Hand Sanitiser Gel 300ml – BULK BUY – Pallet (950 Units)

Hand Sanitiser Gel 300mL:

  • Kills 99.9% germs.
  • No water required,
  • Fast drying, no towels required.
  • Minimum 70% Alcohol base.
  • 300ml bottle with sports top for personal use.

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£1,510.50 +VAT

£1,510.50 £1,780.30 +VAT

Non-Rinse Alcohol based Gel for Instantaneous Hand Disinfection

Rapid and convenient solution for hand decontamination.

No washing and drying facilities required. Offers unparalleled, broad spectrum antimicrobial protection. Rapid virucidal, bactericidal & fungicidal activity. Helps to control of cross infection. Rapid destruction of spoilage organisms during food handling. Disinfection of semi-critical and non-critical instruments. Ideal for spot disinfection of hard surfaces.

Suitable for decontamination of hands and skin, providing rapid kill and longer term protection from common pathogens.

Suitable for use in:

  • Medical and Care provision
  • Surgeries
  • Livestock farming
  • Food & dairy product handling
  • Aquaculture farms and fisheries
  • Hospital wards

Directions of use:

Apply small amount to the hands and rub thoroughly

Allow hands to air dry

Do not use towels or tissues

Do not use on dry cracked or cut skin

For external use only

If any allergic reactions are suffered—discontinue use

Hand Sanitiser Gel – 300mL further documents: