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Norcros Ultim8 D1T – Pallet Deals and Bulk Buy – Ready Mixed High Grab Wall Tile Adhesive

Norcros Adhesives

Norcros Ultim8

Norcros Ultim8 is an acrylic based organic dispersion wall tile adhesive for fixing ceramic tiles, including large format up to 400mm x 300mm, to a variety of substrates.

It has been specially formulated to have excellent wetting out which gives the adhesive high initial grab and superb non-slip characteristics reducing the need for support battens.

Norcros Ultim8 is suitable for internal wall tiling in areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and domestic showers for bed depths up to 3mm. The adhesive has a long pot life for ease of use and minimal wastage. In normal conditions tiles can be grouted 24 hours after fixing.

  • Non slip
  • Easy to use
  • Kitchens and bathrooms
  • Ready mixed
  • BS EN 12004 D1T

Norcros are officialy closed from Friday 17th March 2023. Please contact us for an alternative 0333 344 2655 or info@buythepallet.co.uk

Norcros Ultim8 extended information

COVERAGE: In dry areas approximately 1.5kg/m2. In wet areas where solid-bed fixing is essential approximately 3kg/m2.

Norcros Ultim8 product information

Internal UseYes
External UseNo
Wall TilingYes
Floor TilingNo
Cement:Sand RenderYes
Existing Glazed TilesYes - Drying time will be extended to at least 72 hours
Painted SurfacesYes - Drying time will be extended to at least 72 hours
EN ClassificationBS EN 12004 D1T
Working Time @20°C20 to 25 minutes
Set Time @ 20°C24 hours. This will be extended to at least 72 hours when fixing large format tiles or onto impervious backgrounds such as existing tiles and paint.
Bed Thickness1 mm to 3mm
CoverageDry Area: Approx. 1.5kg/m2
Wet Areas: Approx. 3kg/m2
Trowels: Walls - Dry Areas
Walls - Wet Areas
Walls - Mosaics
6mm round notches
10mm tapering notches
4mm square notches


All surfaces should be dry, clean and strong enough to support the tiles to be fixed. Tiling substrates should be true and flat to permit fixing without visible lipping of tile edges. Porous or dusty surfaces must be thoroughly dry brushed prior to sealing with Norcros Prime Bond diluted 1:4 with water.

Gypsum Plasterboard

Plasterboard should be rigid and well-braced with all board edges fully supported. Jointing compound at board junctions should be primed with Norcros Prime Bond.

Gypsum Plaster

New plaster should be a minimum of 4 weeks old. It must be ensured that the plaster is sound, in good condition and firmly bonded to the background. Tiles should only be fixed to finishing plaster, not to the plaster backing coat. Any loose or hollow sounding areas should be cut out and made good. Where the plaster is dusty or has a shiny finish,

it should be thoroughly dry brushed using a stiff bristled brush and the dust wiped from the surface prior to priming with Norcros Prime Bond diluted 1:4 with water. Allow to dry.

Glazed Surfaces

These must be well fixed, clean, dry, grease-free and able to support the additional weight of tiling.

Painted Surfaces

Check that the paint is in good condition, well adhered to the background and is sufficiently strong to hold the weight of the tiled finish. The adhesion of the paint to the background can be tested by firmly pressing lengths of good quality self- adhesive tape over various areas of the paint. Leave the tape for approximately 10-15 minutes before pulling off. In areas where paint is removed by the tape, the remaining paint should be scraped or sanded away. Do not use chemical paint strippers. Clean the surface of the paint with a good quality alkaline detergent and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Allow to dry.


Stir the contents before use. Using a suitable notched trowel spread the adhesive onto the wall surface to form parallel ribs into which the tiles should be applied with a firm twisting action to collapse the ribs and ensure maximum adhesive contact. Spread only enough adhesive that remains workable and does not skin over. Solid-bed void-free fixing is essential in wet areas. Tiles may be grouted as soon as the adhesive bed is dry, under normal circumstances this will be around 24 hours after fixing, although this will be extended in cold conditions, when fixing larger tiles or when fixing onto impervious backgrounds.


When fixing onto moisture sensitive backgrounds such as plaster and plasterboard in areas which may be subject to wetting, the substrate should be waterproofed using Norcros Wet Seal Tanking Membrane.

Impervious backgrounds such as existing glazed tiles and paint will extend the drying time of ready mixed adhesives, it must therefore be ensured that the adhesive is fully dried before the commencement of grouting – at least 72 hours after fixing although this will be extended at lower temperatures.

Do not use externally or on floors.

Not suitable for use in areas of total immersion such as swimming pools.

Do not use below 5°C.

Exceeding the maximum recommended bed depth of 3mm may result in shrinking and cracking of the adhesive bed.

Spot fixing or ‘dot and dabbing’ is not recognised as being an acceptable fixing method and must be avoided.

Norcros Ultim8 STORAGE

Store in dry internal conditions away from direct sunlight between 5°C to 25°C. The product has a 12 month shelf life from date of manufacture.


For advice on tile installation products call Norcros Technical Helpline on 01782 524140.


Norcros Ultim8 is considered safe in use, is non-toxic and non-flammable. It contains biocide to prevent mould growth and should be kept away from children. Wash after skin contact, wear protective clothing to avoid allergic reaction in sensitive skin types and avoid ingestion.


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