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ATLAS PLUS EXPRESS Rapid-Set C2FTE S1 Tile Adhesive (2-5mm) 25Kg – Pallet Deals and Bulk Buy



fast-setting deformable adhesive S1 2-5 mm

  • for projects requiring quick work progress and possibility of almost immediate use
  • for any type of ceramic, stone, glass cladding, composite panels
  • for small, medium and large size tiles
  • for difficult substrates: floor heating systems, OSB and plasterboards, old tiles, wooden floors, metal and plastic surfaces
  • on terraces, balconies and façades, in pools and technological tanks
  • or residential, commercial and service, public access and industrial buildings
  • unit size: 25Kg bag

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ATLAS PLUS EXPRESS C2FTE S1 Rapid-Set extended information

Coverage: Average coverage: approx. 1.5 kg of dry mix / 1 m2 / 1 mm adhesive layer – for complete filling the space beneath the tile. It depends on the smoothness of the surface and the back side of the tile.

Tile sizeTrowel notch size [mm]Thickness of adhesive coat [mm]2/3 surface contact [kg/m2]Full surface contact [kg/m2]
mosaic up to 2x2cm4.02.0from 2.0from 3.0
small size up to 10x10cm≥ 6.02.0÷2.5from 2.0from 3.0
large size up to 30x30cm≥ 8.03.0÷3.5from 3.0from 4.5
large size up to 50x50cm≥ 10.04.0÷4.5from 4.0from 6.0

Polymer technology

The polymer technology is used in the ATLAS PLUS recipe. Owing to the high content of redispersible polymer resins, the cement adhesive gets unique properties and offers the highest technical and operation parameters assuring long term durability. The presence of polymers ensures high bonding of any cladding to any substrate type, including, so called, difficult and critical ones. Owing to the interchange of the polymer network with the network of inorganic hydration cement bindings, the adhesive offers outstanding parameters. The use of fast- setting cement enables rapid growth of bonding and strength not later than 6 hours since the tiles fixing.

The use of the polymer technology gives:

  • possibility of fixing the cladding of any type, both absorbable and non-absorbable – owing to high bonding resulting from high content of the polymer resin,
  • possibility of fixing the tiles on, so called, difficult substrates, including OSBboards, plasterboards, old tiles (tile on tile) as well as substrates subject to large and very large mechanical and thermal load – owing to the deformability,
  • outstanding plasticity and mass homogeneity–the adhesive is easily workable and spread upon the surface – the adhesion strength prevents the adhesive from “rolling back” onto the trowel.

Reinforcement with fibers

  • the structural reinforcement with cellulose fibers helps to compensate the stress occurring on deformable substrates.
  • the fibers improve water retention of the adhesive: limit the effects of sudden water retention within the joint with both absorbable substrate and absorbable tile as well as within the evaporation zone. During the adhesive setting and drying (particularly when applied with maximum thickness) the fibers accumulate and transfer water keeping its uniform level within the whole coat


ATLAS PLUS EXPRESS is manufactured as a dry mix of high quality cement binder, aggregates and specially selected modifiers.
Highly flexible – deformability S1 – the permissible deflection of the set adhe- sive is within 2.5 – 5 mm range (test according to PN-EN 12002).

Fast-setting – ensures rapid growth of strength parameters – very high early bonding enables walking on tiles and grouting just after 4 hours, and foot and vehicle traffic just after 1 day since the tiles fixing.
With improved bonding and durability – the actual bonding to concrete substrate after 28 days, also after thermal ageing, immersion in water, freeze and thaw cycles in standard conditions, is two times higher than the one required by the PN-EN 12004 standard.

Extended open time – allows placing the tiles even 30 minutes since the mortar application – it can be once applied onto larger surface and therefore minimize the time of work.
Reduced slip – enables fixing the cladding “from the top” – proper consistency and layer thickness eliminate the adhesive slip. Therefore one can tile from the wall top and avoid cut-to-size tiles on exposed wall zones.

Limits the influence of atmospheric conditions on the cladding installation correctness – enables quick and safe tiling in unpredictable atmospheric conditions. The optimum pace of work and reaching the operation parameters rapidly limit the risk of damage to the cladding installed indoors.

Recommended for fixing wall and floor tiles in individual construction, industrial, commercial, health care buildings, in nurseries and kindergartens, etc., anywhere where the quick progress of work and almost immediate possibility of the surface use is expected.


Fixing ceramic and stone cladding of any type – glazed tiles, terracotta, porcelain-gres tiles, clinker, ceramic mosaic, concrete and cement tiles, marble/ natural stone cladding insusceptible to discolouration, glass mosaic and tiles, laminated porcelain-gres tiles, composite panels, insulation and acoustic panels. If in doubt conduct an application test.

Fixing small, medium and large size claddings – small and medium size tiles (< 0.1 m2), large (< 0.25 m2).

