About Us

Bulk Buying Great Service Lowest Prices!

We specialise in supplying large quantity orders at a significant discount, good for your project and good for you budget!

Buy The Pallet was created and setup by Keifer and Pete in 2018, two highly trained people in the tiling and internet world. Keifer is a time-served tiler with over 15 years experience, and he still loves it! Pete has run an online agency for over 10 years, and he still loves it!

Keifer’s tiling expertise covers the full spectrum of tiling from laying a few metres of floor tiles right through to tiling a whole house and gym facilities. He’s trained tilers so he knows the trade inside out. Keifer is a friendly guy (except when he’s got no chance of doner meat &. chips that week – ed)

Pete’s career runs through research science and into web developing & marketing where his talents came into the real world (the virtual world! – ed). The science background means an eye for detail and completion, not half-hearted words, in the world of science you need to be taken seriously to get anywhere.

We created Buy The Pallet to offer discounted products when buying in volume and to harness the power of bulk buying and bring it out to tradesmen and home owners.

Most of our customers are tradesmen, site managers, and people doing up a property or their home.

We are a professional company excited at bringing out great deals.

Peruse our website and if there’s something you’re looking for that’s not on contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

Keifer Owner. Along with his tiling experience Keifer has a number of years within the screeding and LVT industry, this includes great knowledge of levelling compounds, adhesives to fix LVT and DPM’s if required when fitting LVT.

Arthur, Security Manager doggo, at Buy The Pallet

Arthur Security Manager doggo. Expert in sniffing out snacks and hunting the best snoozing spots.

What we really do?

Our day is spent chatting on the phone to you guys, more talking on the phone to suppliers to get more great deals, having coffee, more coffee, making sure our deals are shipped on-time, and checking we have the best prices around!  Inbetween that we are updating websites, scoping up and coming deals of new products, and finding the time to have a doner meat and chips (mixed meat! – Keifer).

Our Vision

We always said that we’d love to help tradesmen, site owners, and home owners to get very decent supplies at low prices. We’ll keep prices low by keeping our overheads low, not on the high-street or even in the back streets!

History of the Company

Starting at the tail end of 2018 after 12 months of researching the market and developing the necessary contacts to fulfil our vision we launched buy the pallet in mid 2019 and it’s been building ever since, thriving on a culture of great deals at mind-bending low prices because we buy and ship in bulk.

About Buy The Pallet company

Buy The Pallet Ltd, registered in England & Wales 12749753, VAT No 362116328 with a registered office at 2 Moreton Drive, Alsager, Chesire ST7 2UZ

What can we do for you ?

We’re always on-hand 8.30 – 5.30pm to help you choose the right product for your next job.

We believe in our products 110% so if you’ve got any queries call us pronto.

Always delighted to chat things through making sure you get the right product at the right price and to the right location!

Keifer and I support our own charities that we like in our local area. Buy The Pallet aims to be the best price and customer support on the net, we do this by offering the best price to you possible. It is up to you what you do with the money you save.