Tilemaster Fast One Coat DPM – Single Units


Fast Once Coat DPM is a Surface Damp Proof Membrane – Epoxy Based

Fast One Coat DPM is a two component, solvent free, one coat epoxy Damp Proof Membrane. Fast One Coat DPM is suitable for use on a wide range of substrates including concrete, sand/cement screeds, anhydrite and calcium sulphate screeds. It is ideal for use as a damp proof membrane where the residual moisture content in a new or existing screed is up to 98% relative humidity (RH). It can also be used to deal with damp substrates where a structural damp proof membrane is not present or where the structural damp proof membrane is ineffective. Once cured, Fast One Coat DPM produces a membrane which can accommodate hygrometer readings up to 98% RH on cement based screeds and 87% RH on anhydrite / calcium sulphate screeds without resulting in bond strength issues. It has effective resistance to water, grease, oil, dilute mineral and organic acids. It can be used internally and externally and it is unaffected by frost after curing.

PLEASE NOTE: When applying Fast One Coat DPM to a substrate where a structural damp proof membrane is not present or is ineffective, this product must be applied as a 2 coat system.

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Advantages of Tilemaster Fast One Coat DPM

  • Fast curing – ready to tile or receive smoothing compounds in 4 – 5 hours
  • 2 component, solvent free, One Coat DPM
  • Suitable for use on surfaces with a moisture reading of up to 98% RH
  • Can be installed where no structural DPM is present (2 coats)
  • Suitable for use over underfloor heating systems
  • Ideal for use on Anhydrite / Calcium Sulphate screeds
  • Supplied in convenient easy to use packaging
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