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Mapei Nivoplan Interior & Exterior Levelling Mortar 25Kg – Pallet Deals & Bulk Buy


Mapei Nivoplan – Levelling Mortar for Interior & Exterior

Smoothing mortar for internal and external walls and ceilings for thicknesses from 2 to 20 mm.

Where to use:

Mapei Nivoplan is particularly suitable for rendering and levelling indoor and outdoor wall and ceiling surfaces in layers of thicknesses from 2 to 20 mm.

Nivoplan makes the surfaces suitable for the installation of ceramic tiles or for paint finishing.

Some application examples of Mapei Nivoplan:

  • Smoothing walls prior to installing ceramic tiles.
  • Repairing old, damaged renders.
  • Leveling reinforced concrete surfaces of swimming pools and façades prior to installing ceramic coverings, waterproofing by painting.
  • Smoothing foamed cement, brick, eraclit, etc. walls.

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Mapei Nivoplan Interior & Exterior Levelling Mortar extended information

Consumption: Consumption depends on the thickness of the layer but is 1.5 kg/m2 per millimetre of thickness (1 cm of thickness = 15 kg/m2).

Mapei Nivoplan is a grey or white powder composed of cement, selected aggregates and special synthetic resins which, when mixed with water, provide a mix that is easy to apply on vertical surfaces with a trowel or with a rendering spraying machine.

*Note: The choice of bonding requirement is based around the porosity of the substrate and the required finishes.

Mapei Nivoplan’s bonding properties can be improved by adding Mapei Planicrete and water to the product during mixing, 1-2 litres per bag (used as a partial replacement for the mix water).

The addition of Planicrete is necessary for thin applications over concrete or in cases where the render will receive tile or natural stone coverings.

*Note: Mapei Nivoplan is a normal setting Portland based product. The waiting time to fix tiles is based in the development of the mechanical strength. Mapei Planicrete is a SBR additive used, when mixed as per the recommendations:

To improve the mechanical characteristics of cement-based renders.

To improve the adhesive characteristics of cementbased renders.

To provide higher compressive and flexural strengths.

Mapei Nivoplan is classified as CP (“General purpose mortar for internal/external render”), category CS IV according to EN 998-1.

Mapei Nivoplan Recommendations

Preparation of the substrate

The substrate must be compact, free of dust, loose parts and clean from oils, grease, paint or glue residues.

Nivoplan can also be applied to damp surfaces without any problem, but cure time will be slightly prolonged.

It is advisable to wet highly absorbent substrates (brick, foamed cement, etc.) before applying Nivoplan, especially if the layer is less than 3 mm thick. Mapei Nivoplan cannot be used on gypsum surfaces and the like, unless they are treated before hand with Mapei Primer G.

Preparing the mix

Nivoplan should be mixed with clean water and stirred until a smooth, lump-free paste is obtained. It is advisable to use a mechanical stirrer.

One 25kg bag of Nivoplan should be mixed with 5.0-5.5 litres of water.


One 25kg bag of Nivoplan should be mixed with 3.0 litres of water and 2 litres of Planicrete.

The Nivoplan mix remains usable for 2 hours after mixing.

Applying the mix

It is invariably advisable to apply a first coat of Mapei Nivoplan to the substrate so as to ensure perfect coverage and then, without waiting, apply the layer necessary for good levelling, up to a maximum of 2 cm at a time.

Nivoplan should be applied with a rendering machine, with a flat trowel or screed (for thick layers) under firm pressure to make the mix adhere well to the substrate.

Spatterdash Key

Mix proportions Mapei Nivoplan: Mapei Planicrete: Water (25:2:3)

Consistency: Thick slurry, well stirred.

Application: Throw onto dampened background and leave rough.

Thickness: 3-5 mm.

It is recommended to applv a first coat of Mabei Nivoplan to the substrate to ensure the correct coverage and then, without waiting, apply the layer necessary for good levelling, up to a maximum of 20mm at a time.

Before applying Mapelastic, 20 mm of thick Mapei Nivoplan should be cured for approx. 14 days.

Mapei Nivoplan is a normal setting Portland based product. The waiting time to fix tiles is based on the development of of the mechanical strengths, whereas to apply a waterproofing membrane one of the parameters is the residual moisture.

Based on actual environmental conditions, 1 week per 10mm (in good season) is a reasonable timing to avoid possible risks. It makes mixes much harder, more resistant to abrasion.


As an admixture to improve the mechanical and adhesive characteristics of cement based screed, renders and thin smoothing layers. As an admixture for highly adhesive cement bonding layers.

It is unadvisable to work in temperatures lower than +5°C.

After setting and hardening, cementitious mixes with added Planicrete have the following properties:

Better adhesion to substrates Higher compressive and flexural strengths. A1cm thick layer of Mapei Nivoplan is strong enough to receive tiles after 12 hours in normal conditions (+23°C -50% R.H.) on sub-layers with a normal level of absorption. If the surrounding temperature or the level of humidity are higher, it may be necessary to wait more than 24 hours.

The surfaces can be painted over after at least 2 weeks.

This time becomes longer in winter and shorter in summer.

When applying on walls directly exposed to the sun or wind, it is advisable to wet the surface of the Nivoplan to avoid premature curing.

Mapei Nivoplan Cleaning

Tools and hands may be cleaned using water before the product sets.

Mapei Nivoplan product identity

Colour:grey and white
Density (kg/m3):1,400
Dry solids content or active substance (%):100

Mapei Nivoplan application data

Mix ratio:23-26 parts water per 100 parts of Mapei Nivoplan by weight
Consistency of mix:very pasty
Density of mix (kg/m3):1.830
pH of mix:approx 12
Pot life:2-3 hours
Application temperature range:from +5°C to +30°C
Thickness possible for one coat (mm):from 2 to 20
Waiting time before bonding:≥ 24 hours dependant on the thickness applied the temperature and the humidity
Waiting time before painting:at least 14 davs

Mapei Nivoplan final performances

Resistance to alkalis:excellent
Resistance to oils:excellent (poor to vegetable oils)
Resistance to solvents:excellent
Temperature range when in use:from -30°C to +90°C
Compatibility with adhesives:excellent
Flexural strength (N/mm2):3.5
Compressive strength (N/mm2):6.0

Mapei Nivoplan performance characteristics

Performance characteristicTest methodRequirements according to EN 998-1 type GP-CSIVPerformance of product (WHITE)Performance of product (GREY)
Compressive strength (MPa):EN 1015-17≥ 6 category CS IV≥ 12
category CS IV
category CS IV
Bond strength on brickwork (MPa):1015-12not required≥ 0.8 FP: B≥1.0 FP: B
Water absorption (kg/(m2.min0,5):EN 1015-18WO (not specified)
WI (≤ 0.40)
W2 (≤ 0.20)
Thermal conductivity -A- (W/m K°):EN 1745not required0.950.95
Coefficient of vapour permeability:EN 1015-1914-2217.313.6
Reaction to fire:EuroclassClass declared by manufacturerA1A1

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