We Now Reward Your Loyalty On All Member Orders, With Loyalty Points. Use Loyalty Points Against Your Next Order For Money Off -:)

New! Loyalty Points at Buy The Pallet. Giving-back On Your Next Order!


So a £500+VAT order would give you 500 points. The points can be used at checkout against your next order. 500 points equates to £5.00 at our checkout. So, every £1 spend with us gives you 1 point.

How It Works

  1. An option will appear at the Checkout to use your points, which will then be applied. You don’t need to call us / email us / or chat to us to use your Loyalty Points .. use your points and the system will keep track of it and apply the points to your next order.

2. You must have an account at buythepallet.co.uk. Loyalty Points do not apply to Guest Checkouts at this time. It is a feature to give-back to our loyal members.

3. You can view your current number of points in “My Account”, under “Loyalty and Rewards”

We’ve been asked many times for deals for current customers so we are introducing the Loyalty Points as a way of giving-back.

3. You can accrue Loyalty Points, so if you ordered £500+VAT on one order giving you 500 points and you ordered a £500 deal again without using the points then in My Account would be 1000 points, which you could use as £10 against a new order.

T & Cs

  1. BTP Loyalty Points can only be used at our checkout and have no real-world value.

2. BTP Loyalty Points cannot be applied to historical order before April 2022. April 2022 is the launch and it starts now!

3. BTP Loyalty Points cannot be changed into anything else, they exist at Buy The Pallet only, and can be redeemed against at BTP Checkout only.

4. BTP Loyalty Points cannot be applied to Custom Discount Deals / Today Only Deals that have been arranged with either Pete or Kev.

Some popular brands are:

Tilemaster Adhesives & Floor Levellers

Brit Adhesives & Floor Levellers

Mapei Tile Adhesives & Floor Levellers

MUDD Tile Adhesives & Floor Levellers

Rocatex Tile Adhesives & Floor Levellers

About Buy The Pallet

We are a specialist company specialising in bulk-ordering, giving you access to great prices delivered to site.

Our bulk buy business means you don’t need to use your time phoning companies to try and get a deal – all our deals are on our online shop here. We do it this way to make it easy.