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Kerakoll Biofast 20Kg – Pallet Deals and Bulk Buy – C2TE Rapid Setting Mineral Adhesive Grey / White


Kerakoll Biofast Mineral Tile Adhesive is

A rapid setting mineral tile adhesive with an extremely low chemical additive content. Longer workability with accelerated adhesion for high performance bonding, with no vertical slip, of porcelain, ceramic and natural stone tiles.

  • Extremely low chemical additive content
  • Non thickening – up to 1 hour of constant workability
  • Accelerated adhesion – total safety after only 3 hours
  • For high performance bonding
  • With no vertical slip of porcelain, ceramic and natural stone tiles
  • Doesn’t cause irritation – no environmental hazard rating
  • Eco friendly


  • With Bentonite – Highly thixotropic so it holds its shape and thickness under the tile
  • With Natural NHL Lime – It prevents thickening in the bucket and reduces the use of chemical additives, ensures greater plasticity and slide to the mixture
  • With Plant Latex – Kerakoll Biofast has an extremely low chemical additive content and does not emit dangerous substances and unpleasant odours


Kerakoll Biofast Rapid Setting Mineral Adhesive further information

Coverage: Grey (mixing ratio 26%) ≈ 1.4 kg/m2 per mm thickness
White (mixing ratio 29%) ≈ 1.3 kg/m2 per mm thickness

Kerakoll Biofast Eco Information

Formulated with locally-sourced minerals meaning lower
greenhouse gas emission during transportation
Contains recycled minerals thereby reducing the damage to
the environment caused by extracting pure raw materials
Single-component; avoiding the use of plastic cans reduces
CO2 emissions and the need to dispose of special waste

Kerakoll Biofast Eco rating

Kerakoll Biofast Areas of Use

Waterproofing productsPlasterboardLime and cement-based plasters/renders
Heating systemsFibro-cement slabsTo overlay existing floors
Cement-based screedsGypsum and anhydriteImpact noise insulation sheets
ConcreteCellular concrete, for internal useRigid wood
Porcelain tilesLarge formatsGlass tiles
Laminated stonewareMarble - natural stoneThermal and acoustic insulation
Low thickness slabsRecomposed materialsTerracotta - klinker
Ceramic tilesGlass mosaics
Floors and wallsSaunas and spaStreet furniture
For internal use - externalDomesticMarine
Terraces and balconiesIndustrial

Kerakoll Biofast Technical Data

Shelf life≈ 12 months in the original packaging in dry environment.
Protect from humidity
Pack20 Kg
Adhesive thicknessfrom 2 to 15 mm
Temperature of the air, substrates and materialsfrom +5 °C to +35 °CUNI 11493 - 8.3
Pot life at +23 °C
- Grey≈ 1 hr
- White≈ 1 hr
Open time at +23 °C (BIII tile):
- Grey≥ 45 min.EN 1346
- White≥ 45 minEN 1346
Correction time (BIII tile):
+23 °C≥ 6 min
Time required until fully frost-proof (Bla tile)
- from +5 °C to -5 °C≈ 3 hrs
Foot traffic/grouting of joints at +23 °C (BIa tile):
- Grey≈ 3 hrs
- White≈ 3 hrs
Grouting in walls at +23 °C (BIa tile)
- Grey≈ 2 hrs
- White≈ 2 hrs
Ready for use at +23 °C / +5 °C (BIa tile)
- light foot traffic≈ 6 hrs
- heavy traffic≈ 6 hrs
Coverage per mm thickness:
- Grey (mixing ratio 26%) ≈ 1.4 kg/m2
- White (mixing ratio 29%)≈ 1.3 kg/m2

Values taken at +23 °C, 50% R.H. and no ventilation. Data may vary depending on specific conditions at the building site, i.e.temperature, ventilation and absorbency level of the substrate and of the materials laid.

