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Norcros Semi-Rapid S1 Tile Adhesive 20Kg GREY / WHITE Pallet Deals and Bulk Buy

Norcros Adhesives

Norcros Semi-Rapid S1 Tile Adhesive

Highly Polymer Modified Fibre Reinforced White Cement-Based Powder Adhesive

Norcros Wall & Floor Semi-Rapid White Tile Adhesive is a highly polymer modified fibre-reinforced white cement-based powder adhesive which has been specifically formulated to give an extended pot life of up to 180 minutes.

  • Increased Flexural Strength
  • Extended Pot Life of up to 180 minutes
  • Fibre Reinforced
  • Crack Bridging
  • Improved Bed Thickness of 2-10mm
  • Suitable for fixing ceramic, porcelain & light/translucent natural stone tiles
  • Underfloor Heating & Plywood Overlay
  • Swimming Pools & Wet Rooms
  • Internal & External

Norcros are officialy closed from Friday 17th March 2023. Please contact us for an alternative 0333 344 2655 or info@buythepallet.co.uk

Norcros Semi-Rapid S1 Tile Adhesive extended information

COVERAGE: On true surfaces with small tiles <200 x 200mm on walls approx. 2.75kg per m2 and on floors approx 3.3kg per m2. With larger tiles > 330 x 330mm on walls approx 3.3kg per m2 and on floors approx 4kg per m2.

The adhesive has been designed with increased flexural strength for fixing all types of tiles including light coloured and translucent natural stone to a variety of building surfaces in internal, external and total immersion locations. The increased polymer level combined with fibres gives reinforced flexural and bond strength in addition to giving the adhesive crack bridging properties up to 3mm. It is ideal for use in heavy duty areas such as swimming pools, commercial showers and locations where thermal variation may occur such as heated floors. A further benefit of the adhesive is its anti-shrinkage properties, making it suitable for a bed thickness up to 10mm.

Norcros Semi-Rapid S1 Tile Adhesive summary information

Cement:Sand RenderYes
Anhydrite ScreedYes - Seal and prime as overleaf
Existing VinylYes
Flooring Grade AsphaltYes
Existing Glazed TilesYes Slurry bond coat
Heated FloorsYes
Timber FloorsYes - Permalayer or Plywood/ Pro Board/Pro Ply overlay
Plaster/PlasterboardYes - Prime with undiluted Prime Bond
Total ImmersionYes
EN ClassificationBS EN 12004 C2TE S1
Working Time @ 20°CUp to 180 minutes
Set Time @ 20°C6 hours
Bed Thickness2mm to 10mm
12mm in small areas
CoverageWalls: Approx. 3.3kg/m2 Floors: Approx. 4kg/m2
Walls - Dry Areas
Walls - Wet Areas
Walls - Mosaics

6mm round notches
10mm tapering notches
4mm square notches
20mm round notches


All surfaces should be dry, clean and strong enough to support the tiles to be fixed. Tiling substrates should be true and flat to permit fixing without visible lipping of tile edges. On floors, any gaps exceeding 3mm under a 2 metre straight edge should be corrected using either Norcros Pro 30 Fast Track Eco or Norcros Pro 50 Levelling Compound. This will be particularly appropriate where larger tiles or those with rectified edges are being installed. Porous
or dusty surfaces must be sealed using Norcros Prime Bond diluted 1:4 with water.

Concrete/ Cement:Sand Screed

New concrete floors must be allowed to dry for a minimum of 6 weeks. Residual traces of laitance and curing agents should be mechanically removed before tiling commences. Screeds should be a minimum of 21 days old. These drying times may be reduced to 48 hours if Norcros Permalayer anti-fracture membrane is used.

Cement:Sand Render

Must be at least 14 days old. New render should not be applied to new masonry walls until 6 weeks after the brick or blockwork has been completed. This allows for drying shrinkage to have taken place. In cold conditions these times will be extended.

