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BAL Green Star Ready Mixed ( Tub ) Wall Tile Adhesive 15Kg D1TE – Pallet Deals and Bulk Buy


BAL Green Star Ready Mixed ( Tub )

Tile adhesive for walls

BAL Green Star is a ready mixed and easy to apply wall tile adhesive. Suitable for fixing ceramics, mosiacs and some natural stone in dry or wet interior environments, it can also be used for domestic areas including showers, kitchens and bathrooms. BAL Green Star offers extended open time of 30 mins and can be grouted after 24 hours.

A simple, but effective ready-mixed tile adhesive, BAL Green Star has become a fixer’s favourite down the years and is perfect for fixing ceramics up to 300mm by 300mm, mosiacs and natural stone. Ready-to-use straight from the tub with no mixing required, BAL Green Star provides the fixer with numerous benefits including excellent non-slip properties and extended open time for larger installations.


  • ceramics/mosaics/some natural stone
  • dry/intermittent wet – interior

GROUT AFTER: 24 hours


BAL Green Star Ready Mixed ( Tub ) Wall Tile Adhesive

Non-slip ready-mixed tile adhesive for internal walls.

Use for

  • Fixing porous-bodied ceramics (up to surface area of 0.09m2 e.g. 300x300mm), mosaics and some natural stone (Not translucent/water sensitive ) in dry or intermittent wet interior environments.
  • For domestic wall areas including kitchens, bathrooms. and certain domestic showers*

Restrictions: NOT suitable for:

  • Exterior use or total immersion areas (e.g. swimming pools).
  • Commercial areas including showers and power showers.
  • Non-porous tiles.
  • Metal
  • Bedding depths exceeding 3mm.
  • Plywood/timber walls
  • Ceramic tiles greater than 0.09m2
  • floors.

*When grouting using BAL ABSOLUTE Grout

Bed ThicknessOpen Time*Setting Time*
3mm max>30 mins24 hours at 20°C

* Open time/setting time will be extended in colder temperatures, when fixing to impervious backgrounds or when fixing tiles of low porosity.


-30oC to 70oC


Composition: Acrylic based organic dispersion Colour: White

Type/Classification: Exceeds BS EN 12004 D1TE – Dispersion (ready-to-use), Normal Characteristics, Reduced Slip, Extended Open-Time

Pack size: 15kg

Key features:

  • Ready-to-use
  • Extended open time (30 mins)
  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent non-slip (no battens required)

Grout after: 24 hours (at 20°C)

BAL Green Star coverage

AreaTrowelCoverage ^
Dry Wall6mm Notched0.4m2/kg
Wet Wall6mm Notched (solid bed)0.33m2/kg



Ensure surfaces to be tiled are flat, clean, dry, sound, free from contamination and all barriers to adhesion.
Surface regularity:
Surface Regularity is defined as the deviation in height of the surface over short distances in a local area. In simpler terms, it is the ‘flatness’ or ‘measure of unevenness’ of the wall surface.

SR13mmRecommended for direct fixing of tiles and
slabs with a tile adhesive

In domestic wet areas: waterproof background

NOTE: Drying times will be extended, i.e. leave adhesive to dry for a minimum of 3 days at 20°C before grouting with BAL ABSOLUTE GROUT.


Plaster (finish coat only)

Must be at least 4 weeks old before tiling. Ensure that the plaster is free from dust, laitance and friable material.
If plaster is shiny or polished, brush thoroughly with a stiff bristled brush before priming with 1 coat of

BAL PRIME APD (diluted 1:1 by volume with clean water)
– BAL BOND SBR (diluted 1:4 by volume with clean water) Allow primer to dry.
Weight restriction for tiling onto plaster is a maximum weight of 20kg/m2.

NOTE: When primed, drying times will be extended, i.e. leave adhesive to dry for a minimum of 3 days at 200C before grouting.


Ensure boards are dry, securely fixed and rigid and suitable thickness used.
NOTE if the plasterboard is dot and dabbed at 300mm centres and around the perimeter, leave to dry before fixing tiles. Weight restriction for tiling onto plasterboard is a maximum weight of 32kg/m2. NOTE: To improve the weight restrictions use BAL BOARD (maximum 100kg/m2).

Clay Brickwork/dense concrete

Allow new block mortar to dry for minimum 6 weeks before rendering e.g. BAL QUICKSET RENDER or plastering

Lightweight blockwork/walling

Allow new block mortar to dry for minimum 6 weeks before rendering e.g. BAL QUICKSET RENDER, plastering or fixing BAL BOARD for internal areas (see BAL TECHNICAL DATA SHEET on BAL BOARD for further information).

NOTE: Direct fixing of tiles to lightweight blockwork is NOT recommended.

Cement:sand renders

Before tiling, ensure that the substrate is flat (SR1), free from efflorescence, laitance, dirt, polished concrete and other loose materials. Remove by using suitable mechanical methods

Allow the following minimum drying times:

BAL Green Star backgrounds

Clay Brick / Medium Density Concrete Render (2) (5)Plaster (2) (3)
Rendering (2)Plasterboard (3) (4)
Tile Backer/Fibre Cement Boards 3)(4)(6)Unglazed Ceramic Tiles / Hard Natural Stone
Glazed Tiles (6)Lightweight
Blockwork with Render (2) (5)
Painted Surface (6)Waterproof Backgrounds (6)

(1) Tiles must be grouted using BAL ABSOLUTE GROUT.

