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Larsen Streetscape Fine Bedding Concrete FBC Permeable Eco 25Kg – Pallet Deals and Bulk Buy


Larsen Streetscape Fine Bedding Concrete FBC Permeable Eco

Larsen FBC Eco permeable is specifically formulated to exceed performance characteristics as set out in BS 7533 part 101 (Code of practice for the structural design of pavements using modular paving units), clause 5.4, table 9. FBC ECO permeable is ideal for pavements constructed with clay, concrete or natural stone paving units. Manufactured from a controlled blend of aggregate, cement & GGBS it only requires the addition of water to produce a fully BS 7533 part 101 (code of practice for the structural design of pavements using modular paving units) compliant bedding mortar for the laying course.

Eco – Reduced Carbon.

Larsen FBC Eco Permeable is the equivalent to carbon absorbed by growing two trees for 10 years or not driving a car for 313 miles per tonne of product used.

TestBS 7533 Type 35Larsen FBC ECO PermeableComplies
Compressive≥35 MPa42.5 MPaYES
Flexural≥4.5 MPa6.5 MPaYES
Modulus(18 000 ± 3 500) MPa16,009 MPaYES
Permeability≥5 x 10-5≥5 x 10-5YES

1.2t Weatherproof bulk bags:
Dry powder delivered in 1.2t weatherproof bulk bags on pallets for larger projects where 25kg bags are not practical.

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Larsen Streetscape Fine Bedding Concrete FBC Permeable Eco extended information

HAZARD INFORMATION:Contains cement. Consult Safety Datasheet before use
CLEANINGClean tools, equipment, etc. using warm water.
Mechanical means are necessary when the product has set.
PACKAGING:25 kg multilayer paper. 1.2 MT Big Bag or Bulk Silo
STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS:Store unopened containers in a dark, cool, dry location away from extremes of temperature
SHELF LIFE:Minimum 6 months in unopened manufacturer's containerstemperature

Larsen Streetscape Fine Bedding Concrete FBC Permeable Eco application information

WATER DEMAND1.8to2.0Lper25kg
WORKING TIMEApprox. 60 minutes
BED THICKNESS30-75 mm per pass
TIME TO TRAFFICLight Foot Traffic - after 12 hours.

Vehicle Traffic - after 1-2 days (depending on site conditions)
YIELD13 L (approximately) per 25 kg bag

Larsen Streetscape Fine Bedding Concrete FBC Permeable Eco typical performance information

DRY HARDENED DENSITY2100 - 2200 kg/m3
SHRINKAGE0.02 – 0.04%
BOND STRENGTH> 2.0 MPa (with priming slurry)

Larsen Streetscape FBC permeable ECO – DIRECTIONS FOR USE:


The base should meet the requirements of BS 7533 part 101 dependent on the type and level of traffic. All substrates must be suitable to receive the bedding mortar as per current good working practices. All substrates for bound construction should be clean, thoroughly sound and free from oils, grease, dust, loose particles or any other contaminants which may interfere with adhesion. They should be pre-soaked but free from standing water.


Larsen Streetscape PS ECO (bonding mortar). Bonding mortar is necessary in bound system B as per BS 7533 part 101. When measured in combination with the bedding mortar, Larsen Streetscape PS ECO bonding mortar should be applied to the base and underside of the paving element in order to provide an adhesion bond strength of ≥2.0 MPa; this is from the base to the bedding mortar and paving element to bedding mortar.


Add 1.8 L of water per 25 kg bag to achieve the desired workability. Mix with a suitable mechanical mixer for a minimum of 3 minutes. Larsen Streetscape FBC Eco Permeable is designed to be used semi dry / moist consistency at the above water ratios. Should extra water be added to gain a more pliable workability, the hardened properties of the mix will be reduced. If too little water is used, the bedding will be too dry to bind together, achieve correct compaction or hydrate the binder element. Workability should be checked regularly using the “snowball” test. Do not remix or wet up FBC which has gone off.


Bedding depths of between 30 mm and 75 mm can be placed in a single layer. Greater depths can be achieved by placing successive layers with each layer being sufficiently compacted prior to laying another pass. When applying another layer to a layer which has set, it should first be primed with Larsen Streetscape PS ECO bonding mortar. Freshly laid areas should be protected from foot traffic for a minimum of 12 hours, vehicular traffic for a minimum of 24 hours, both dependent on temperature and site conditions.


In adverse weather conditions, paving should not be laid or jointed if the temperature is below 3°C on a falling thermometer or 1°C on a rising thermometer. The surface of the substrate should not be frozen before bedding and fresh bedding protected from inclement weather or freezing until sufficient strength is achieved for damage not to occur. All work should be carried out following guidance in BS 7533.

Larsen Streetscape FBC permeable ECO – QUALITY

Larsen Streetscape FBC permeable ECO is manufactured in a plant controlled under an integrated management system third party certified to BS EN ISO 9001 & BS EN ISO 14001. All orders are sold subject to our current terms of sale and delivery. The information and recommendations provided are given in good faith based on our current knowledge and experience of the products when properly stored, handled and applied in accordance with current best practice, national standards and our recommendations.


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