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Mapei Mapecem 20Kg – Pallet Deals and Bulk Buy – Fast Drying and Setting Binder For Floor Screeds


Mapei Mapecem

Fast Drying and Setting Cement For Floor Screeds (24 hour) Hydraulic Binder For Shrinkage Compensated Screeds

  • User friendly
  • Drying time for ceramic tiles 3 hours
  • Drying time for resilient coverings 24 hours
  • High strength
  • Ideal for underfloor heating
  • Cost effective
  • 20Kg bags


£1,571.00 +VAT

£1,571.00 +VAT

Mapei Mapecem extended information

Where to use

Preparation of bonded, unbonded and floating screeds on existing and new slabs for the installation of wood, PVC, linoleum, ceramic tiles, carpeting or any other flooring where fast-drying is required for minimum downtime. Some application examples:

  • Preparation of screeds set to light foot traffic after 2-3 hours and perfectly dry after 24 hours, for the installation of parquet and resilient flooring.
  • Preparation of screeds ready to receive ceramic tiles and natural stone after only 3-4 hours.
  • Patching and repairing screeds in areas subject to continuous traffic (supermarkets, hospital, airports, etc.).
  • Preparation of screeds incorporating underfloor heating systems.

Mapei Mapecem Technical characteristics

Mapecem is a special hydraulic binder, which, when mixed with graded aggregates and water, has the extraordinary capacity to harden in just a few hours and to dry perfectly at whatever thickness within 24 hours (residual moisture less than 2% water by weight). Because of these characteristics and very high mechanical strength, Mapei Mapecem is the ideal fast track solution allowing ceramic tiles to be installed within 3-4 hours and ready to receive resilient floor coverings such as vinyl, rubber, carpet etc within 24 hours.


  • Do not use Mapecem on substrates subject to rising damp (lay a waterproofing membrane first).
  • Do not use Mapecem mixed with other cements, lime, gypsum, etc.
  • Do not leave Mapecem dry-mixed with aggregates (quickly add the right quantity of water and use immediately).
  • Do not mix Mapecem only with fine sand (use aggregates graded from 0 to 8 mm or Gravel 0-8 for thicknesses of max 8- 9 cm).
  • Do not mix Mapecem with an insufficient quantity of water (this will cause partial hydration and compromise its mechanical strength).
  • Do not leave Mapecem mix in the mixer for more than 3-4 minutes.
  • Do not mix Mapecem with an excessive quantity of water (drying time will be lengthened).
  • Since Mapecem screeds are very compact, absorption of the water contained in water dispersion adhesives is slow: it is therefore recommended to use Lignobond, Ultrabond P990 1K or Ultrabond P902 2K (polyurethane adhesives) for installing parquet floors that are particularly sensitive to moisture.
  • Do not add water to a prepared mix and do not remix Mapecem after it has started to set.
  • Do not wet the surface of a screed laid with Mapecem.
  • Do not mix in batching plants and do not transport the mixture by cement mixer lorry: the setting time of Mapecem is too short!

Application Procedure

Preparing the substrate

All substrates are suitable for receiving a Mapecem screed as long as they are not subject to rising damp, in which case install a suitable damp proof membrane.

For bonded screeds (from 10 mm minimum), which have therefore to be anchored, the substrate must be dry, free from cracks, resistant to compressive and tensile strength, free from dust, loose materials, paints, wax, oil, traces of gypsum.

Unbonded screeds from 35 mm and floating screeds from 55 mm

Preparing the mix

Mapei Mapecem must be mixed carefully and quickly, with water and graded aggregates 0-8 mm in diameter or with Gravel 0-8, for a maximum of 3-4 minutes, in a mixer or batcher.

The mix must be spread and levelled in the shortest time possible within 30 minutes after mixing. Special care must be taken with the quantity of water that must be enough to form a cohesive mass so that tamping gives a flat surface without a cement film.

Mapecem, aggregates and water can be mixed:

  • in a drum mixer;
  • in an ordinary concrete mixer;
  • in a forced action mixer;
  • manually, with a shovel. The Mapecem mix can be placed using an automatic pressure pump. Guidance regarding the instructions for mixing must always be closely followed.

Spreading the mix

The Mapei Mapecem mix is placed onto a substrate like any ordinary concrete. A polyethylene sheet must be laid (even over a bituminous membrane or other existing waterproofing substrate) in order to create an easily flowing layer between the Mapecem screed and the already existing substrate and at the same time to prevent any rising damp. If the Mapecem screed is crossed by pipes, it is necessary to lay a light metal mesh (a hexagonal mesh, for instance) over the screed as a reinforcement.

Mapecem screeds are prepared using the same methods as those for ordinary sand and cement screeds: preparing levelling strips, spreading the mix and accurately compacting it and then tamping to obtain a better surface finish. Around the perimeter of the area and around the columns etc., it is recommended to insert a 1 cm thick anti-fracture material (such as felt board, cork, polystyrene, etc.).

If work is interrupted for more than 1 hour, it is necessary to cut the screed perpendicularly and insert pieces of rod (20-30 cm long and 3-6 mm in diameter) into the edge of the screed. They should be inserted 20-30 cm apart to guarantee perfect bonding and to avoid cracks and differing levels.

Bonded screeds from 10 mm minimum

Preparing the mix, proportions and spreading the mix are exactly the same as for floating screeds, but first it is necessary to apply a Planicrete bonding slurry onto the perfectly clean substrate.

Dosage of the anchoring slurry

Planicrete: 1 part by weight

Water: 1 part by weight

Mapecem: 2 parts by weight

In order to ensure bonding, the slurry must be applied onto the surface that needs to be covered just before the Mapecem screed is installed (fresh on fresh).

Measuring The Moisture

Electronic hygrometers supply only indicative values for measuring moisture. The residual moisture level of Mapecem screeds must absolutely be measured with a carbide hygrometer, which provides absolute values of moisture by weight.

Mapei Mapecem product identity

Bulk density (kg/m³):1,300
Dry solids content (%):100

Mapei Mapecem application data

Recommended mixing ratio:350-450 kg of Mapecem with 1 m³ aggregates (from 0 to 8 mm diameter) and 80-160 kg of water, depending on the moisture in the aggregates.
Density of the mix (kg/m³):2,200-2,250
Duration of mixing:3-4 minutes
Open time of mix:20-30 minutes
Application temperature rangefrom +5°C to +35°C
Set to light foot traffic:2-3 hours
Ready for use:24 hours
Ready for levelling:after 4 hours
Waiting time before installation:3 hours for ceramic tiles and stone material 24 hours for
resilient coverings and wood
Residual moisture after 24 hours (%):< 2

Mapei Mapecem final performances

Resistance to acids:fair
Resistance to alkali:excellent
Resistance to oils:excellent
Resistance to solvents:Resistance to solvents: excellent
Temperature when in use:from –30°C to +90°C
Mechanical strength:see Mapei technical document

for mechanical strength graphs and extra data see the Mapei Technical Document here



20Kg bags

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