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UltraScape Pro-Primer Slurry Primer

UltraScape pro-prime slurry primer is used to provide an exceptional bond between your paving element and UltraScape Pro-Bed HS fine bedding mortar, and can also be used to promote bond between your roadbase and the Pro-Bed HS bedding mortar layer. Traditionally paving elements would be laid directly onto the bedding mortar, which with general wear and tear and increasing traffic load bearing, could result in costly and high profile failures. Pro-Prime helps to eliminate this.

  • Provides an exceptional bond between bedding concretes and all types of paving elements
  • User-friendly – requires only the addition of water on-site
  • BS 7533 compliant
  • Quick and easy application
  • Part of the UltraScape mortar paving system, which guarantees compatibility and reduces split liability
  • 20kg paper bags
  • NBS Source registered for ease of specification

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UltraScape Pro-Primer further information

Coverage: 15m2 per 20kg


UltraScape Pro-Prime is a polymer modified cementitious slurry primer specifically formulated to provide exceptional bond between all types of stone surfaces and Porcelain tiles and UltraScape Pro-Bed HS fine bedding concrete. The use of Ultrascape Pro-Prime in conjunction with UltraScape Pro-Bed HS /eco-bed ensures full and even contact will be made with aggregate particles as well as promoting adhesion to greater than 2N/mm2 as per the requirements of BS 7533. The product is suitable for application in town centre pedestrian schemes, pathways and carriageways. UltraScape Pro-Prime can be used with all types of natural stone, concrete flags and clay paviours.


UltraScape Pro-Prime is supplied pre-blended in 20kg bags. With the simple addition of water on-site, the product creates a liquid slurry paste, which can be applied to the underside of all paving elements at a thickness of 1mm to 2mm immediately prior to their placement on UltraScape Pro-Bed HS/eco-bed.


Correct surface preparation is critical in order to guarantee successful application and durable product performance. Remove all debris and ponded water from the supporting structure/roadbase. The roadbase as well as the paving elements should be cleaned by brushing or washing with water to remove dust, loose material, packaging and/or production aids prior to the application of UltraScape Pro-Prime.


Place 7 litres of clean water in a suitable container. Add UltraScape Pro-Prime powder slowly and mix for 3 to 5 minutes to create a smooth lump-free slurry. The primer should be used on the supporting layer/roadbase immediately prior to the application of the laying course (UltraScape Pro-Bed HS). Always prime the underside of paving elements at a thickness of 1mm- 2mm immediately before their placement upon UltraScape Pro-Bed HS/eco-bed.


All surfaces should be pre-soaked with clean water immediately prior to the application of UltraScape Pro-Prime slurry primer. The supporting layer/roadbase should be coated with the primer at a thickness of 1mm-2mm immediately before the application of UltraScape Pro-Bed HS. The slurry should be fresh and wet when the fine bedding concrete is laid.

UltraScape Pro-Primer product details

Unit/Packaging20kg paper bags delivered on shrink- wrapped pallets
StorageStore in closed original container at temperatures between 5oC and 30oC.
Avoid frost. This product must be stored in unopened bags, clear of the ground in cool dry conditions and protected from excessive drafts. If stored correctly and used within 8 months of the date shown on the bag, the activity of the reducing agent will be maintained and this product will contain, when mixed with water, no more than 0.0002% (2 ppm) soluble Chromium (VI) of the total dry weight of the cement.
Coverage1 x 20kg bag mixed with 7lt of water will cover 15m2 at 1-2mm thickness
Yield16.9 litres (approximately) per 20kg bag
Shelf LifeShelf life from date of manufacture in correct conditions for sealed bags is 8 months. Please note: the use of this product after the end of the declared storage period may increase the risk of an allergic reaction

*Depending on temperatures – test carried out at 20oC. Cool temperatures retard, warm temperatures accelerate product performance.

Ultrascape Pro-Primer physical properties

Bond (Adhesion) Strength2.20N/mm2 after 28 days
Workability1 hour at 20°C*
Water Required7 litres per 20kg
Coverage15m2 per 20kg

Health, Safety and Environmental

Please ensure that appropriate PPE is used when preparing, mixing and applying products. Always wash hands before consuming food and make sure that materials are kept safely out of reach of children and animals. Please dispose of packaging and waste responsibly and in accordance with local authority requirements.



20Kg bags

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