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ATLAS CERAMIC GROUT (1-20mm) 5kg FUGA – Bulk Buy – Fine-aggregate cement grouting mortar



Fine-aggregate cement grouting mortar

It is perfectly suited to the needs of contractors who require work convenience as well as for demanding investors who value aesthetics, functionality, safety and long-lasting effect.

  • stain-resistant – facilitates keeping cleanliness
  • resistant to scrubbing and repeated washing
  • durable, unchanged colour – no discolouration
  • elastic – contains fibres
  • perfect for kitchen, bathroom, balcony and terrace

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£11.90 +VAT

£11.90 +VAT
£11.90 +VAT
£11.90 +VAT
£11.90 +VAT

ATLAS CERAMIC GROUT extended information

Contractor friendly – unprecedently easy cleaning and profiling.


The consumption of grout depends on the width and depth of the joints and the dimensions of the tiles. For a given surface, it can be calculated from the formula:
z = [(a1 + a2)/a1-a2] x S x b x c x g
z – quantity of joint required [kg].
a1 and a2 – width and length of the plate [m].
S – jointed area [m2]
b – joint depth [m]
c – joint width [m]
g – density of finished joint [kg/m3] = 1650

Tile dimensionWeld widthJoint depthConsumption
0.02m x 0.02m0,002 m (2.0 mm)0,002 m (2.0 mm)approx. 0.65 kg/m2
0.10m x 0.10m0,003 m (3.0 mm)0,0075 m (7.5 mm)approx. 0.75 kg/m2
0.30m x 0.30m0,004 m (4.0 mm)0,0075 m (7.5mm)approx. 0.35 kg/m2
0.30m x 0.60m0,005 m (5.0 mm)0,0075 m (7.5mm)approx. 0.30 kg/m2
0.50m x 0.50m0,005 m (5.0 mm)0,0075 m (7.5mm)approx. 0.25 kg/m2
0.60m x 0.60m0,005 m (5.0 mm)0,0075 m (7.5mm)approx. 0.20 kg/m2

Innovative technologies

The innovative formulation has made it possible to obtain a ceramic surface and structure, with high durability during many years of use, in particular:

  • elimination of microcracks and cracks – a spatial reinforcing structure is produced during mortar mixing thanks to fibres of the right diameter and length,
  • elimination of discolouration and efflorescence – thanks to the use of high-quality minerals,
  • high UV-resistance, which preserves durable and intense colours for years – thanks to the use of special, strictly selected inorganic pigments, additionally protected from degradation by a hydrophobic polymer,
  • high resistance to washing, scrubbing and abrasion, as well as to cleaning agents – keeping the grout clean is easy throughout its lifetime thanks to a specially selected composition of hydrophobic agents that act across the entire joint.


ATLAS CERAMIC GROUT is manufactured as a dry mixture of the highest quality cementitious binders, specially selected fine aggregates, fillers, pigments and modifying additives.

Very low water absorption – grout shows early resistance to washing already during the setting process (no rinsing of the grout during the application and first washing stage).

Stain-resistant – it is very easy to keep clean; the use of structural hydrophobic and oleophobic agents protects the surface and structure from dirt penetration and discolouration during the use stage (the grout reaches full stain resistance after 21 days).

Resistant to scrubbing and repeated washing – cleaning does not deprive the grout of its hydrophobic and oleophobic properties (full resistance to scrubbing is achieved after 21 days).

Durable, consistent colour – no discolouration or marbling effect thanks to a specially selected range of pigments.

Very high mechanical resistance – the grout is resistant to high wear and tear, including intensive use of the cladding. Thanks to the use of fibres, the grout retains its high elasticity and resistance to cracking.

Increased adhesion to tile edges – even in the presence of high operating loads or thermal deformation of the cladding.

Temperature resistant from -30 °C to +80 °C.


It is produced in 40 colours – in line with the colours of ATLAS grouts and silicones.


Range of applications – for any cladding on any substrate, indoors and outdoors. Recommended for both dry, damp and wet areas, underfloor heating, deformable substrates, building facades, etc.

