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Brit-Mat Decoupling Membrane 30m (uncoupling) Bulk Buy Deals

Brit Adhesives

Brit-Mat Decoupling Membrane (sometimes called Uncoupling Membrane)

An alkali-resistant decoupling membrane for under ceramic and natural stone tiles.

Brit-Mat is an uncoupling matting to accomodate lateral movement for tiling installations on floors with limited movement when used as a system with recommended BritFlex cementitious tile adhesives.

Brit-Mat is suitable for internal and external flooring applications for ceramic, porcelain, slabs, natural stone and concrete pavers. Suitable for both domestic / commercial use
in areas including bathrooms, kitchens, wet-rooms, showrooms, shopping and lesiure centres etc. Brit-Mat is also recommended for heated and timber floors.


  • Allows for immediate tiling
  • Reduces adhesive consumption
  • Lightweight (only 6kg per roll)
  • Easy installation (cut & place)
  • Interior and exterior use
  • Minimises height building
  • Minimal mat compression
  • Install using a 4mm square notched trowel

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Brit-Mat Decoupling Membrane extended information

Brit-Mat is a bonded decoupling membrane based on a system composed by a polyethylene layer coated by a non-woven polypropylene fleece laminated on both sides which accommodates lateral movement for tile installations on floors with limited movement. It has good adhesion to thin-bed mortars and liquid composite seals, such as polymer dispersions, flexible sealing slurry and reaction resins. Brit-Mat can be cut easily and particularly suitable for quick installation. At only 0.7mm thick it is ideal due to low construction height for renovation projects, new construction, both domestic and commercial areas. It is particularly recommended for heated floors and timber floors.

Brit-Mat is lightweight, quick and easy to install and provides a decoupling barrier in problematic areas, where ceramic, porcelain or natural stone tiled finishes are required. The areas are ready for use in a short time, and the easily installed system minimizes potential errors caused by lateral movement. It delivers major cost benefits over cavity-based uncoupling mats through needing less adhesive and being much faster to install.

Where to use

Brit-Mat is a decoupling membrane which can be used as follows:

Internal and external flooring applications (for external applications Brit-Mat should be protected with a flexible sealing slurry);

Height sensitive areas (only 0.7mm thick)

Installation of ceramics tiles and natural stone flooring;

Suitable for bathroom and kitchen areas

Recommended for heated floors and timber floors.

On old hard ceramic coatings, flush-jointed masonry, brickwork, gypsum plaster, and gypsum fibreboards, calcium sulphate screeds and mineral surfaces such as cement plaster, porous concrete, concrete, cement screed, cement-based panels, heated and unheated screeds

Brit-Mat Decoupling Membrane Technical Information

Brit-Mat is a decoupling membrane composed by a polyethylene layer coated by a non-woven polypropylene fleece laminated to both sides. The polypropylene fleece ensures a relevant bond strength of the adhesive between the membrane and the tiles.

Brit-Mat is characterized by:

  • decoupling;
  • high tensile strength;
  • crack bridging ability;
  • alkali-resistance;

high adhesion when used together with Brit Adhesives cementitious tile adhesives.


  • Easy application.
  • Fast setting.
  • Hygienic.
  • Light weight
  • Minimal height build up at 0.7mm


  • – Do not use Brit-Mat if the environmental temperature is lower than +5°C.
  • – In large areas the use of Brit-Mat as a decoupling membrane does not avoid the need of movement joints.
  • – Brit-Mat cannot be used as a top layer, and must always be covered with a protective layer such as a ceramic coating (after hardening of the mortar).
  • – Do not apply any smoothing layer on top of the decoupling membrane.


The substrate must be dry, stable, sound, flat and free from loose particles and other materials, which may inhibit adhesion. Remove all cement laitance, flaking areas and traces of powder, grease, wax, paint etc. All cracks wider than 0.2 mm must be repaired beforehand. Uneven cementitious substrates or ceramic surfaces with wide joints need to be smoothed off and repaired before laying Brit-Mat. Existing floors and those tiled with ceramic, porcelain, clinker or terracotta tiles, etc., must be well bonded to the substrate and be free from substances which could affect the adhesion of the membrane, such as grease, oil, wax, paint, etc. To remove material that could affect the adhesion of the cementitious adhesive, clean the floor with suitable cleaning agents.

Gypsum based substrates such as calcium sulphate screeds, plasterboard or gypsum plaster as well as absorbent surfaces made of concrete, aerated concrete, cement mortar and cement render must be primed, before laying Brit-Mat, with BritPrimer or BritPrimer HD at the appropriate dilution (refer to the relevant technical data sheet for information). Non-absorbent substrates such as ceramic tiles or natural stone surfaces must be primed with Brit-Prim Grip.

Laying Brit-Mat Decoupling Membrane:

The required length of Brit-Mat must be cut to size using a utility blade or scissors before being bonded. Use a Brit Adhesive tile adhesive conforming to a minimum of class C2 according to EN 12004 such as Britflex S1 Rapidset or similar, apply using a 4mm notched trowel. For application details please refer to the pertinent technical data sheet. Brit-Mat must be laid over the fresh adhesive and pressed down uniformly using a trowel or similar, from the centre to the edges, in order to avoid trapping air bubbles under the
waterproofing membrane. The overlap between Brit-Mat sheets must be minimum 5cm wide.

Brit-Mat Product Identity

Colour: Red
Approx layer thickness: 0.7mm
Width: 1m
Roll length: 30m
Weight: 200mg/m?
Working temperature: from +5°C
Barrier sheet: Polyethylene (PE)
Carrier material: Polypropylene and Polyester fleece
Temperature resistance: -20 ° C to +70°C
Tensile strength, lateral direction DIN 53504: > 407 N/5cm
Lengthwise direction DIN 53504: > 503 N/5cm
Rupture strain, lateral direction DIN 53504: > 33 %
Lengthwise direction DIN 53504: > 40 %
(Tensile strength and elongation determined in compliance with DIN EN 12311-2A.)


Brit-Mat can be stored up to 24 months in a cool, dry place. Protect from frost and damp.

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