(2) Provided the surface is sufficiently flat.
(3) In wet conditions tank out with BAL TANK IT or BAL WATERPROOF 1C

(4) Check suitability for the intended purpose with the Manufacturer or check BAL TECHNICAL DATA SHEETS on any BAL Products.
(5) Apply a cement: sand render e.g. BAL QUICKSET RENDER or a suitable tile backing board prior to tiling.
(6) Drying times will be extended, i.e. leave adhesive to dry for a minimum of 3 days at 20°C before grouting.


(a) Do not use shower for at least 2 weeks after completion of grouting – BS 5385:Part 4

BAL Green Star tile types

Glazed CeramicMosaic –
Unglazed CeramicMosaic –
PorcelainXMosaic –
Natural Stone – TranslucentXMosaic –
Natural Stone – Non- Translucent/Non- Water sensitiveResin

– Concrete block walls/clay brickwork: 6 weeks
– Cement:sand rendering: 2 weeks
For BAL QUICKSET RENDER and BAL QUICKSET CEMENT: rendering please see the relevant Technical Datasheets

– Rendering (bonded): 4 hours**


**1 part sand to 1 part BAL QUICKSET CEMENT by weight, mixed with appropriate amount of BAL BOND SBR pre- diluted1:1 with clean cold water by volume to achieve desired consistency.

Check BAL QUICKSET CEMENT and BAL QUICKSET RENDER Technical Datasheets for drying and fixing times.

Existing glazed ceramic tiles/glazed bricks

Ensure existing tiles/bricks are soundly bonded to a stable background that is sufficiently strong enough to support the weight of the new tiling.
If areas are loose or hollow-sounding, remove and make good with BAL QUICKSET RENDER or 1:3 cement:sand mortar over a slurry bonding coat (See above)

NOTE: Drying times will be extended, i.e. leave adhesive to dry for a minimum of 3 days at 20°C before grouting.

Fibre reinforced cement boards and lightweight tile backer boards

Install boards to BS 5385 (i.e. moisture-resistant boards such as BAL BOARD), and screwed to seasoned timber or suitable proprietary framework at maximum 300mm centres vertically and horizontally or as per the board manufacturer’s recommendations (see BAL TECHNICAL DATA SHEET on BAL BOARD for further information).
Ensure no fixings protrude.
Do NOT seal or prime surface to be tiled.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Obtain manufacturer’s confirmation that boards are suitable for the tiling application and for relevant fixing instructions.

Painted surfaces

Remove all loose and flaking paint.
Check by applying a suitable self-adhesive tape to clean dry paint surfaces. Tear off tape after 10 mins. If paint is removed with the tape, the paint is unsound.
Remove unsound paint mechanically. Do NOT use paint strippers.
NOTE: Drying times will be extended, i.e. leave adhesive to dry for a minimum of 3 days before grouting. It may be required to overboard the surface with a suitable tile backer board, such as BAL BOARD. Wet area – remove paint and tank


1. Waiting minimum 24 hours (at 20°C) after tile fixing. Select a BAL cementitious or epoxy grout
NOTE: If tiling on an impervious background delay grouting for min. 3 days, to allow for extended setting time.

NOTE: Follow guidelines to BS Standards (minimum 2mm joints for walls, size can change depending on size of tile and environments), Contact BAL TECHNICAL ADVISORY AND SPECIFICATION SERVICE for more information.


Do NOT use in temperatures below 5°C or in damp conditions.
If fixing onto a non- porous background (e.g. tiles), drying times will be extended.
For larger size tiles use a cementitious adhesive from the BAL range. Contact BAL TECHNICAL ADVISORY AND SPECIFICATION SERVICE for more information.

BAL Green Star trowel recommendations

Internal Dry Wall Area (up to 300x300mm tiles)Max 6mm Notched Trowel
Internal Wet Wall Area (up to 300x300mm tiles)Max. 6mm Notched Solid Bed Trowel
Mosaics (up to 100x100mm tiles)Min. 4mm Notched Trowel

NOTE: ensure you achieve the correct amount of adhesive to both the background and tile in line with BS 5385, Parts 1-5.

BAL Green Star Fixing procedure

1. Apply adhesive to wall surface and comb to required bed thickness ensuring the ribs of adhesive all run in one direction.
If fixing large ceramics (300 x 300mm – or equivalent surface area of tile up to 0.09m2 i.e. 450 x 200mm, 600 x 150mm), /heavily-patterned tiles, apply additional adhesive to tile reverse (Apply a maximum of 3 mm thickness).

2. For mosaics: using a rubber tile float, press mosaics into adhesive and beat into required position, ensure joints between sheets match joints between mosaic tesserae (i.e. staggered).

For tiles: press tile firmly into the ribs of adhesive and into position, with slight twisting/sliding action to ensure optimum adhesive contact.
3. Fix mosaics/tiles before adhesive forms skin If skin has formed, remove adhesive and apply fresh layer).

4. Occasionally lift a mosaic/tile to check adhesive contact is min. 75% coverage for dry areas; min. 100% coverage for wet areas (i.e. leave no voids behind tiles).
5. Leave adequate joints between individual tiles unless self- spacing tiles used.

6. Install movement joints in accordance with BS 5385, Parts 1-5.
7. Clean off surplus adhesive from tile face and between tile joints before the adhesive has dried.

2. Fill movement joints and seal around bath/shower trays with suitable sealant i.e. BAL MICROMAX SILICONE SEALANT. Do NOT use on sensitive surface that could react to acetic acids released during cure.

If completing a shower, do NOT use shower for at least 2 weeks (as required by BS 5385: Part 4


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