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Reclaimed Oak – Vinyl Click Flooring from Luvanto – BULK BUY PACK DEALS

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More About Luvanto Vinyl Click Flooring – Reclaimed Oak:

A very popular choice for those wanting a shabby chic look, Reclaimed Oak is full of character. Each plank offers something unique, with the distinctive milling marks and natural blemishes really bringing this wood to life.

Not only is this flooring water resistant but it has a scratch resistant surface, giving it a whopping 25 year domestic and 10 year commercial warranty.

Using the newest Click technology system you can walk on your new luxurious Luvanto flooring straight away, eliminating the use of adhesive – something that is incredibly popular with DIY fitters.

The Click system ensures strong joints and an extremely stable floor. Adding to the stability is the floor’s brilliant resistance to moisture. This Luvanto Click floor does shrink, bulge or stretch in response to moisture in the surroundings. This range can be used in most rooms but is extremely popular to use in bathrooms and kitchens owing to it being 100% waterproof & unsusceptible to moisture.

Luvanto Click Flooring:
Luvanto Click Flooring allows you to fit the Reclaimed Oak flooring using a joint locking system, making it quick and easy to install without using any glue. Simply lock the tiles together and you have yourself a new gorgeous floor.

Pack size: 2.20m2

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~ The Measurement Calculator below will convert area m2 to the closest number of packs. Please over-estimate your area by 10% to allow for extra cuts/wastage.

5 Packs Minimum Order of Luvanto Vinyl Click Flooring. Free Delivery, 3-5 Working Days ~

£23.48 £28.99 per sq m +VAT

Actual Area (sq m) 2.2
Total Price £51.66

Vinyl Click Tile Flooring in Reclaimed Oak:

It is suitable for those wishing to do-it-yourself with minimal fuss and a great looking finish. Absolutely no adhesive and no mess! Lock the tiles together and enjoy your new floor!

When fitted with a Luvanto SoundClick underlay the floor will become much quieter to walk on, perfect for those pets, loud families or upper floor apartments.

This floor carries a competent anti-slip rating making it safe for workplaces and homes with the elderly. This floor is also flame-resistant.

This floor is very easy to clean & maintain. Regular vacuuming will keep your Luvanto floor tiles free of dust & dirt. It doesn’t demand expensive treatments such as polishing and lacquering. Ensure that you don’t install the floor in a room with direct sunlight as it can lose its colour.


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Specifications & Installation


Reclaimed Oak Flooring specifications:

  • Thickness 4mm
  • Wear Layer 0.5mm
  • Plank Size 184mm x 1219mm
  • Coverage 2.2m²
  • 25 Year Domestic Warranty
  • 10 Year Commercial Warranty
  • 0.5mm Wear Layer
  • Range: Luvanto Click
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Edge detail: Bevel edge
  • Heavy domestic and commercial use
  • Range: Luvanto Click
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Edge detail: Bevel edge
  • Heavy domestic and commercial use


The Reclaimed Oak Click Vinyl Flooring by Luvanto benefits from a Click fit installation method. This is the most common installation method used for luxury vinyl tile installation owing to its simplicity and high-quality results.

It’s quick and easy to follow this installation method yourself. Here, you’ll discover a brief installation guide to help*.

What tools will you need?

Before starting the installation, ensure you have all of the tools you’ll need. These include:

  • Mitre saw
  • Utility knife
  • Tape measure
  • Spacers and crowbar
  • Roller

Having the right tools on hand will make the installation process much simpler.

Preparing the subfloor

Like any type of flooring, it is important to prepare the subfloor before installing luxury click vinyl. You need to ensure it is clean and flat, and it should also have a low moisture level.

Testing the moisture level prior to installation is crucial. If working with a high-moisture subfloor, it’s a good idea to use a screed to dry it out a little. Using a moisture-resistant underlay can also ensure the floor doesn’t become damaged by a moisture-prone subfloor.

If you’re working with a wooden subfloor, ensure there are no nails sticking out of it. You should also remove any damaged floorboards and replace them before installation begins. Once the subfloor is flat and clean, you can begin preparing the Luvanto Reclaimed Oak Click Vinyl Flooring for installation.

Preparing for installation

Preparation is key to ensuring the installation process goes smoothly. Start by leaving the LVT to acclimatise for around 48 hours. In this time, you can take accurate measurements of the room. With click vinyl flooring, it’s best to start installing the floor from one side of the room, working outwards.

You are also going to need a good quality underlay. This is crucial for floating vinyl installation. Not only does it protect the stability of the floor, it also adds comfort and noise reduction benefits. Cover the entire subfloor with underlay, leaving a gap around any pipework.

Decide which direction you want the floor to run. If you want to make a smaller room appear larger, installing the tiles parallel to the longest part of the wall is a great tip. To make the most of natural lighting, install the floor towards the windows.

Now is a great time to cut the tiles to size if needed. Measure them and use the measurements of the room to determine whether any tiles need to be cut. You could also lay the tiles down without securing them, to see where cuts may need to be made. This will really speed up the installation process.

Installation method

When you are ready to start installing the Luvanto Reclaimed Oak Click Vinyl Flooring, you should find the process quick and simple. While the manufacturer will have provided installation instructions, a general guide to follow includes:

Step 1: Prepare the first row

Begin by cutting the click system away from one side of the starting tiles. This can be done using your utility knife, simply scoring the click system before simply breaking it off. Make sure you’re cutting the tiles on the side facing the wall. Place spacers between the wall and the tiles to ensure you’re leaving an even gap.

Step 2: Slot the first two tiles together 

Attach the second tile into the first by slotting the tongue side of tile into the groove of the first tile. Use the roller over the seams of the tiles to ensure they’re tightly connected. Carry on using this method for the rest of the tiles in the first row.

Step 3: Fitting the second row

Attach the first tile of the second row into the first tile of the first row, using the click system on its long side. The second tile should then be positioned with its long side which features the tongue, overlapping the groove of the tiles in the first row.

You will need to pivot the tile downwards, fitting the tongue and groove of the tile’s short sides together. If you wish, you can first connect the second-row tiles together before clicking them into place against the first row.

Don’t forget to use your roller to ensure the tiles are well connected.

Step 4: Continue to install the rest of the rows from left to right

Once you’ve finished the second row, continue using the same installation method for the final rows. It is best to work from left to right. Once all of the rows have been fitted, remove the spacers from around the room. You can then finish the installation by ensuring the expansion gaps are adequately covered.

Important: We highly recommend contacting the manufacturer of the floor to receive an official installation guide (above). Failure to follow manufacturer guidelines could void the warranty.