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BritFlex S1 Slowset C2TE Tile Adhesive – Pallet Deals and Bulk Buy

Brit Adhesives

BritFlex S1 Slowset

BRITFLEX S1 SLOWSET is suitable for fixing different tiles including ceramics, slate, limestone, marble, porcelain, terrazzo and mosaics to a variety of surfaces. If used externally then a solid bed method of fixing is recommended. It is suitable for both matted and piped underfloor heating. Ideal for use when a slower setting adhesive is required especially in summer conditions.


    GROUT AFTER = 24 hours


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BritFlex S1 Slowset Tile Adhesive extended information

Coverage: 3.5kg/m2 at approximately 3mm bed depth.

BRITFLEX S1 SLOWSET is suitable for fixing different tiles including ceramics, slate, limestone, marble, porcelain, terrazzo and mosaics to a variety of surfaces. Moisture sensitive backgrounds must be sealed correctly before tiling and it is recommended that a suitable wet room system is used. If used externally then a solid bed method of fixing is recommended. BRITFLEX S1 SLOWSET is suitable for both matted and piped underfloor heating. If the matted type is to be used then the heating element should be embedded in a layer of adhesive and allowed to set prior to fixing tiles.


All surfaces must be free from loose matter, dry, clean from any dust or grease, fixed securely with screws to the supports and be dimensionally stable with no excessive movement. Wooden floors should be pre-strengthened with at least 15mm marine plywood mechanically fixed at 300mm centres.


Add 20kg of BRITFLEX S1 SLOWSET into a mixing vessel containing 5ltr of clean cold water. BRITFLEX S1 SLOWSET should be mixed either by hand or with a mechanical mixer with water to form a smooth, lump free thixotropic paste. Mix as desired and allow to stand for 2 minutes before using. Apply adhesive to the surface so that a continuous bed of adhesive between 3mm and 6mm is achieved. BRITFLEX S1 SLOWSET can be used up to 12mm in uneven areas.

All work should be carried out in accordance to the following Codes of Practice:

  • BS 8000: Workmanship on Construction Sites
  • BS 5385: Wall and Floor Tiling
  • POT LIFE: 3 hours
  • BEFORE GROUTING: 24 hours*
  • FULL USE: 24 hours*

*NOTE – The above times refer to site conditions of 20 °C. These times will be increased at lower temperatures and reduced at elevated temperatures.


Ensure boards are securely fixed to the framework ideally screwed at 300mm centres and are rigid. The weight limit of plasterboard should be adhered to (32kg/m2 maximum load). Prime with a 2:1 dilution of BRITPRIMER before tiling.

Gypsum Plaster:
Ensure surface is dry and dust free with less than 0.5% moisture. Allow new plaster to dry for a minimum of 4 weeks. Prime with 2 neat coats of BRITPRIMER (20kg/m2 maximum load).

Brickwork, Blockwork and Render:
Ensure surface is fully cured and dry prior to tiling. Ensure the surface is free of contaminates. Prime the surface with a 1:1 dilution of BRITPRIMER and clean cold water before tiling.

Concrete Screeds:
Ensure surface is dry with less than 5% moisture. New concrete screeds must be allowed a minimum of 6 weeks drying time. Mechanically remove laitance from the surface of the concrete. Prime with a 2:1 dilution of BRITPRIMER before tiling.

Asphalt, Vinyl and Glazed Tiles:
Ensure surface is stable and suitable to receive a further surface coating. Remove all contaminates. Abrade the surface to provide a key. Prime the surface with BRITPRIMER diluted 1:1 with clean cold water mixed with approx 30% by weight of BRITFLEX S1 RAPIDSET to form a slurry bond coat. Apply to floor and allow to dry before tiling commences.

Timber – Tongue & Groove Floorboards:
Ensure timber is structurally sound and capable of supporting the weight of the tiles/adhesive. Surface must be free of any contaminates. Boards must be securely fixed to supporting joists prior to overboarding with at least 15mm marine plywood screw fixed at 300mm centres. Apply one coat of BRITPRIMER diluted 1:1 with clean cold water and allow to dry prior to tiling.

Ensure surface is dry with less than 0.5% moisture. Surface laitance should be removed by scarification with a carbide disc. The surface should then be vacuumed to ensure no debris is left on the floor. Prime the Anhydrite screed with 2 neat coats of BRITPRIMER and allow to dry before tiling commences. However, if the Anhydrite floor contains piped underfloor heating then the use of BRITFLEX S2 RAPIDSET is recommended.


Remove surplus adhesive with a damp cloth. Clean tools with water.


Grouting should be carried out using BRITFLEXI GROUT only after 24 hours and depending on site conditions.


Store unopened in original packaging in cool, dry conditions. BRITFLEX S1 SLOWSET has a shelf life of 12 months from the date shown on the packaging.

BRITFLEX S1 SLOWSET technical summary

Reaction to Fire:
Bond Strength as:
- early tensile adhesion strength
- initial tensile adhesion strength

>= 0.5N/mm2

>= 1.0N/mm2
Durability for:
a) -tensile adhesion strength after heat ageing
b) - tensile adhesion strength after
water immersion
c) - tensile adhesion strength after freeze/thaw cycle

a) >= 1.0N/mm2

b) >= 1.0N/mm2

c) >= 1.0N/mm2




White, Grey


20Kg bags

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