Terrific Pallet Deals on MUDD Tile Adhesives and Floor Levellers (Made by BAL Adhesives)

MUDD is a new range of tiling products from Building Adhesives Ltd ( BAL ) – the UK’s market leader for tiling. From from prepping & waterproofing, through to adhesives, grouts and sealants MUDD has got them all.

MUDD tile adhesive and floor levellers pallet deals and bulk buyWith over 60 years experience in supplying industry-leading materials they are offering 10 years guarantee with all their products

If you have any questions about MUDD Tile Adhesives and Floor Levellers from Buy The Pallet call us.

Our technical guy Keifer has been working with BAL for over 10 years and knows the products inside out.

Peruse the MUDD products below. We don’t think you’ll find a better deal because we go direct, if you have any queries or would like a bespoke deal, no probs – drop us a line. FREE DELIVERY* with all pallet deals at Buy The Pallet. * in most of the mainland


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