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Palace Satin Seal & Polish – Bulk Buy


Palace Satin Seal & Polish

Improves the appearance of unglazed tile and stone

Palace Satin Seal & Polish is an ultra-fine emulsion which dries to form a protective, semi-sheen film on unglazed or semi-porous tiles such as quarry tiles, natural stone and slate. When dry it will leave a consistent smooth satin finish and repeat applications will result in a higher-gloss finish.

  • Ideal for Slate & quarry tiles
  • Dries to a semi-sheen finish
  • Seals open porous tiles
  • One coat clear finish

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Palace Satin Seal & Polish further information

Coverage: Depending on surface texture and porosity, one litre of PALACE SATIN SEAL & POLISH will be sufficient to enhance the appearance of up to 30 square metres of smooth surface per 1 litre pack for a single coat application. To maintain appearance of the sealed surface, clean regularly with PALACE TILE POLISH & SHINE.

It’s an ultra-fine metallised acrylic emulsion which penetrates into all types of porous surface and forms a complete seal across open pores restricting the ingress of damp and spillages likely to tarnish the original appearance. It dries to form a satin sheen finish and additional treatments will increase the level of gloss.

Application Method

Ensure the surface is thoroughly clean, dry and free of all surface deposits and allow newly laid floors to completely dry before applying this treatment. A previous application of PALACE ALL PURPOSE TILE CLEANER will help prepare a clean surface and on heavily soiled floors, good preparatory work may require the application of PALACE ALL PURPOSE TILE CLEANER or PALACE GROUT FILM REMOVER. Floors must then be left to dry for at least 3 days and any under-floor heating switched off 24 hours prior to applying this product. Highly porous surfaces such as slate, brick or flagstones should first be sealed using a single coat of PALACE IMPREGNATING SEALER if they have not been previously protected. PALACE SATIN SEAL & POLISH should not be shaken or stirred immediately prior to use as this will increase the risk of foaming which can disrupt an even application. It can be applied neat with a smooth velvet paint roller (as recommended for acrylic paints) or a “non-fibrous” sponge or cloth working in one direction and then allowed to dry for up to one hour. (Do not apply excess pressure when coating out). Where a second coat is required, apply at right angles to the first, allow 3 to 4 hours to dry and then do not allow the surface to become wet for three to four days until the polish film has fully cured (NB. For interior use only)


PALACE SATIN SEAL & POLISH is a water-based acrylic emulsion which dries to form a surface protective, reduced slip film on unglazed or porous tiles such as quarry tiles, natural stone and slate. Care is required during its application to ensure an even and consistent coating is achieved, which when dry will leave a consistent semi- sheen, smooth satin finish. Repeat applications will result in a high-gloss finish and the durability of its final appearance will be maintained by regular applications of PALACE TILE POLISH & SHINE.

Palace Satin Seal & Polish technical video


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