Kerakoll Biofast Performance

Conformity EC 1 plus GEV-E
ConformityEC 1 plus GEV-EmicodeGEV Certified 6193/11.01.02
Shear adhesion (porcelain tiles/porcelain tiles) after 28 days≥ 2 N/mm2ANSI A-118.4
Tensile adhesion after 6 hrs≥ 0.5 N/mm2EN 1348
Tensile adhesion (concrete/porcelain tiles) after 28 days≥ 1 N/mm2EN 1348
Durability test:
- adhesion after heat ageing≥ 1 N/mm2EN 1348
- adhesion after water immersionEN 1348
- adhesion after freeze-thaw cyclesEN 1348
- adhesion after straining cyclesSAS Technology
Vertical slipEN 1348
Working temperaturefrom -40 °C to +90 °C

Values taken at +23 °C, 50% R.H. and no ventilation. Data may vary depending on specific conditions at the building site.

Kerakoll Biofast Instructions For Use:

Preparation of the substrate

Substrates must comply with BS 5385, parts 1-5, be compact, free from substances that reduce adhesion such as dust, oil, grease and with no loose material. The substrate must be stable, non-deformable, without cracks and have already completed the curing period of hygrometric shrinkage.
Anhydrite screeds must have a residual moisture of ≤ 0.5 CM% and ≤ 0.3 CM% in the case of radiating floors.

Cement-based screeds must have a residual moisture of ≤ 2 CM% and ≤ 1.8 CM% in the case of radiating floors.

Adhesive preparation

Mixing water (EN 1348)Mixing water on-site
-Grey≈ 23% – 25% by weight-Grey≈ 4.8 l / 1 bag
-White≈ 26% – 28% by weight-White≈ 5.4 l/1 bag

The amount of water to be added, indicated on the packaging, is an approximate guide. It is possible to obtain mixtures with consistency of variable thixotropy according to the application to be made.


To guarantee structural adhesion it is necessary to apply a layer of adhesive sufficient to cover the entire back of the coating material. Large, rectangular sizes with sides > 60 cm and low thickness sheets may require adhesive to be applied directly to the back of the material.
Check samples to make sure the adhesive has been transferred to the back of the material.

Create elastic expansion joints:
– ≈ 10 m2 in external applications,
– ≈ 25 m2 in internal applications,
– every 8 metres in long, narrow applications.
Respect all structural, fractionizing and perimeter joints present in the substrates.

Special Notes:

  • Pre-treatment of special substrates

Gypsum-based plasters/renders, anhydrite screeds and cellular concrete, for internal use: Primer A Eco Vinyl sheets for interior use: Keragrip Eco
Please see the technical data sheet on how to use the Primers properly.

  • Materials and special substrates
    Marble and natural stone: materials that are subject to deformation or staining due to water absorption require a quick-setting or reactive adhesive.
    Marble and natural stone in general may have characteristics that vary even with reference to materials of the same chemical and physical nature. For this reason it is essential you consult Kerakoll Global Service to request specific indications or to carry out a test on a sample of the material.
    In the absence of specific indications from the manufacturer, natural stone slabs with reinforcement layers, in the form of resin coating, polymer mesh, matting, etc. or treatments (for example damp courses, etc.) applied on the laying surface must be tested in advance to ensure they are compatible with the adhesive.
    Check for the presence of any really consistent traces of rock dust created during cutting, and remove them if found.
    Waterproofing products: adherent and floating polymer sheets, liquid bitumen and tar-based sheets or membranes require application of a laying screed on top.
  • Special applications

Insulating and soundproofing panels applied using spot adhesion as recommended by the manufacturers. Plasterboard and fibro-cement slabs must be firmly anchored to specific metal frames.

  • Do not use

On metal, plastic or resilient materials, deformable substrates or subject to vibrations.
On screeds, plasters/renders, concrete not yet cured and affected by important drying shrinkage. On organic-based waterproofing products (such as RM according to EN 14891).
On smooth prefabricated concrete.


Product for professional use
– abide by any standards and national regulations
– do not use the adhesive to correct substrate irregularities greater than 15 mm
– protect from direct rainfall for at least 6 hrs
– the temperature, ventilation and absorption of the substrate and covering materials, may vary the adhesive workability and setting times
– use the right size of toothed spreader for the format of the tile or slab
– guarantee a full-bed in all external laying operations
– if necessary, ask for the safety data sheet
– for any other issues, contact the Kerakoll Worldwide Global Service



20Kg bags


White, Grey

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