Types of jointed cladding

porcelain stoneware (porcelain, laminate)+
natural stone cladding (granite, marble,
travertine, syenite, slate, etc.).
clinker and cotto+
vitrified clay tiles+
ceramic mosaic+
glass mosaic+
glass plates (scratch-resistant)+
decorated tiles with fine patterns+
mirrors, mirror tiles and other non- scratchable surfaces+
metal tiles and aluminium sheets+
clinker brick+

Formats of the elements to be welded

small and medium format tiles (≤ 0.1 m2 )+
large tile format (≤ 0.25 m2 )+
large format tiles (> 0.25 m2 )+
slim discs+

Place of installation

low-traffic areas+
medium traffic areas+
high traffic areas+
rooms with low operational loads in all types of facilities+
surfaces periodically washed with water+
surfaces frequently washed with water+
surfaces washed with water and detergent
(household use)
surfaces washed with water and aggressive chemicals**+
surfaces exposed to chemical loads**Use ATLAS FUGA EPOXIC

** necessary to define the magnitude of the chemical loads and confirm resistance.

Type of flooring – standard

cement floors and underlays+
anhydrite primers+
cement and cement-lime plasters+
gypsum plasters+
cellular concrete masonry+
brick or silicate block masonry+
brick or hollow brick masonry+
gypsum block masonry+

Type of substrate – difficult

mineral, dispersion and reactive sealing coatings+
dry gypsum board underlays+
subfloors (cement or anhydrite) with embedded heating, either water-based or electric+
underlays with embedded heating mats+
plaster with concealed heating+
gypsum plasterboards (walls and built- ins, including fireplace surrounds)+
gypsum fibre boards+
cement fibre boards+
existing ceramic or stone cladding (tile on tile)+
resin varnishes for concrete bound to the substrate+
dispersion oil-bound coatings+
plank floors (thickness >25mm)+
OSB/3, OSB/4 and particle board on the floor (thickness > 25 mm)+
OSB/3, OSB/4 and particle board on the wall (thickness > 18 mm)+
metal and steel surfaces+
plastic surfaces+

Types of buildings – individual and collective housing

living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, lobbies and hallways+
garage in private housing+
garage in collective housing+
balconies, loggias+
external panel staircase+
external beam stairs, e.g. cantilever stairs+
traffic routes+
facades (including on thermal insulation systems)+
cladding of building plinths+

Types of objects – office

kitchens and kitchenettes+
bathrooms and showers+
corridors and staircases+
large garages+
landscaping elements+
ceramic cladding on building facades+
terraces and balconies+
external staircase+

Types of objects – public utilities, health services, education, retail, services, religious services

halls, corridors and staircases+
bathrooms and showers+
industrial laundries **+
industrial kitchens with adjacent areas **+
rooms in day nurseries, kindergartens, schools and other educational and cultural facilities+
lecture theatres, seminar theatres, etc.+
storage areas+
reception rooms, patient rooms, doctors' surgeries and other health care facilities+
healthcare premises (UV lamp sterilisation required)+
sterile rooms in healthcare facilities, operating theatres, etc**.use ATLAS EPOXIDA FUGA
pharmacy sales rooms including ancillary areas+
surfaces in religious buildings
retail and ancillary areas in large shopping centres+
areas in service facilities of various types+
garages and large car parks+
diagnostic stations+
auxiliary areas in sports stadiums+
swimming pool basins
swimming pools: adjacent areas (changing rooms, showers, etc.).+
poolside beaches, balneotechnical facilities**use ATLAS EPOXIDA FUGA
areas in spa facilities, saunas and hot tubs+
car showrooms+
single and multi-station car washes+
fire reservoirs+
ceramic cladding on building facades+
terraces and balconies+
external staircase+
ceramic cladding of plinths+

** necessary to define the magnitude of chemical loads and confirm resistance

Types of objects – communications

railway and bus stations: platforms, walkways+
railway and bus stations: sales halls, waiting rooms+
railway and bus stations: ancillary and adjacent premises+
Airports: halls, communications, airport lounges,+
airfields: auxiliary and adjacent areas+

Types of objects – manufacturing and industrial

railway and bus stations: platforms, walkways+
railway and bus stations: sales halls, waiting rooms+
railway and bus stations: ancillary and adjacent premises+
Airports: halls, communications, airport lounges,+
airfields: auxiliary and adjacent areas+

