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Mapei Ultraplan Eco 3210 20Kg – Ultra-Fast Self Levelling Floor Compound & Smoothing – Pallet Deals & Bulk Buy


Mapei Ultraplan Eco 3210 is

Ultra-fast hardening self-levelling compound with very low VOC (volatile organic compound)

Mapei Ultraplan Eco 3210 is an Ultra-fast hardening, environmentally friendly, watermixed, truly self-levelling and smoothing compound. For 3-10 mm. Very low emissions of TVOC (total volatile organic compounds), therefore safer for the installer and surrounding environment. For use internally on new or existing solid substrates. High resistance to loads and traffic. Mix with water. 20Kg bag size.

Suitable for:

  • Interior levelling and removing differences in thickness from 3 to 10 mm of new or existing substrates, preparing them to receive any kind of flooring where excellent resistance to loads and traffic is needed
  • Areas subject to wheeled traffic
  • Interior use only
  • Screeds incorporating under floor heating systems and can be used as a self-leveller over electrical under floor heating systems

Some Application examples:

  • Levelling concrete slabs, sand cement screed, Mapecem and Mapecem Pronto, Topcem or Topcem Pronto, and anhydrite screeds containing underfloor heating
  • Levelling existing cement, terrazzo, ceramic and natural stone floors

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£820.50 +VAT

£820.50 +VAT

Mapei Ultraplan Eco 3210 further information

Coverage: 1.6 Kg/m2 per mm of thickness.

Mapei Ecoplan 3210 Eco badges

Mapei Ultraplan Eco 3210 is a grey powder consisting of special cements with rapid setting and hydration together with graded silica sand, resins and special additives, according to a formula developed in the MAPEI Research and Development Laboratories.

Mixed with water Ultraplan Eco 3210 becomes a highly fluid and easily workable mortar, which is self-levelling, with high adhesion to the substrate and dries ultra-quickly.

It can be applied with an automatic pressure pump for distances over 100m.

It can be spread in thicknesses up to 10 mm per coat without shrinkage, cracking or crazing, and develops very high compressive and flexural strength, as well as resistance to indentation and abrasion.

It is ready to receive flooring after approximately 12 hours, regardless of the thickness.

It is recommended to wait 24 hours before installing wooden flooring.


  • Do not add water to a mix which has already started to set
  • Do not add lime, cement or gypsum to the mix
  • Do not use Ultraplan Eco 3210 for exterior levelling work
  • Do not use Ultraplan Eco 3210 on substrates subject to continuous rising damp
  • If a further coat of Ultraplan Eco 3210 needs to be applied once the preceding one is completely dry, first apply Eco Prim T
  • Do not apply Ultraplan Eco 3210 at temperatures below +5°C

Mapei Ultraplan Eco 3210 Technical Data

Consistency:Fine powder
Specific gravity (kg/m3):1300
Dry solid content (%):100

Application Data

Mixing ratio:4.8 to 5 litres of water per 20 kg bag
Thickness per coat:3 to 10mm
Specific gravity of mix (Kg/m3)2000
pH of the mix:approx. 12
Application temperature range:from +5oC to +30oC
Open time:20-30 minutes
Setting time:45-60 minutes
Set to light foot traffic:3 hours
Time before laying flooring:12 hours (24 hours for wood flooring)

Final Performance Data

Compressive strength (N/mm2):
1) – after 1 day
2) – after 3 days
3) – after 7 days
4) – after 28 days:

1) 12.0
2) 17.0
3) 20.0
4) 26.0
Flexural strength (N/mm2):
a) – after 1 day:
b) – after 3 days:
c) – after 7 days:
d) – after 28 days:
a) 3.0
b) 4.0
c) 5.0
d) 7.0
Resistance to abrasion Taber Abrasimer (Abrading wheel H22 - 500 g - 200 revolutions) expressed as weight loss (g):
i) - after 7 days
ii) - after 28 days

i) 2.8
ii) 2.3
Brinell hardness:

1) – after 1 day:
2) – after 3 days:
3) – after 7 days:
4) – after 28 days:



Preparing the substrate
Substrates must be completely dry, solid, free from dust, loose areas, paint, wax, oil, rust and traces of gypsum.

Cement based surfaces not sufficiently solid must be removed or, where possible, reinforced with Prosfas or Mapeproof ESM.

Fissures in concrete substrates must be repaired with Eporip.

Cementitious subfloors must be treated with a coat of Eco Prim T diluted with water 1:2.

Anhydrite screeds can be levelled with Ultraplan Eco 3210, but must first be abraded to remove any surface laitance
and then primed with a coat of Eco Prim T (diluted with water 1:2), before the application of Ultraplan Eco 3210.

Ceramic and natural stone substrates must be cleaned with detergents and abraded and then primed with Eco Prim Grip.

Preparing the mix
Pour a 20 kg bag of Ultraplan Eco 3210 into a bucket containing 4.8 to 5 litres of clean water and mix with a low speed electric mixer to obtain an homogeneous lump free mix.

Larger quantities can be prepared in on-site mixers.

After 2-3 minutes of slackening, restir the mix. The mix is then ready for use.

The quantity of Ultraplan Eco 3210 mixed at any time must be used within 20-30 minutes (at +23°C).

Spreading the mix
Apply Ultraplan Eco 3210 in a single coat from 3 to 10 mm with a large metal trowel or rake keeping the trowel slightly inclined to obtain the desired thickness.

Ultraplan Eco 3210 can also be applied with an automatic pressure pump.

Due to its exceptional self levelling properties Ultraplan Eco 3210 immediately loses small imperfections (trowel marks, etc.).

When a second coat of Ultraplan Eco 3210 is required, it is recommended to apply it as soon as the first one is set to light foot traffic (approximately 3 hours at +23°C).

Ultraplan Eco 3210 is suitable to receive resilient, carpet, and ceramic floor coverings fixed after 12 hours at +23°C (the time can vary, depending on the room temperature and humidity). When installing wood flooring or natural stone, wait 24 hours.

Check the humidity content with a carbide hygrometer or an electric moisture meter, keeping in mind that the latter only gives indicative values.


While still wet, Ultraplan Eco 3210 can be removed from tools with water.


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