps are filled with an appropriate seal- ant before using EVERBUILD Aquaseal Liquid Roof.


EVERBUILD Aquaseal Liquid Roof can be applied us- ing a soft bristle brush or a solvent resistant roller. If product has settled or separated on opening, stir gently in order to achieve a uniform colour. Do not overmix as this will cause air entrainment.

Generally priming is not required (see limitations); for porous or irregular surfaces apply an additional priming coat of 0.25-0.3L/m2.
Ensure all surfaces are sound, clean and free from dust and loose friable material prior to application.

Protect handrails etc. with tape and/or plastic wrapping prior to application.
Roof coatings – At least two coats of 1 mm depth are needed. Allow for the first coat to dry before applying the second coat (6 hours at 20°C).

Everbuild Aquaseal Liquid Roof minimum time between coats

Ambient ConditionsMinimum Time Between Coats*
+5 °C / 50% r.h.Allow overnight curing
+10 °C / 50% r.h.12 hours
+20 °C / 50% r.h.6 hours
+30 °C / 50% r.h.4 hours

*If time between coats is longer than 4 days, clean surface and apply reactivation primer before applying second coat.

N.B. # When using on wood; EVERBUILD Aquaseal Liquid Roof should be applied in conjunction with a suitable fleece, e.g. Sikalastic Fleece 120.


Clean all tools and equipment with xylene immedi- ately after use. Hardened/cured material can only be removed mechanically. Wash hands and skin with soapy water, or use Everbuild Multi Use Wonder Wipes.


  • Do not apply on substrates with rising moisture.
  • Full reinforcement must be used when applying onto asphalt, roofing felt and bituminous coatings as these surfaces may soften after application. Reinforce using a suitable reinforcing material.
  • Not suitable for permanent water immersion or inverted roof structures.
  • Must not be raining during application.
  • Do not apply product at temperatures below 5°C.
  • Test adhesion before full application, as priming may be required to some surfaces (e.g. metals, loose/friable cementitious surfaces).
  • Vertical or steeply pitched surfaces may require an additional application to build adequate thickness.
  • On substrates likely to exhibit outgassing, ensure substrate is thoroughly dry and apply during falling ambient and substrate temperatures. If applied during rising temperatures ‘pin holing’ may occur from rising vapour. In very severe cases, a suitable con- crete primer may assist.
  • Ensure an adequate site risk assessment has been conducted prior to starting work. Refer to safety datasheet for further guidance.
  • May exhibit slight chalking at the surface – do not use run off water in live fish tanks etc.
  • This product begins to react with air once opened.
  • Tight fitting lids may become damaged on opening. It should be planned to use all material in one use as resealing for use at a later date is not recommended. Opened and unused material may thicken and produce gas if used at a later time.
  • Do not use for indoor applications.
  • Do not apply this product close to the air intake of running air conditioning units. Turn off or isolate if necessary.
  • Volatile bituminous materials may stain and/or soften below the coating.
  • Low melting point bituminous materials may need priming.

Everbuild Liquid Roof product video



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