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ATLAS GTA 18Kg – Pallet Deals and Bulk Buy – Extra white polymer top finish



Extra white polymer top finish

ATLAS GTA is produced as a mass based on resin binders, mineral fillers and modifying additives.

Perfectly white, perfectly smooth – selected snow-white mineral fillers of optimum grain size enable a very smooth surface without corrections.

  • perfectly white, perfectly smooth
  • roller application – easy, even and rapid application without splashing
  • ideal consistency for application and top coat shaping
  • dust-free – clean and safe wet sanding
  • for manual and mechanical sanding

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ATLAS GTA extended information

Optimum consistency for application and profiling – special selected rheological parameters allow easy application with trowel, roller and aggregate. The top finishing coat profiles perfectly and achieves a smooth surface from the first application.

Fast roller application – the unique consistency and extended open time allow comfortable roller application in a short time. The top finish coat distributes evenly and does not splash.

Durable and flexible – the flexible polymer bonds provide high adhesion and resistance to cracking of the putty surfaces.

Safe ‘wet-on-wet’ second coat application – reduced lead time and minimal risk of blistering.

Wet processing – Wet sanding produces a smooth, dust-free surface and allows renovation work to be carried out quickly and cleanly.

For manual and mechanical sanding – the hardness achieved allows the surface to be easily worked, both manually and mechanically.


Making top finish coat – on the surface of walls and ceilings, indoors. Full-surface mudding of plasterboard.
Jonting gypsum plasterboard using reinforcing tapes.

ATLAS GTA Type Of Finishing Layers

paint coatings+

ATLAS GTA Types Of Substrates

cement and cement-lime plasters+
gypsum plasters+
gypsum plasterboards+

ATLAS GTA Type Of Facilities

housing construction+
public, educational, office and healthcare buildings+
commercial and service construction+

ATLAS GTA technical data

Max. layer thickness3 mm
Temperature of the compound preparation and of the substrate and surroundings dur- ing the workfrom +5 °C to +25 °C
Room humidity during the workup to 70%
Drying time* (layer thickness 1 mm)up to 6 hours

*) – applies to T=20o C, relative humidity 60%

Technical Requirements

ATLAS GTA meets the requirements of EN 15824:2017-07 and EN 13963:2008.

ATLAS GTA (2022)
Declaration of performance No. 175/2/CPR
0.3 MPa
Adhesion0.3 MPa
Reaction to fireA1
EN 13963:2005
EN 13963:2005/AC:2006

Intended use: building construction
Reaction to fire (with direct exposure)A1
Flexural strength350 N

The flexural strength value (350 N) applies when ATLAS GTA is used together with the jointing tape Q FOLATAPES (ITB-KOT-2020/1537 edition 1).

ATLAS GTA complies with the requirements of EN 13963 – 3A – dual purpose joint compound, for jointing plasterboard with tape and as a finishing coat, for manual application inside buildings, with long setting time.

Top finishing work

Substrate preparation

The substrate should be:
load-bearing, air-dry seasoned – the seasoning time for substrates is assumed to be
– 1 week per cm thickness for new gypsum plaster (e.g. ATLAS SOLARIS), cement and cement-lime plaster,
– 28 days for concrete walls and floors.
The above data are for standard conditions (20o C and 55% Rh). Un- der other conditions these times may change.
cleaned – from layers that may impair the adhesion of the top finish, especially from dust, dirt, lime, oil, grease, wax, paint residues and release agents,
primed – in case of excessive absorbency of the substrate with one of the emulsions:
– ATLAS GRUNT NKP (ready to use – without dilution),
covered with a bonding layer – when the substrate has low absorp- tion or a smooth surface (e.g. concrete floors and walls):

Preparation of the mass

The compound is ready to use in case of manual application. When applied by roller or mechanical application, the mass may be diluted with up to 2% pure water. Mix immediately before use. Use mixers that do not cause aeration of the mass.

Top finish application

Roller application
Apply the compound using a roller with a minimum 11 mm pile, spreading it evenly over the substrate. Smooth the applied layer with a stainless steel float.

Trowel application
The compound should be applied evenly with a stainless steel float, pressing down on the substrate. Do not exceed the maximum layer thickness.
The next layer of compound can be applied in two ways:
– on the pre-bonded previous layer when the surface is dull-moist which is usually after approx. 2 hours at 20 °C and 55 % humidity, this time may be reduced in the case of an absorbent substrate).
– after the previous layer has hardened, the surface should be mois- tened with water before application, which will minimise the occur- rence of bubbles during application.

Mechanical application
The following units are recommended for mechanical application (the unit’s main filter must be removed).

WAGNER PS 3.39531, 533, 535
WAGNER HC 950531, 533, 535Maximum
GRACO T-MAX 506541, 551pressure
GRACO MARK VII531, 533working
GRACO MARK X531, 533


Sanding should be carried out after the surface is completely dry, either manually or mechanically, using sandpaper or grits. A grada- tion of #150-220 is recommended.

Dust-free surface treatment

Dust-free surface treatment can be carried out after the finish coat has hardened. The surface to be worked should be moistened with water using a sprayer and trowelled in circular motions using a rubber sponge float until the surface has the desired smoothness.

Grouting – with tape

Apply the compound directly into the space between adjacent panels, aiming to fill it completely. After the initial setting, apply a thin layer of the compound and apply the reinforcement tape. The tape should be pressed down so that it adheres precisely and without folds. Then cover the surface of the tape with a thin layer of the compound and allow it to harden.

The compound is also suitable for filling the heads of screws used to fix the panels.

Finishing work

Before starting the finishing work, the surface of the top finish must be sufficiently dry and cleaned of sanding dust. Painting and wallpapering must be preceded by priming the substrate in accordance with the paint or wallpaper manufacturer’s recommendations.

The following can be used to paint the smoothness: – acrylic paints, e.g. ATLAS ecoFARBA
– latex, e.g. ATLAS optiFARBA, ATLAS proFARBA.

ATLAS GTA Consumption

Top finish: On average, approx. 1.0 kg of compound is used per 1 m2 per coat, depending on the thickness applied and the quality of the substrate.
Plasterboard jointing: on average about 0.5 kg is used per 1 m of plasterboard jointing. (consumption depends on the thickness and the shape and profiling of the plasterboard edges).


Plastic containers 18 kg.

Safety information

Safety information is given on the product packaging and in the Safety Data Sheet, available at www.atlas.com.pl.

ATLAS GTA Storage and transport

Information on storage and transport is given on the product pack- aging and in the Safety Data Sheet, available at www.atlas.com.pl.

The shelf life of the product (best before use) is 12 months from the date of manufacture on the packaging.


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