Fixing cladding on horizontal and vertical surfaces, indoors and outdoors:

– in residential, public access, healthcare, commercial and service, sacral, industrial buildings,

– in kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, showers, washes, rooms washed with plenty of water, offices, warehouses, garages, communication routes, on balconies, terraces, loggias, façades (incl. ETICS systems), external stairs, infrastructure,

– technological tanks, pools, fountains, jacuzzi, balneotechnology (with no aggressive chemicals in use), sauna, SPA,

– in rooms of small, medium and large operation load,

Fixing cladding on standard substrates – cement screeds and mortars, anhy- drite screeds, cement, cement-lime and gypsum plasters, walls made of cellular concrete, silicate brick or hollow blocks, ceramic brick or hollow blocks, gypsum blocks.

Fixing cladding on deformable substrates or, so called, difficult substrates

– concrete, terrazzo, elastic and rigid damp proofing (e.g. WODER S, WODER E, WODER W or WODER DUO), magnesium substrates, dry substrates made of gypsum boards, screeds (cement and anhydrite) with water and electric heat- ing system or with heating mats embedded, plasters with wall heating system, plasterboards, gypsum-fibre boards, cement-fibre boards, existing ceramic and stone cladding (“tile on tile”), concrete resin lacquers bonded to the substrate, dispersion, oil paints bonded to the substrate, mineral, dispersion and reactive sealing coats, wooden floors (thick. >25 mm), OSB/3, OSB/4 and chipboards (thick. >25 mm on floors and >18 mm on walls), insulation and acoustic panels, metal, steel and plastic surfaces, mastic asphalt screeds. If in doubt conduct an application test.

Note. Check the product sheet on www.atlas.com.pl/en for more detailed info on the range of use.


Mass bulk density (after mixing)approx. 1.55 kg/dm3
Mixing ratio (water/dry mix)0.21 – 0.23 l / 1 kg
5.25 - 5.75 l / 25 kg
Min./max. adhesive thickness2 mm / 5 mm
Adhesive preparation temperature, substrate and ambient temperature during workfrom +5°C to +25°C
Maturing timeapprox. 5 minutes
Pot life*approx. 1 hours
Open time*min. 30 minutes
Adjustability time*approx. 10 minutes
Floor access/ grouting*after approx. 4 hours
Full operation load – foot traffic*after 3 days
Full operation load – vehicle traffic*after 14 days
Full water load – pool/tank*after 14 days
Floor heating (warm surface)*after 14 days

The time shown in the table is recommended for the application in the temperature 23°C and humidity 55% (approx.).


Substrate preparation
The substrate should be:

  • stable – sufficiently sound, resistant to deformation,free from materials which would impair adhesion, stabilized.
  • even – maximum adhesive thickness is 5 mm, in case of larger irregularities use, e.g. ATLAS ZW 330 mortar, screeds ATLAS SMS, SAM, POSTAR.
  • clean – free from layers which can impair adhesion, especially dust, dirt, lime, oils, greases, wax, residues of oil and emulsion paints. The substrate coated with algae, fungi, etc. must be cleaned and protected with ATLAS MYKOS agent.
  • primed with:
    ATLAS UNI-GRUNT or ATLAS UNI-GRUNT PLUS – substrates of excessive or heterogenous absorptiveness,

−ATLAS GRUNTO-PLAST – if the substrate absorptivity is low, or it is coated with

layers limiting the adhesion.

Detailed guidelines concerning the substrate preparation, depending on its type, are available in the product sheet on www.atlas.com.pl/en.

Adhesive preparation

Pour the adhesive from the bag into a container with the suitable amount of water (see Technical Data for ratio) and mix, using a low speed mixer with a drill for mortars, until homogenous. The dispersed adhesive should be left to rest for 5 minutes and then remixed. So prepared adhesive should be used up within approx. 1 hour.

Adhesive application

The adhesive should be applied onto the surface with a steel trowel and then distributed evenly and shaped (possibly in one direction) using a notched trowel. It is advisable to spread a thin adhesive coat first and then apply the coat of desired thickness and shape it with a notched trowel. It is recommended to lead a notched trowel in one direction. On walls, it’s recommended to shape the adhesive in vertical direction.

Installing the tiles

After the application, the adhesive retains its properties for approx. 30 minutes (in temperature approx. 23 °C and 55 % humidity). Within this time, the tile must be placed and pressed well (the contact surface between the adhesive and the tile should be uniform and as large as possible – min. 2/3 of tile surface). Remove the excess of the adhesive pressed into the joints immediately.

In case of floor tiles or tiling outdoors it is advisable to keep the full bonding surface (use the mixed method consisting in application of the adhesive on the substrate and the back of a tile, if needed). Keep the joint width appropriate for the tile size and operation conditions (check data in the sheets of ATLAS grouts).

Tile adjustment

The position of a tile can be adjusted with delicate moves along the bonding plane. It can be done within approximately 10 minutes since the tile is pressed (in temperature approx. 23 °C and 55 % humidity).

Grouting and cladding use

Foot traffic and grouting with ATLAS GROUT, ATLAS ARTIS GROUT, ATLAS DECORATIVE GROUT or ATLAS EPOXY GROUT can start after approx. 4 hours since the tiles fixing. The mortar reaches the operational strength after 3 days (check the Technical Data). Expansion joints, joints along the wall corners, at sanitary equip- ment, etc. should be filled with sanitary silicone ATLAS SILTON S or ATLAS ARTIS.



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