ATLAS CERAMIC GROUT – technical data

Bulk density (dry mix)approx. 1.2 kg/dm3
Mixing ratio water / dry mix0.24-0.27 l / 1 kg
0.48-0.54 l / 2 kg
1.20-1.35 l / 5 kg
Min/max joint width1 mm - 20 mm
Temperature of mortar preparation and substrate and ambient temperature during the workfrom +5 °C to +35 °C
Maturation timeapprox. 5 minutes
Standby timeapprox. 60 minutes
Pre-washingafter 10-30 minutes
Final cleaningafter 4-8 hours
Light pedestrian trafficafter 6-8 hours
Full mechanical loadafter approx. 24 hours
Fully scrub-resistantafter approx. 21 days setting
Fully stain-resistantafter approx. 21 days setting

ATLAS CERAMIC GROUT – Grouting of tiles

Substrate preparation

The gaps between the tiles should be carefully cleaned. They should be of uniform depth – excess adhesive should be removed from them on an ongoing basis while the tiles are being laid. Grouting may be commenced only after the adhesive has hardened (for details, see Technical Data Sheets of ATLAS adhesives for tiles). When using ATLAS GEOFLEX EXPRESS adhesive, grouting may be commenced after 2 hours. Immediately before grouting, the surface of the tiles should be cleaned with a damp sponge and the joints themselves should be slightly moistened to reduce and equalise the absorbency of the substrate.

Joint preparation

Shake the container several times before opening to homogenise the mixture. Pour the contents of the container into a vessel with a measured quantity of clean water (the mixing ratio specified in the Technical Data Sheet must be strictly adhered to) and mix until homogeneous. This operation can be carried out manually, mechanically or by shaking. The mass is suitable for use after approx. 5 minutes and after repeated mixing. It should be used within approx. 60 minutes. Once the mortar has been prepared, do not add any more water or dry powder.


The compound should be inserted deeply and tightly into the joints, using a rubber trowel. Guide the trowel diagonally to the edge of the tiles, keeping it at an angle of approx. 45° to the surface of the cladding.


Cleaning consists of three stages: pre-cleaning, profiling and final cleaning.

Pre-washing. Once the grout in the gaps between the tiles has been matted, the entire surface of the cladding should be washed with a damp glazing sponge (generally after 10 – 30 minutes) to remove dirt and tarnish from the tiles. The sponge should be rinsed frequently in clean water. The time after which you should wash depends on the prevailing heat and humidity conditions and the type of tiles. Pre-washing too late (after the grout has started to set) may result in a different shade of grout than the one shown in the sample.

Profiling. This is usually carried out at the pre-wash stage, before the grout has hardened. Use glazing sponges slightly moistened with water for profiling.

Final washing. Performed after the grout has hardened, after 4-8 hours. The time depends on the temperature, air humidity and absorbency of the tiles. It consists of washing the surface of the entire cladding again with a damp sponge.

Care. Protect the grout from drying too much for the first 24 hours after application.

Use of the cladding

Light foot traffic is possible as early as 6-8 hours after grouting. Full loading of the grouted surface can take place after approximately 24 hours.

Stain resistance – surface cleaning

The grout surface becomes fully stain resistant after 28 days after the tiling work is completed. By stain resistance, we mean the grout’s resistance to the following substances that cause permanent soiling:

– ketchup,
– fat, e.g. from sunflower oil,
– coffee,
– red wine,
– redcurrant juice.
The prerequisite for removing these soils is:
– cleaning as indicated below,
– Carry out cleaning within 15 minutes of soiling.
Cleaning should proceed as follows. Apply a detergent such as washing-up liquid or other skin-safe product to a wet sponge. Make a foam. Scrub the stain vigorously from the surface of the joint until the stain is completely removed.

In the case of intensely coloured detergents, wash the substrate thoroughly with water to remove the discolouration. Then rinse with clean water. Dry the cleaned area with a paper towel and allow to dry completely. Washing the stain with a negligible amount of detergent may not be effective for more difficult stains.

In addition:

– the first washing can take place 14 days after the joint is made,
– Surface cleaning must be carried out with diluted detergents as indicated by the manufacturer; the use of concentrated detergents is prohibited,
Caution. The joint loses its hydrophobic properties as a result of prolonged exposure to direct exposure to the following substances: – chlorinated disinfectants, e.g. Domestos,
– Cementitious stain removers, e.g. ATLAS SZOP,
– tile polish removers, care products, etc.

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