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MUDD Ready For More – Waterproof Ceramic Tile Adhesive D2TE – Pallet Deals & Bulk Buy

MUDD Tile Adhesive and Floor Levellers

MUDD Ready For More is:

A Waterproof Ceramic Tile Adhesive. Ideal for wall tiling in intermittent-wet areas.

MUDD READY FOR MORE is a ready-mixed adhesive specially formulated for fixing ceramic or mosaic wall tiles in wet areas such as showers, including power showers, bathrooms and wet rooms, as well as kitchens and other areas. The excellent non-slip characteristics reduce the need for battens. Ideal for fixing to flat internal wall surfaces such as plaster, plasterboard, cement: sand rendering and existing tiles. Exceeds performance requirements BS EN 12004 for a D2TE adhesive.

  • Ready Mixed
  • Instant Grab
  • Internal
  • Waterproof


  • Flexible
  • Kitchens & Bathrooms
  • D2TE
  • Domestic Showers
  • Sets in 24 Hours
  • Power Showers
  • 10 Year Guarantee by MUDD

£402.80£665.60 +VAT

£402.80 £470.20 +VAT
£665.60 £784.50 +VAT

MUDD Ready For More tile adhesive further information:

Coverage: Approximately 2kg/m² in dry areas, depending on flatness of surface (or 3kg/m² in wet areas)

Cement:sand rendering should be left to dry for a minimum of 14 days. New plaster with finish coat should be left to dry for at least 28 days to develop sufficient strength to take the weight of tiles (within the recommended weight limits). If the plaster surface has polished shiny appearance it should be brushed thoroughly using a stiff bristled brush and primed with a suitable primer such as MUDD PRIME TIME (diluted 1:1 by volume with water). Ensure all surfaces to be tiled are dry in a firm, sound condition and capable of withstanding the additional weight placed upon it. Surfaces must also be clean and free from all barriers to adhesion prior to tiling. Ensure any excess dust is removed before work commences, if required prime with MUDD PRIME TIME. Remove all loose or flaking paint. Hard gloss paint may be satisfactory, but first check the paint is well bonded to the wall and is compatible with the adhesive. Thoroughly de-grease and remove all dirt and any other barriers to adhesion from the surface of the paint.

1. Spread the adhesive over about 1m2, or an area that can be tiled within approximately 30 minutes at 20°C.
2. Apply adhesive to a depth of 3mm, forming horizontal ribs. Use a special solid-bed notched trowel for wet areas or a round notched trowel for dry internal walls.
3. Press the tiles into the adhesive with a twisting action to ensure 100% contact between tiles and adhesive in wet areas. Fix tiles within 20 minutes of spreading adhesive. If in doubt, check exposed adhesive ribs, if the adhesive is not sticky or a skin has formed on the surface it must be removed and fresh adhesive applied.
4. Lift tiles occasionally to ensure adequate contact is made.
5. Immediately clean off surplus adhesive from the tile face with a damp cloth and remove excess adhesive from the grout lines.

Under normal drying conditions, grouting can be started after a minimum of 24 hours. A Suitable wall grout such as MUDD GROUT WITH CLOUT can be used. If tiling onto surfaces that do not absorb water or in poorer drying conditions, grouting should be delayed for a minimum of 3 days.

Dot and dabbing the adhesive to the back of the tile is not a recommended method of tile fixing. In poor drying conditions and on impervious backgrounds, the drying time will be extended. Therefore, ensure the adhesive is thoroughly dry before grouting. To improve protection on water-sensitive backgrounds, apply a waterproofing membrane such as MUDD DAM IT. In areas subject to wetting a waterproof grout is recommended. This adhesive is not recommended for swimming pools, areas subject to standing water, exterior application or floors. A cement based tile adhesive such as MUDD FAST FIXER should be selected when tiling with porcelain tiles or ceramic tiles larger than 300mm x 300mm. A primer such as MUDD PRIME TIME (2 coats undiluted) should be applied to plaster prior to fixing tiles using a cement based adhesive.

Store between 5oC and 32oC. Protect from frost. If stored correctly the shelf life of this product is 12 months.


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