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Tilemaster – Super Flow 30 – Ultra-Rapid Setting, High Performance Two Part Smoothing Compound 20Kg & 4.5Kg (beige/white) – Pallet (40bags) Half Pallet (20bags)


Tilemaster Super Flow 30 is:

An ultra-rapid setting and drying, high performance latex based two-part self-levelling floor compound that employs advanced binder system technology, providing an underlayment where a fast-track solution is required. The specially formulated powder component is mixed with the pre-gauged, protein free polymer latex liquid, giving a free-flowing, shrinkage compensated self-levelling floor compound.

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Tilemaster Super Flow 30 extended information

Coverage: 20kg will cover 4.2m2 at 3mm thickness

Excellent flow and adhesion properties making it suitable for a wide range of both commercial and domestic applications. These unique properties ensure that Tilemaster Super Flow 30 can be used with confidence without the need to prime the large majority of substrates. Tilemaster Super Flow 30 is suitable for use over a wide range of substrates including sand/cement screeds, concrete, flooring grade asphalt/bitumen, ceramic, porcelain and terrazzo tiles, rigid steel, moisture tolerant old adhesive residues, epoxy damp proof membranes and plywood.

Once mixed, Tilemaster Super Flow 30 will remain workable for 10 – 15 minutes and it will accept light foot traffic after 30 minutes in ideal conditions. Decorative floor coverings can be installed after 90 minutes and ceramic tiles can be applied after 45 – 60 minutes. It can be applied from depths of 2mm – 15mm in one application.

Tilemaster Super Flow 30 technical data:

Screed classificationCT-C35-F10 to BS EN 13813; 2002
Working time @ 23oC10 – 15 minutes
Time to foot traffic @ 23oC30 minutes
Application thickness2mm – 15 mm
Compressive strength N/mm2 (BS EN 13892-2)1 day > 20.0
7 day > 30.0
28 day > 35.0
Flexural strength N/mm2 (BS EN 13892-2)1 day > 4.0
7 day > 7.0
28 day > 10.0
Coverage20kg will cover 4.2m2 at 3mm thickness
Flow properties using 30mm x 50mm flow ring135mm – 150 mm
Minimum application temperature5oC
Shelf lifeStored correctly this product has a shelf life of 6 months
Pack size20 kg
NoteAll work must be carried out in accordance with British Standard Code of Practice.

Tilemaster Super Flow 30 ADVANTAGES:

  • Install decorative floor coverings after 90 minutes and ceramic tiles after 45-60 minutes
  • Apply directly to a DPM within 24 hours without priming
  • Suitable for use over old adhesive residues including bitumen
  • Moisture tolerant – can be used below a DPM
  • Excellent flow and self-levelling properties
  • Excellent adhesion properties without priming most substrates
  • Ideal for use above underfloor heating systems
  • Ideal for timber substrates
  • Low odour
  • Protein free

Tilemaster Super Flow 30 IDEAL FOR:

  • Sand/cement screed
  • Concrete
  • Plywood Overlay (6mm min)
  • Electric Underfloor Heating
  • Water / Wet System Underfloor Heating
  • Tile Backer Boards
  • Existing Ceramic, Porcelain and Natural Stone Tiles
  • Flooring Grade Asphalt & Bitumen
  • Anhydrite Screeds
  • Existing Vinyl Tiles
  • Steel/Metal Surfaces
  • Epoxy DPM
  • Existing Adhesive Residues
  • Green Screed
  • Fibreglass
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Beige, White


20Kg bags and 4.5Kg additive

Coverage: 20kg will cover 4.2m2 at 3mm thickness



Before starting, all substrates must be clean, dry and strong enough to support the weight of the leveller and the final floor covering being applied. Remove all dust, dirt, oil, grease and other contaminants that may affect adhesion. Where traces of adhesive residue remain, these must be checked to ensure that they are not softened with water and that they are strong, sound and well adhered to the substrate in order to receive a levelling compound.

When installing moisture sensitive floor coverings, the concrete or sand/cement screed should be confirmed dry by consistent moisture readings; <75% relative humidity (RH) or <0.5% residual moisture when tested in accordance with BS 8203. Where a structural damp proof membrane is not present or where rising damp and/or residual moisture results in moisture readings up to 98% RH, a liquid damp proof membrane such as Tilemaster Fast One Coat DPM must be applied before or after the application of Super Flow 30. Surface laitance should be removed from concrete and sand/cement screed surfaces prior to application.

Most substrates do not require priming prior to the application of Tilemaster Super Flow 30. Priming the substrate however will minimize the risk of pinholes forming, allow for the best flow properties and also prolong the working time of the product. Priming the substrate prior to application whilst not necessary, it is considered “best practice”. For recommended priming dilution rates please refer to Page 3 of this data sheet.

Prior to levelling timber substrates ensure that timber boards are securely screwed down and firmly fixed. Where timber substrates are sufficiently rigid but uneven or worn, Tilemaster Super Flow 30 can be used to smooth and level the timber substrate prior to over-boarding with plywood overlay or a tile backer board. If following this process, allow Tilemaster Super Flow 30 to cure before fitting the overlay boarding.


Shake the pre-gauged bottle of liquid polymer and pour into a suitable clean mixing vessel. Add the powder component slowly whilst mixing with an electric paddle and continue to mix for a further 2 minutes until a smooth and lump free consistency is obtained. Once mixed do not add further polymer liquid or water.

N.B. Once mixed, Tilemaster Super Flow 30 will remain workable in the bucket for 10 – 15 minutes at 20°C. Due to the Ultra-Rapid setting properties of Tilemaster Super Flow 30, it is important to apply the mixed product without delay.

Pour a small quantity onto the prepared surface and trowel down lightly to a depth between 2mm and 15mm. The use of a spiked roller is recommended immediately in order to remove entrapped air and smooth out flow lines. Setting time will depend on atmospheric conditions/temperatures, it will be slowed by lower temperatures and accelerated by higher temperatures.

If the substrate is impervious or if it contains old adhesive residues, Tilemaster Super Flow 30 should be applied to a minimum overall thickness of 3mm. This is to ensure the uniform drying of the adhesives that are subsequently applied to the Tilemaster Super Flow 30, it will also ensure that there is no interaction between the new adhesive and old adhesive residues.

Clean tools immediately after use with clean water.


In ideal conditions, Tilemaster Super Flow 30 will accept light foot traffic after 30 minutes. Tilemaster Super Flow 30 must be left to dry before applying the final decorative surface flooring. This is typically after 90 minutes for decorative flooring such as vinyl and 45-60 minutes for ceramic tiles, however, this can vary depending on the choice of surface flooring. Thicker applications may require a longer time to dry prior to applying floor coverings. If there is no air flow within site conditions, the drying time may be restricted. The critical moisture content for the flooring in question must be observed.


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