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Brit Aqua Tanking System

Brit Adhesives

The Brit Aqua Tanking System is ideal for use in wet-zone areas such as wetrooms, bathrooms and showers, by creating an inpenetratable waterproof barrier for maximum protection. Suitable for use on all floors and walls and is compatable with the following base substrates; Plaster, Drywall, Timber, Plywood, Concrete, Brickwork, Cement Boards, Wedi Boards etc…

Aqua Tanking System Includes:

  • – 1 x 1ltr Primer SBR
  • – 1 x 7.5m Waterproof Matting Membrane
  • – 1 x Fleeced Thermoplastic Elastomer Internal Corner
  • – 1 x 10m Fleeced Thermoplastic Elastomer Waterproof Tape
  • – 1 x Fleeced Thermoplastic Elastomer Waste Pipe Collar
  • – 2 x 15mm Fleeced Thermoplastic Elastomer Pre-formed Collar

£86.00 +VAT

£86.00 +VAT

Brit Aqua Tanking System extended information

Step by Step Installation

Step 1:

Aqua Primer BR is a ready to use polymer primer for use when tiling with cementitious adhesives and grouts and is particularly suitable for areas subject to repeated and prolonged wetting.

Make sure the surface is clean and dry before filling in any voids and removing any splatters of plaster. Shake the primer well and apply by brush or roller to all porous and semi porous surfaces in the areas that are to be waterproofed. It is quick drying and can be over coated after 30 min. Some highly porous surfaces, such as plaster will require two coats of Aqua Primer SBR.

Allow primer to dry until tacky, but do not allow to completely dry, or it will not bond as well. In very dusty conditions you want to cover the primer with the
the primer reducing its bond strength.

Step 2:

Measure height of shower walls and shower base area and pre-cut your Aqua Waterproof Membrane. This will allow you to manage your Aqua Waterproof Membrane easily when applying.

Using a 3mm Notch Trowel apply a bed of unmodified thin-set tile adhesive (not supplied) over the shower wall area (this should be performed within 30mins of applying the Aqua Primer SBR) and embed Aqua Waterproof Membrane into the adhesive. Make sure you get a full coverage of adhesive under the Aqua Membrane.

Step 3:

Using the straight edge of the trowel or a Bright Ideas Taping Knife, work the Aqua Waterproof Membrane onto the entire surface to ensure proper adhesion and to remove any air pockets. Carefully cut out holes for pipe work (making a tight fitting cut is essential) and work Aqua Waterproof Membrane around pipes ensuring it is firmly adhered to the surface. Any surplus thin-set tile adhesive pushed out at the seams should be removed using the taping knife. Spread unmodified thin-set tile adhesive over the shower base and embed Aqua Waterproof Membrane into the adhesive. Repeat the same process as above for cutting out holes and removing air pockets and surplus thin-set tile adhesive. Any surplus thin-set tile adhesive pushed out at the seams around the drain should be removed using a damp sponge.

Step 4:

Seal the shower curb/wall junction using the prefabricated Aqua Internal Corner, this is applied using the unmodified thin-set tile adhesive.

Measure the height of the internal wall and along the two lengths at the base of the shower and cut your Aqua Waterproof Tape to size. The Aqua Waterproof Tape should overlap the prefabricated internal corner by 2″ on both sides and should be applied by using the unmodified thin-set tile adhesive. A Bright Ideas Seam Roller should then be used to compact all the joints.

Any seams created by installing the Aqua Waterproof Membrane side by side need to be sealed using the Aqua Waterproof Tape. Again this will be applied using the thin-set tile adhesive and compacted using a Seam Roller.

Step 5:

Seal the pipe inlets by using prefabricated Aqua Pipe Collar, this is applied using the unmodified thin-set tile adhesive.

Seal the shower drain outlet by using prefabricated Aqua Drain Collar, this will have to be cut out to fit your drain size, as a rule make your cut 1mm smaller than the drain size this will ensure a tight fit. The drain collar is applied using the unmodified thin-set tile adhesive,


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