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Arditex CL Latex Levelling and Smoothing Compound 20Kg + 4.5Kg – Pallet Deals and Bulk Buy


Arditex CL Latex Levelling and Smoothing Compound is

ARDITEX CL is a two-part levelling and smoothing compound with excellent flow and application properties. For smoothing and levelling most common internal subfloors such as concrete, cement / sand and Gypsum (anhydrite) screeds.

  • Apply most floorcoverings after 12 hours
  • Receives light foot traffic in as little as 2 hours
  • Excellent flow and application properties
  • Can be used on heated screeds
  • Unit size: 20Kg powder and 4.5Kg latex
  • Suitable for underfloor heating: Yes
  • Colours: Grey

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£810.00 +VAT

£810.00 +VAT

Arditex CL Latex Levelling and Smoothing Compound extended information

Coverage: Approximately 5m2 at 2-3mm thick per unit


For smoothing and levelling most common internal subfloors such as concrete, cement/ sand and Gypsum (anhydrite) screeds.

ARDITEX CL can be laid from a feathered edge to 10mm in a single application, or up to 30mm by incorporating ARDEX Coarse Aggregate.

Arditex CL Latex Levelling and Smoothing Compound technical data

Bulk density of fresh mortarapprox. 1.9Kg/litre
Compressive StrengthGreater than 20N/mm2 at 28 days
Tensile Strength
Flexural Strength

Greater than 7N/mm2 at 28 days
Cementitious screed material modified by polymer for use internally in buildings. EN 13813: CT-C20-F7


The surface of the subfloor must be clean, sound and free from dust, plaster droppings, grease, paint, polish and any water-softenable or loosely adhered materials. Any remaining adhesive residues should be checked to ensure that they are not water-softenable, and that they are hard, sound and have sufficient cohesive strength to receive a levelling compound.


All surfaces should be primed with the appropriate ARDEX primer.

On highly porous or absorbent surfaces, such as concrete or cement /sand screeds, prime the surface with ARDEX P 51 Primer in accordance with the data sheet. The use of ARDEXP51 Primer will aid application, improve coverage and reduce suction and pinholes. If the subfloor is impervious or very dense e.g. ceramic tiles, prime with ARDEX P 4 Rapid Drying Multi- Purpose Primer, in accordance with the data sheet.

GYPSUM (Anhydrite) Screeds

Ensure that the screed has been correctly applied, the surface has been suitably prepared using appropriate mechanised equipment and tested for moisture in accordance with the screed manufacturer’s recommendations. For guidance, the screed must contain less than 0.5% moisture using the carbide method, or give readings of less than 75% Relative Humidity when checked with a flooring hygrometer. Gypsum based screeds can adversely react with cement containing materials such as levelling compounds, ceramic tile adhesives etc, unless suitably primed.

The prepared surface of the gypsum screed must be sealed with an appropriate primer such as ARDEX P 51 diluted 1:3 with water or, dependent on the information from the gypsum screed manufacturer, a sand blinded epoxy primer such as ARDEX R 3 E may be required to ensure adhesion, and to prevent the cement containing materials coming into direct contact with the gypsum based screed.

NOTE ARDITEX CL is not suitable for use on asphalt or timber subfloors. Consult the ARDITEX NA, or ARDEX FA 20 product data sheets, alternatively contact ARDEX Technical Support Team for more information.


ARDITEX CL can be applied directly to ARDEX MVS 95 Residual Moisture Vapour Suppressant within a 24 hour period if the applied ARDEX MVS 95 has not become contaminated with site debris or foot traffic. If contamination occurs it should be removed and a subsequent application of ARDEX MVS 95 applied. Consult the ARDEX MVS 95 data sheet for further guidance.

When correctly primed ARDITEX CL can be applied to ARDEX Damp Proof Membranes. Please consult the ARDEX DPM 1 C / ARDEX DPM 1 C R datasheets for further information. In all cases ARDITEX CL must only be used up to a maximum thickness of 6mm.


The mix ratio is one 20kg bag of ARDITEX CL powder to 4.5kg of ARDITEX CL liquid.
The latex liquid should be thoroughly shaken and poured into a clean mixing container. Add the powder gradually while continuously stirring. The use of an ARDEX mixing paddle with a 10mm chuck electric drill makes light work of mixing. The mixed mortar has a working time of approximately 20 minutes at 20°C. For thicknesses above 10mm, and up to a maximum of 30mm, the incorporation of up to an equal volume of ARDEX Coarse Aggregate is important and will prove economic.

Mixes with a high aggregate content may require a subsequent smoothing application with a standard mix of ARDITEX CL. If this is carried out when the ARDITEX CL has dried, priming with ARDEX P 51 is required, as for absorbent surfaces.


Pour the mixed material onto the prepared and primed subfloor. Spread with a trowel or ARDEX Pin Leveller to the required thickness in one operation. Apply at temperatures above 5°C and rising. The use of a spiked roller will improve the surface finish and performance of the ARDITEX CL mortar while it is still wet and workable.


The cement/sand screed, concrete or calcium sulphate subfloor should be installed in accordance with BS 8204 Part 1. The under floor heating system should be commissioned in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and in accordance with the guidance given in BS 8204 Part 1.

Once thermally cycled and commissioned, the underfloor heating should be turned down to 15°C before the application of the ARDITEX CL and the final floor covering. After 48 hours the under floor heating system should be gradually re-commissioned, in accordance with BS 8204 Part 1 and BS 8203 to avoid rapid thermal change and local variations in temperature.


ARDITEX CL can be applied from a feathered edge up to 10mm in one application. To fully utilise its free flowing properties the product should be applied from 2mm. A minimum application of 3mm should be applied on an impervious subfloor where the floorcovering adhesive requires an absorbent layer.


Under good conditions a 3mm layer of ARDITEX CL is walkable after as little as 2 hours, and thin applications are ready to receive most floorcoverings after only 12 hours at 20°C. Setting, hardening and drying times will be extended at lower temperatures, and shortened at higher temperatures/humidity levels.

Thicker applications will require longer to dry.

The optimum site conditions required in
BS 8203: 2001 for flooring installations is a minimum of 18°C and a maximum of 27°C and should remain constant before, during and after application of flooring products.


Approximately 5m2 per unit when applied as a typical smoothing application of between 2mm – 3mm.


ARDITEX CL powder is packed in paper sacks incorporating a polyethylene liner – net weight 20kg. ARDITEX CL liquid is in a white polyethylene container – Net weight 4.5kg


ARDITEX CL contains more than 3% Portland cement and, therefore, in line with current legislation, is classified as irritating to eyes and skin. For this reason the following precautions should be observed: – Avoid contact with skin and eyes; in case of contact with the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice; wear suitable gloves and keep the product out of the reach of children. Avoid the generation of airborne dust during mixing. For further information, consult the relevant health and safety datasheet.



20Kg bags and 4.5Kg additive



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