Anhydrite & Hemihydrite (Gypsum) Screeds

These must be cured to their respective manufacturers’ directions before tiling can begin. The surface must be free from laitance and primed using progressively stronger coats of Norcros Prime Bond as follows: Diluted 1:4 parts water. Allow to dry. Diluted 1:3 parts water. Allow to dry. If the screed is still absorbent then a third priming coat diluted 1:2 parts water should be applied. Allow to dry.

Heated Floors (Dense Construction)

Norcros Wall & Floor Semi-Rapid White Tile Adhesive is suitable for use with underfloor and undertile heating systems. On solid floor structures after tiling, the floors should not be switched on for at least 14 days and then brought up to operating temperature gradually during the initial heating of the floor. Undertile heating cables and mats can be tiled directly or prior to tiling they can be bedded into a screed of either Norcros Pro 30 Fast Track Eco or Norcros Pro 50 Levelling Compound. This method prevents damage to the heating elements during the laying process.

Thermoplastic Floor Tile/ Vinyl Sheet

If well stuck down and in good condition these should be degreased and sealed with neat Norcros Prime Bond.

Asphalt (Internal Only)

Flooring grade asphalt can be tiled directly with Norcros Wall & Floor Semi-Rapid White Tile Adhesive providing it is in good condition, clean and able to support the tiling.

Gypsum Plasterboard**

Seal with Norcros Prime Bond prior to tiling.

Gypsum Plaster**

Must be sealed with Norcros Prime Bond before tiling. If finishing plaster is polished, rub down to form a key before priming.

** In wet areas or those of intermittent wetting such as shower areas, moisture sensitive backgrounds such as plaster should be waterproofed using Norcros Wet Seal Tanking Membrane.

Glazed Surfaces

These must be well fixed and able to support the additional weight of tiling, clean, dry and free from grease. The old glazed surface must be thoroughly degreased, and a slurry bonding coat made of 1 part Norcros Prime Bond: 2 parts Semi-Rapid White Tile Adhesive should be brushed onto the surface and allowed to dry. This will provide a key onto which the adhesive layer can bond.

Plywood Overlay onto Existing Timber Floors** (BS EN 636-3 WBP/Marine Grade Plywood) Internal Tiling Only

All sheets should be a minimum of 15 to 18mm thick and be screwed down to existing boards and joists with staggered joints at 300mm centres and 150mm centres along board edges. The sheets must be sealed on the back, face and edges with Norcros Prime Bond. All timber constructions must be adequately ventilated behind to prevent atmospheric moisture distortion and warpage of the boards themselves.

Beware of some grades of Eastern European and Far Eastern Plywood which may be susceptible to disintegration when wet. Plywood which has been treated/coated may not be suitable to receive a tiled finish as the coating may inhibit adhesion to the board.


Into a clean pail add 1 part of cold water and gradually introduce approximately 3.5 parts of adhesive powder stirring to blend the mixed mortar to a smooth lump free consistency. The properly mixed mortar will be thick enough to hold the adhesive ribs without slumping. Mix only enough material that can be used within the pot life of the product which will be around 180 minutes – this will be extended in cold conditions and reduced in hot weather/warm temperatures.

Norcros Semi-Rapid S1 Tile Adhesive APPLICATION

Using a suitably notched trowel spread the adhesive onto the fixing surface to form parallel ribs into which the tiles should be applied with a firm twisting action. Spread only enough material that remains workable and as such fully wets out on the tile backing. Solid-bed void-free fixing will be necessary on floors and in wet areas. Tiles with deeply keyed back profiles may need to be back buttered. The adhesive is designed for thin bed fixing up to 10mm although in isolated areas it can be bedded out up to 12mm in thickness. Tiles may be grouted as soon as the adhesive bed is set.

Under normal conditions this will be around 6 hours after fixing although this will be extended in cold conditions. Do not use below 5oC.


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